My favorite ♥ song: 尾崎豊。。。”OH MY LITTLE GIRL.”

Ozaki Yutaka

It’s been nearly 23 years since one of Japan’s most iconic figures has left us. While I’m much too young to have experienced his impact and profound influence upon music in real time, in retrospect I’ve been able to find a deep appreciation and understanding of the movement he both influenced and created with so much of the youth of Japan in times of uncertainty and self searching. His music continues to transcend time to this day and it’s largely due to the deep understanding of his lyrics and how he directly related to Japan’s youth in an age of identity turbulence. We miss you Ozakisan and with the anniversary of his passing quickly approaching I just wanted to share one of his most beloved early compositions which I hold dear. My all time beloved Ozaki Yutaka songs include “In Your Heart”, The Night”, Rules on the street”, My Song”, “Bond”, “Birth”, “Dance Hall”, “I Love You”, “Taiyou no hahen”, “Scenes of town”, “Seventeen’s Map”, Twilight Wind”, To all that I hurt”, “Rosanna”, “Eternal Heart”, Marriage”, “Shelly”, “Forget-Me-Not”, Graduation”, “Alternative”……..and “OH MY LITTLE GIRL”….of course just naming a few as his discography is quite sizeable considering the all too short time he was with us.

I was caught off guard by the use of a few “unusual” kanji and expressions which were difficult to understand at first but really when it comes to translations I’m really ‘somewhat’ clumsy so bear with me. I tried to take a perhaps less literal translation at times in favor of capturing the possible emotions in his writings here which I think will convey the thoughts of this song hopefully much better. Ozaki’s “OH MY LITTLE GIRL” while brief in lyrical content it does create the understanding between his love and himself in a most memorable and powerful way and his choice of words so descriptive is just but a single canvas amongst the countless musical gems he’s left for us as musical lovers. In hindsight Ozaki Yutaka in so many ways was so ahead of his time musically speaking, all the while his legacy and imprint upon Japan’s generations and generations to come could have not occurred at a more poignant and perfect moment.

Ozaki Yutaka releases...

Listening to his studio version I feel is best for a first time listen of this beautiful song:

“Oh my little girl” (studio recording)

While “OH MY LITTLE GIRL” isn’t regarded as one of his more expressive compositions nonetheless it’s one of his most beautiful both in terms of lyrics and music composition. Please listen along with the translation…



Konna ni mo sawagashii machinami ni tatazumu kimi wa
tottemo chisaku tottemo samugari de
nakimushi na onnanoko sa

There you stand still on this noisy street
A very small girl who’s susceptible to the cold and a crybaby

Machikado no love song kuchizusande
choppiri boku ni hohoemi nagara
kogoeta karada sotto suriyosete
kimi wa guchizukese gamun da

You smile as you sing me a love song from the street corner
Gently your frozen body touches up against mine
you want to kiss

Oh my little girl atatamete ageyou
Oh my little girl konna ni mo aishiteru
Oh my little girl
futari tasogare ni kata yose aruki nagara
itsumademo itsumademo hanarerarenaide iru yo

Oh my little girl I’ll keep you warm
Oh my little girl I love you
Oh my little girl
I’ll walk with you in the twilight
and I’ll never leave you ever

Kimi no kami wo nade nagara bonyari to kimi wo miteru yo
amaeta koede mujaku ni warau boku no ude ni tsutusmareta kimo wo

I look at you vacantly as I stroke your hair
and while veiled in my arms in a sweet and childlike voice you laugh

Oh my little girl suteki na kimi dake wo
Oh my little girl konna ni mo aishiteru
Oh my little girl
tsumetai kazega futari no karadasuri nuke
itsumademo itsumademo hanarerare naku saseruyo

Oh my little girl only the beautiful you
Oh my little girl I love you
Oh my little girl
the cold wind passes through our bodies
I’ll never leave and make you cry

Oh my little girl atatamete ageyou
Oh my little girl konna ni mo aishiteru
Oh my little girl
futari tasogare ni kata yose aruki nagara
itsumademo itsumademo hanarenai to chikaunda

Oh my little girl I’ll keep you warm
Oh my little girl I love you
Oh my little girl
I’ll walk with you in the twilight
I promise to never ever leave you

“Oh my little Girl” (live at Nippon Seinenkan on January 12th, 1985)

Sony Music has given fans over the years many trips to their vaults and this rare early performance of “OH MY LITTLE GIRL” is simply a gem. This is really going way back so please bear with the quality of the recording and its nuances but nonetheless….such a beloved performance.

And I couldn’t resist adding these two performances from Ozaki Yutaka’s last appearance at Yoyogi Olympic Pool on October 30th, 1991 as this DVD was the reason I first sought out to own a region-free player, yes Ozaki Yutaka’s final concert appearance was something I had to see as it is officially the very first Japanese region DVD I purchased and that in itself speaks for itself on just how much I love his music.

“I Love You” (live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool on October 30th, 1991)

First is his iconic song “I Love You” which has been covered by so many artists since his passing with many more renditions to come I’m sure and it’s just the loveliest of ballads with the most amazing chorus!!! And lastly is “Sotsugyou” (Graduation) with Ozaki-san at the piano for a most memorable performance of this much loved fan favorite~♥.

“Sotsugyou” (live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool on October 30th, 1991)

Much more on Ozaki Yutaka can be found in my Ozaki Yutaka artist post on this blog.

Ozaki Yutaka

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4 Responses to My favorite ♥ song: 尾崎豊。。。”OH MY LITTLE GIRL.”

  1. philipleslie says:

    Amazing and emotionally charged songs. I liked the country colouring in ‘I Love You’ (the slide guitar) and the country flavour to the piano writing in ‘Oh my little girl’. ‘Sotsugyou’ is especially rousing, and must certainly be a karaoke favourite. A tragic death, though, which you can’t help but think about when you listen to those songs. BTW did you have to look the unusual kanji up in a dictionary, or could you guess them from the components and context? Thank you for posting!


    • The live performances I’ve seen of “Oh my little girl” all seem to have a bit of improvisation written into them and that’s such a wonderful quality you’ve noticed, I bet you’d never guess that I love country music too=)! Some of my co-workers think it odd whenever country artists pop up in an ipod mix. Did you get a chance to listen to the studio version? Interestingly he’s never performed it quite that way as far as I know as I do have I think all of his concerts which have so far been released. Amazing thing is that Sony is always releasing these ‘newly found’ recordings including even his poem writings as he’d done quite a lot of them. They released this hybrid box set awhile back with the super CD format included but they still do work on standard players….some technical aspect to them that I totally don’t understand but the recordings sound amazingly rich and especially when listening alongside his original releases. Un the piano of “Oh my little girl” has such a beautifully haunting quality to it, just a gorgeous song! You’re right on it!…as “Sotsugyou” was definitely an audience favorite!!! That song has such an infectious energy about it and I love how he chimes the school bells in the opening and closing in his live performances…the live clip here being one of his very best I think! Some of the kanji I found so unusual and some weren’t even in my dictionary so context really does come into play at times.


      • philipleslie says:

        I rather like Country too and have various Nanci Griffith etc on vinyl, along with Linda Ronstadt (who sadly has Parkinson’s disease now), and modern indie-Country on CD. The singing is often very beautiful. I bet you’re hooked on the TV show ‘Nashville’, then!
        Once again, thank you for your original post, which was very special.


    • And I’d love if you’d also check this tribute I did awhile back here, and do please definitely listen to his single track “Twilight Wind”, one of the very best b-sides ever I think:


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