Mr.Children’s new single!!! 「足音 ~Be Strong」

Mr.Children Ashioto~Be Strong (2)

Mr.Children Ashioto~Be Strong single

The wait is finally over for Mr.Children♥ fans as November 19th marked the release date of their long awaited new single, me of course being a Mr.Children fanatic as over the years here I’ve confessed on numerous occasions that they’re without question my #1 all time most favorite band on planet earth (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!Their maxi single includes two new songs and a familiar one reimagined and enhanced (two with theme tie-ins) and the title track “Ashioto~Be Strong” already has a music video too =)!  ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!

~Mr.Children’s “Ashioto~Be Strong” single can be ordered @ Cdjapan

~Mr.Children’s “Ashioto~Be Strong” single can be ordered @ HMV Japan

Sakurai-san continues to present fans with top tier song writing filled with emotional substance via musical poetry and all three tracks are absolute gold~*!!!!! “Ashioto~Be Strong” is a palette of a rock band’s simple ensemble draped in a sweet string arrangement accenting a most powerful and longing chorus section while “Hanatareru” which was previously released as a digital-single here gets the full remastering effect to go with a new recording…..however it’s track three “Melody” which grabs at my heart instantly and relentlessly and with just a single listen I’m in love~♥! To be sure “Melody” hails from a wintery theme of Christmastime with a full-bodied ensemble of brass, strings, piano & band with a loveliest of melodies upon which Sakurai-san projects with his trademark emotional drive as his vocals have always had a profound conviction within them. And as this joining of melody and lyrical meaning engulfs you building up to its ultimately euphoric chorus, I have to imagine that one’s heart cannot resist but to flutter with happiness and passion as music just doesn’t get any better than this ………(゜∀゜)………~♡!!!Walking tall in the footsteps of the likes of “Kuchibue”, “Innocent World”, “Not Found”, “Hanabi” and “Shirushi”, “Melody” is every bit the heartfelt masterpiece which Sakurai-san’s musical library is chock full of and to which fans worldwide have been finding that familiar and comforting solace throughout the discography of Mr.Children. And while music at its very best is meant to make you feel, think and move you emotionally/physically, “Melody” is one of those songs, just extraordinarily special~* ^^….here you need to hear this song for yourself =)….

(If you’ve got a favorite pair of headphones now’s the time to get them!!!)

~Mr.Children “Melody”~

Mr.Children Ashioto~Be Strong (6)

And without a doubt this entire single receives the ‘coveted’….

Maochan's Music Seal of Approval


Musical Seal of Approval~

Mr.Children Ashioto~Be Strong (1)

~Mr.Children “Hanatareru”~

Mr.Children Ashioto~Be Strong (5)

~Mr.Children “Ashioto~Be Strong” (mv)~

Mr.Children Ashioto~Be Strong (4)

Mr.Children Ashioto~Be Strong (3)

(*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!!!

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3 Responses to Mr.Children’s new single!!! 「足音 ~Be Strong」

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  2. thanks for the article.just got my copy few days ago.Been a fan of them since Youthful Days. ~aaaaaah,youth~~

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    • Nice to know a fellow Misuchiru~♡ fan!!! It was their Atomic Heart album which first captured me and since then my love and respect has only grown ^^. This new single blows me away!!!! Every bit of it as I can’t get enough of Sakurai-san’s voice and words and their melodies always so memorable and here “Melody” being my absolute most favorite♡. And even going back to their debut single “Kimi ga ita natsu”, they were destined for greatness!!


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