SMAP in Mr (37)

SMAP Mr.S LE with first press post card

On September 3rd SMAP released their twenty first album titled “Mr.S” which was released in three editions, the LE versions both including a bonus DVD and digipak packaging with deluxe outer slip case…and it was just the other day that I had mentioned just how thick the slip casing was for Watarirouka Hashiritai’s farewell concert release and yet SMAP’s slip case here is actually even sturdier and it’s also wonderfully textured, lol I know I seem to have a sort of slip case fetish it seems =)!

First press orders also included an external post card extra (left) while the LE’s also includes a large folded poster which doubles as the album’s lyrics and credits sheet as well as a gorgeous black and white shot member profile fold out booklet, deluxe LE version comes in a special bag also. The album also offers a serial numbered pamphlet for special access to the making of “Mr.s.”

SMAP’s “Mr.S” can be ordered @ Cdjapan. (note: LE is out of print)

SMAP’s “Mr.S” can be ordered @ HMV Japan.


SMAP in Mr (1)SMAP in Mr (2)SMAP in Mr (3)SMAP in Mr (4)


“Mr.S’s” 2 CD set are separately named ‘colorful’ and ‘monochrome’ giving a hint as to the album’s two musical personalities with the ‘colorful’ disc opening with the “theme of Mr.S” colorful version which is quite reminiscent of the iconic “Copacabana” and while I’m still soaking in the albums two discs I thought a great taste of the album can be heard/seen in the LE’s included music video for the title track itself.

“MR.S –SAITEI DE SAIKOU NO OTOKO-“ offers an exhilarating mixture of classic 50’s jazz with a most modern take while the visuals are purely sleek, sexy and most stylish….YUM! From walking acoustic bass lines to the boisterous brass and hip rhythms this Mr.S will no doubt have you moving all the while knocking you off of your feet no doubt….a sizzling track just to offer you a taste of SMAP’s latest album, hope you enjoy ^^!!

SMAP in Mr (5)SMAP in Mr (6)SMAP in Mr (7)SMAP in Mr (8)SMAP in Mr (9)SMAP in Mr (10)SMAP in Mr (11)SMAP in Mr (12)SMAP in Mr (13)SMAP in Mr (14)SMAP in Mr (15)SMAP in Mr (16)SMAP in Mr (17)SMAP in Mr (18)SMAP in Mr (19)SMAP in Mr (20)SMAP in Mr (21)SMAP in Mr (22)SMAP in Mr (23)SMAP in Mr (24)SMAP in Mr (25)SMAP in Mr (27)SMAP in Mr (26)SMAP in Mr (28)SMAP in Mr (30)SMAP in Mr (29)SMAP in Mr (33)SMAP in Mr (31)SMAP in Mr (32)SMAP in Mr (34)SMAP in Mr (35)SMAP in Mr (36)SMAP in Mr (38)SMAP in Mr (39)

SMAP Mr.S (1)

SMAP Mr.S (3)

SMAP Mr.S (4)

SMAP Mr.S (5)

SMAP Mr.S (6)

SMAP Mr.S (7)

SMAP Mr.S (2)


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2 Responses to SMAP「 Mr.S」

  1. philipleslie says:

    Amazing! Looks like a great release from a veteran group. ‘Mr.S -Saitei de sake no otoko-‘ is a real Rat Pack kind of song, isn’t it. Very stylish. The packaging looks wonderful, doesn’t it. I pity the downloaders of the world who don’t have such goodies on their shelves. Maybe they don’t even have shelves… Thank you for posting!


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