2015 Koike Rina♥ 2015 Wall Calendar (complete preview)

2015 Calendars...

We had some freaky (notice I use that word a lot=P) overcast weather yesterday while I was photographing the wall calendars and with the sun barely peeking in and out okay lighting turned to bad lighting in these tiny time pockets, so even during the same calendar (shoot) there will be slightly fuzzy photos sitting right next to somewhat decent ones albeit none of them came out quite clear =/.

Koike Rina 2015 Wall Calendar (1)

Rina~chan’s♥ 2015 wall calendar is B2 sized, bi-monthly (8 pages in all with the extra page) and printed on all glossy paper, atop is designed for easy hanging with perforated pages for easy page removal as your year rolls along.

So I’ve saved the sexiest of 2015’s lot for last and if you’ve purchased Rina~chan’s latest shashinshuu “Rina REAL” then you’re already most familiar with her here featured wardrobe choices. With a see-through number, sensual poses and her oh so alluring smile~*…not to mention her cover readily features the inevitable idol photo book butt shot…this editions perfect for any Rina~chan♥ fan ^^.

~Koike Rina’s♥  2015 Wall Calendar can be ordered @ Cdjapan.

Koike Rina 2015 Wall Calendar (2)

Koike Rina 2015 Wall Calendar (3)

Koike Rina 2015 Wall Calendar (4)

Koike Rina 2015 Wall Calendar (5)

Koike Rina 2015 Wall Calendar (6)

Koike Rina 2015 Wall Calendar (7)

Koike Rina 2015 Wall Calendar (8)

Here’s to a happy 2015~*~~* ^^!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to 2015 Koike Rina♥ 2015 Wall Calendar (complete preview)

  1. philipleslie says:

    Curvy and cheerful. Love the Jan/Feb photo best, and scan 8 too. I guess there’ll be a new photo-book this year, which you’ll be looking out for.


    • Mm…that one’s her innocent-side, until her naughty side comes out to play =P! That is a lovely photo I agree, totally suitable for framing and with ironically the calendar portion being so tiny at the bottom it’d be quite easy to accomplish. I believe she has a new Bluray/DVD coming out in Jan? Feb? it’s soon though and YES I’m sure she’ll be releasing something new for bookshelves too not long after =)!


  2. Ivan says:

    i really love her smile ;3

    the callendar dont look so appeal like her PB hahaha


    • Hmm do you mean not as naughty as her PB? =D U~n agreed! Gorgeous smile~* and just a natural charisma about her…have you watched any of her commenting videos before about her photo shoots?


      • Ivan says:

        hahaha yeh u get the point hahaha
        talking about her hmm 2 days ago i see a new mag with her on the cover 😛 (o think i go stop look to style of pics, i really like her hahaha) but dont mean this mag have pervert pics, i only see the cover and it is ok at least hahaha

        yes, i dont see the ones from the new releases until now, i watched some old ones (well nothing like i go understand what she is talking haha some words maybe)
        but she is really charismatic and a little baka hahahaha
        and always doing some baka jokes (well talking about the old ones)


      • Ivan says:

        and i forget to say in the first pic nice legs from her :3

        and she butt is better than mayuyu (hahahah only to provoke u :P)


  3. Ivan says:

    some new about her ?? long time i dont see her in mags or solo videos O.o


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