ザ モーニング卵 November 6th, 2014


~In loving memory of Charlie~

As anyone who owns a pet knows, they are truly family. Pets show us unconditional love, a kind of love which humans could learn from. I didn’t previously know that cats could survive in the snow and as you’ll see in the heartfelt and thoughtful clip above, Charlie was a most beautiful kitty full off expression, love and life. From one fellow cat lover to my dear friend Philip, I thank him for allowing me to repost his beautifully composed music which accompanies a heartfelt slideshow of Charlie whom passed on November 5th, a kitty whom was most affectionate and at the young age of 11 is gone much too soon =(.

In memory of Charlie

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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20 Responses to ザ モーニング卵 November 6th, 2014

  1. Was this your pet?
    OH MY GOD… so so so sorry for your loss if it was! Actually, whoever lost this adorable neko chan I am sorry for! I have a pet cat named Gachapin (She looks exactly like Gachapin with the droopy eyes lol) and she’s five years old. I can’t imagine losing her, so I really and truly feel your pain.
    If there’s anything I can do or say for you, let me know. I am really, really sorry to see this 😦


    • Hi Derek,

      Charlie was a dear companion of my friend Philip whom resides in the UK. I know how heartbreaking losing one’s pet can be and is saddened me so much and although I’ve never met Charlie it’s just seeing all of his images and knowing how Philip has lost a beloved friend =(. Philip made such a thoughtful memorial to Charlie with his own music and photos and I just wanted to share it here too.


      • Ah, sokka.
        My heart breaks for Philip. If he is your otomodachi, he’s mine too. I am truly sorry for his loss. Please pass on to him my condolences. I’ll be thinking about Charlie san today, and Phillip. I really love animals, especially all nekos, and I just am devastated by this post. Please if you can post something super bright and happy soon lol.
        And also, are you doing good? As always, I love your posts and enjoy everything you put up. Take care and again, please tell Philip that my heart of hearts wishes him well.


        • Philip did write a lot more about Charlie in our messages from earlier tonight in e-mails and his original post is here and I’m sure he’ll appreciate your thoughts so much:


          It’s so sweet that you’re a cat lover too, we used to have dogs while I was growing up and I love dogs too but now we have cats ^^. Thank you and I hope you are well too, I’m doing okay and I should be on the blog a bit more =).


          • Ah, I’ll go on that site link and let Phil know I’m thinking about him.
            Somedays MB, I really wish you lived here or I lived in Hawaii. I feel we would be best friends. We love idols so much, though you love them way more than me lol. I couldn’t keep up, but it would be fun on days like this when you get such sad news to call each other up and be like, “so, wanna watch AKB’s Kouhaku?” Or “Lets go check out some vids online of AKB? Etc. I mean, it would be nice to use idols for what I use them for, which is to escape. I really wish I could do that after hearing such sad news.
            And you are a dog lover? I love dogs but they are hard to keep in an apartment like we have. Cats I’ve always adored greatly. I feel like I’m an old school egyptian at heart, being that they used to kill anyone who would harm a cat back in their old, old days. How times have changed, ne?
            Thanks MB. I look forward to seeing more of you on the blog!!


            • Although Charlie was his neighbor’s cat Philip had a real connection with him and cared for him as if he were is own and these are all of his own pictures of Charlie in this slideshow which says so much…..I hope there will be a way to cheer him up.

              Haha I’d probably drive you nuts after awhile =P but seriously it’s always fun to spend lots of time with a person whom shares similar interests and loves =). I’m ‘sadly’ single once again and hence the more time to blog now but I just can’t be around someone who’s overly possessive of you and not being allowed to speak freely with humans whom just happen to be male wasn’t very healthy and after awhile I couldn’t handle it. Funny as you mention idols I think secretly he thought I was a lesbian lol xD but I don’t really see it as being a bit odd as if someone’s cute or charismatic I don’t think it matters what sex they are. Un I totally understand the idols to escape thinking as idols and music are really just that, a means to get away from every day stuff and laugh and smile and just be happy ~*. Oh it was when I was growing up up until my late teens when we had dogs but since then it’s been all cats all the time ^^. I love your Egyptian thinking, cats are most unique and special friends aren’t they!


