「 “The One with the BIG SAUSAGE” 」

Big Sausage...

Big Sausage....Amid the plethora of great cooking shows across so many networks, for me Top Chef yet remains as one of the very best cast and directed and with Top Chef BOSTON currently airing on the BRAVO channel there’s no doubt an abundance of opportunities for celebrity power from around the Boston area to take in on any given episode.

Just newly aired a couple of days ago was one such episode which caught my attention twofold as New England Patriot’s own TE Rob Gronkowski made a special appearance on this episode’s opening Quickfire Challenge….and um well for the second ‘fold’ do you remember the time that ‘innocent’ =P idol was caught carrying a BIG SAUSAGE in of all places her purse?? =O It was during that part of the program where the host nonchalantly goes all invasive upon the girls as he relentlessly/playfully looks through their personal belongings in their common lunch area all the while the girls are being held ‘hostage’ against doing anything about it xD.

In case you missed it here’s that edited out portion of the episode:

~The ‘Truth’ about Idols & BIG SAUSAGES~

And for an additional and deeper look into idol games of the mischievous kind you can click~* here for more ^^.

Now getting back to this particular episode of Top Chef, while I’m not even in the slightest a fan of the New England Patriots (Denver Broncos♥!). it’s still most fun to see a gigantic football athlete taking to the culinary world at its very best on Top Chef!…where he declares the BIG SAUSAGE as the Quickfire Challenge but the real humor and subsequently naughtiness about this particular dialogue occurs through awesome host Padma Lakshmi when she begins to get her flirt on just a bit or actually on second thought make that a LOT!!!….as she speaks of a woman’s need for the BIG SAUSAGE it seems lol =D! Or was that an innocent play on an expression? I think NOT!! Hey! a girls gotta ‘eat’ too right! And YES the size of the SAUSAGE REALLY DOES MATTER both metaphorically and literally as this episode makes no mistake about it ^^!!!

~Top Chef/ All About that BIG SAUSAGE pt.1~

So here’s the complete BIG SAUSAGE Quickfire Challenge divided into two parts as I’ve omitted the CMs in between the opening and the winner reveal, enjoy =).

~Top Chef/ All About that BIG SAUSAGE pt.2~

So remember guys, nothing fills one up quite like a BIG SAUSAGE ;)!

Big Sausage...

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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3 Responses to 「 “The One with the BIG SAUSAGE” 」

  1. philipleslie says:

    Great fun. Who’s the idol with the pack of Big Sausage in her bag? Obviously the snack to have! I seem to recall a guy going through MoMusu members’ bags to see what embarrassments they might conceal. In the UK our equivalent show is called Masterchef. There’s one series for amateurs, one for professionals and another for celebrities. The amateur one is more enjoyable.


    • She’s Shimizu Yuko….so so funny and unimaginable and how the other girls react around her is sooo hilarious and hm makes you believe that even innocent idols know all about ‘big sausages’ lol =P.

      Ah I’ve watched Master Chef!! He yells a lot …he’s Chef Gordon Ramsay, he does quite a lot of different shows here too…he’s very entertaining but not for timid ears =).


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