Ohara Sakurako in Thank You Ohara Sakurako in Thank You Ohara Sakurako in Thank YouOhara Sakurako in Thank You

Ohara Sakurako Thank You LE with DVD & first press stickers

A very special thank you~♥ to Philip for turning me onto this beaming new artist!! =)! And if you love true to its roots J-Pop you’re so gonna love this!! =)

And so it began with my very first glimpse of Ohara Sakurako in her music video for her 1st solo single “Thank you.” which led to my viewing/listening of her debut single “Gambattatte Iinjanai”……wait =O that did just sound odd didn’t it?..as a ‘1st’ and a ‘debut’ bounce off one another as synonyms don’t they? So in digging a bit deeper: At just 18 with a handful of drama and movie roles in her resume, Ohara Sakurako has really taken an impressive meteoric rise~* in the acting community in landing the female lead role in the movie “Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru” (2013) which thereby appears to have brought upon her musical career launch as the film itself featured the fictional (turned true to life as they’ve released in real life a couple of singles featuring Ohara Sakurako….) band “MUSH&Co” in which her character is a member of which then brings us to her now latest single “Thank You.” Okay I just thought that out in one ‘breath’ and if you’ve been reading here for any length of time then you surely know what I mean by that as I tend to think and type in a simultaneous expression which is to say that I don’t tend to think out a sentence and then type it but rather I type in real time with my thoughts…..which well, then really explains the inevitable run-on sentences and countless typos and other bumps and bruises in vocabulary and sentence structure which without doubt would have all of my dear English teachers giving me the LOOK (・д・`*)!!!Okay so from what I’ve gathered, her debut single “Gambattatte Iinjanai” is her debut as with her collaboration with the fictional then turned real band in real life “MUSH&Co” while today’s featured single “Thank You.” (<–note the period/maru is actually part of the song’s title really =) ) is her (real life) solo debut single free from acting affiliations ^^. Haha okay so enough about those thoughts which go bump in my head and then onto my keyboard and onto her songs here っo(*´∀`)o!

~Ohara Sakurako’s “Thank You.” single can be ordered @ Cdjapan! (first press bonus are stickers♥/ photographed above, left)

Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (1)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (2)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (3)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (4)

“Thank You.” (mv)

The visuals for “Thank You.” are pure editing joy~* and imaginative fun with that seamless scene to scene to scene (repeat that many times =D!) magic which immediately makes me think of Marié Digby’s “Say it Again” in the sense of the ‘scene to scene’ movements albeit Ms. Digby’s mv surely takes the fun and imagination of constantly moving props to a whole new level via some awesome planning and awesome human beings =)! So in watching “Thank You.” I immediately felt that same heightened joy and Ohara Sakurako (btw such a CUTE♥ name!!!!) has an immense charming~* purity in her voice and she’s definitely harnessing an impressive range as well as you’ll hear immediately in this one song to begin with! Sakurako~chan also beams that special ~joy of performance~ attitude and she’s quite the enthusiast in her live appearances! And most importantly this song “Thank You.” is well…an immaculately constructed pop~♥ song in just every way ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!♪

Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (5)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (6)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (7)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (8)

And so it’s no question at all that “Thank You.” is receiving the ‘coveted’ =P….

Inoue Mao music seal of approval

~Maochan♥ Music Seal of Approval~!!!!!

I mean if you love true to its roots J-Pop♥ then you’re absolutely going to fall in love with both this song and the very VERY uber~adora-cute Ohara Sakurako and YES that voice (*´∀`) ー>♥♥♥!I promise!!!!

Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (9)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (10)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (11)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (12)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (13)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (15)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (17)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (18)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (19)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (22)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (23)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (24)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (25)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (27)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (28)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (29)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (30)Ohara Sakurako in Thank You (31)

I’m also including the coupling with tracks “Orange no Happy Halloween” which will give you that giddy~walkin’ on SUNSHINE~*~~* feeling if you’re into that sort of thing like me =) along with third act of this single which is a wonderfully energetic acoustic live performance of Sakurako~chan’s aforementioned debut single’s title track “Gambattatte Iinjanai”…here a most spirited performance!!!..and you’ll get a bit of a gist of her bubbly and fun personality right there at the end too.

And so needless to say I’m now a fan with this being just my first purchase/ support for Sakurako~chan♥ ^^.

“Orange no Happy Halloween”

“Gambattatte Iinjanai” (Acoustic Live


Oh! and here’s that aforementioned Marié Digby (amazingly creative and fun!) music video for her most




“Say it Again” (mv)

~ ❤ !!!!

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9 Responses to 大原櫻子「サンキュー。」

  1. philipleslie says:

    Wow, that arrived quickly! I’m so happy you love the song. It is wonderful, isn’t it. I’m certain it will earn not just Maochan’s, but everyone’s seal of approval! I see what you mean about the Marie Digby mv. I wasn’t familiar with that: another gap in my knowledge I will now have to sort out!


    • Loved all three tracks on this single!!! She’s like this ball of energy live too! Haha well at least Ivan likes it and that makes three of us =P. It’s such a well written and performed song with the cutest of videos….surprising that no one else got into it here xD. She has a new single already set for pre-order so I’ll be looking to get that one too and perhaps her earlier release too.

      Marie Digby’s 2008 album “Unfold” is definitely worth getting!!! She’s also amazing at performing cover songs with her acoustic version of “Umbrella” being one of my favorites….funny I actually am even more fond of her version than the original =P. Oh and this mv for “say it again” is so much fun YES! I love all of the people props and how the scenes change from one onto the next in such a visually joyful way! It brings to mind too, the pv for Okamoto Mayo’s song “Sono mama no kimi deite” in the sense of people prop power =D. That song just makes me happy whenever I listen to it ^^.


      • philipleslie says:

        That’s the Okamoto Mayo pv when she’s in the car, isn’t it? Marie Digby’s albums are easy to obtain, so I will fill that gap on my shelf after Christmas! I’ll start with ‘Unfold’, then.


        • Yes that’s the one!! I soooooo love that pv!!! Not to mention that song’s super~catchy♥ and every time I watch it I relive the feeling of just how much fun they must have had shooting that video, so much joy on set as the video doubles as a sort of making of too towards its ending =). I think you’ll love “Unfold”….wonderful array of songs and its definitely her most vibrant album, just love her vocals so much too!


      • phr says:

        Make that four of us =D I like everything here, she’s good. I’m not sure about the title for “Orange no Happy Halloween”, not really what I expected of a halloween song… but your description of “giddy~walking’ on SUNSHINE” was perfect 😀


        • Ah so happy that we think alike =D! And like music alike~♥ =D! I’ve already pre-ordered her upcoming single and back-ordered her debut single, Sakurako~chan’s such a fresh breath of J-Pop air and coming from acting first gives her I think a charismatic edge in a sense albeit she’s quite new to that too ^^. So sooooo love her voice!


  2. Ivan says:

    hey nice song/artist chose philip 😛

    take a look now 😛 good singer and nice songs

    i go take a better look when i get home today :3

    she is really new in the music thing ? at least on the net show she have only 18 years


    • She has such a wonderfully pure voice and these songs are so well written! She’s known as an actress primarily and with just a few roles under her belt she’s really skyrocketed in popularity~*, here this is just her solo debut single and she’s got a few other releases in collaboration with her lead character’s role in the movie “Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru” as they have a band in it. Haha I really wish you’d read my posts as there’s usually a bit written in there that would answer your questions =).


      • Ivan says:

        hmm gotit normall lot of actress has coming to music 😛 in special the young ones hehehe

        ahh normaly i see it on my job pc so i take fast looks 😡 hahaha sorry :\


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