              • Ah, so the cat wasn’t Phil’s per se. I understand. Still, I am sure he obviously cared a great deal about it. I get that. My heart still goes out to him.
                My heart goes out to you as well! I don’t think you could ever possibly drive me nuts! I mean, I know I don’t know you know you, as in see you on a regular basis or anything like that, but if you are anything like what you write in your blog entries (i.e., witty, funny, sexy, amazingly sharp), then I’m sure we would get along just fine! I mean, yeah, everyone has their faults, some more than others, but I’ve always found that if you can deal with those faults or live with them, then that person is a real friend. You know what I mean?
                Sorry to hear you are single again? Or not lol? I agree… possessiveness isn’t attractive at all. Don’t get me wrong though… crazy love can be great, the kind where you want to spend every waking minute with somebody in a teenage style romance that is physical and effortless, but at the same time, that’s not usually reality when it comes to relationships, right? I think people who are attractive have it the hardest in this sense, as a very attractive girl gets with a guy and then the guy can’t handle all the other guys looking at his girlfriend. That extends into morbid jealousy which also means that eventually, the guy can’t handle his girlfriend talking to ANYONE, be it guy, girl, somebody on the internet, etc. And it all comes down to self-esteem and feeling secure about the person you are with. I’ve always thought that being jealous is a waste of time. If you are with somebody and they are going to cheat on you, wouldn’t it be fair to say that the person who is cheating is going to do the cheating whether you want them to or not? So why worry about it then?
                Sorry to go on and on. Just really blows me away that you are single. I hope that means you’ll be blogging more, as you said. It’s always a major joy to see your posts on here. And it gives us all hope I guess that one day we can hang out together, since you aren’t locked up in some man cave and forced to watch idol dvds at three am in the morning when your jailer is fast asleep lol.

                And yes, Neko chans are the best, best, best! Maybe you can do a slideshow of you and your cat someday? That would be the best too 🙂


                • Un Philip truly cared for Charlie as if he were his own and they shared a very special loving bond between each other. Thank you for visiting Charlie’s post =). You are very insightful on relationships and I couldn’t agree more on how we all have faults and how those whom are true friends see them not as faults but rather as whom we are as they take us for everything we are good and bad. Thank you that means a lot coming from you =D!….here I’ve been noted as being slightly ‘clumsy’ and quite ‘dorky’ but hopefully dorky in a good way ^^. Again I’m seeing eye to eye with your thinking and the whole wanting to be together as much as possible is a good thing but it’s just when someone makes you feel badly for just speaking with another person like somehow by speaking with them you’re getting interested or turned on by them, that I just can’t deal with xD. Oh no no no I know this may sound you know…. but I’ll never ever cheat in a relationship like ever or else I would have to find a way to kick my own butt =P!!!! I’m serious, if I’m with someone I’m with them and nobody else no ifs and or buts I’m theirs. Haha that is quite the vision you just placed in my head there with the cave and all but being single is not so bad…..Mmm that’d be much more of a Facebook type thing if I had one but you never know ^^.


                  • I’m the same way. If I’m with somebody, I truly am theirs, but I don’t believe that means I shouldn’t be allowed to talk to anyone who is female. When I was in a band, I had so many friends who were girls and that was always a huge problem whenever I met somebody that I wanted to date or get serious with. It’s not so much a problem nowadays, but I am the same as you. If I’m with somebody and they are jealous, I’m gone. I don’t care how many years or time we’ve spent together. I just can’t deal with it either.
                    I swear to goodness we are the same person! We both are clumsy, both love idols, and both seem to have our heads on straight about relationships! Could you be any cooler MB?
                    Thanks again. Good to see the blogging world has you back for now. I’m sure you won’t stay single for long though… you seem to be a really genuine and good person. I think the best ones are always quickly taken, you know?


                    • We are true Monogamous….lol I’m using that as a noun =P. I’m sure I would out-clumsy you though and don’t forget that I do have a black belt in the art of dork~iness =). Hmm I’m not sure as the single thing may stick for awhile and as a friend of mine tries to comfort me with the thought of guys just being ‘scared’ of me as to why I’m not asked out more often but I don’t get that as wouldn’t someone attracted to another so want to know them? But anyway I’ll end with a funny thing which used to be not so funny when it initially occurred as a few years ago some of my girl friends were over and at one point we decided to go to the market and I unknowingly went out with a note on my back which read “AVAILABLE” (and in all caps) and I remember thinking I was getting more than a few funny looks from people there and I was so upset when we returned and I found out what I had been wearing on myself the entire time xD. I mean it was meant to be funny as I was the only single one at that time and they lol somehow thought that that would somehow work. Still I’ll always love my friends and I guess they were only trying to help =P.


                    • MB, that’s HYSTERICAL! I almost peed myself twice laughing at what your friends did to you! If somebody did that to me, I would have to laugh at myself for letting that happen. TOO FUNNY!
                      I think being monogamous isn’t the worst thing in the world, so don’t get me wrong. I mean, being single means you don’t answer to anyone and nobody answers to you. You are truly free to do anything at any time. It can have its advantages. If you get lonely, you have otomodachis and nekos, desho? So having a person to be with everyday is really about fulfilling needs, whether those needs are physical, emotional, or otherwise. Somebody once told me that the definition of a successful relationship is: A best friend who you’ve given touching privileges. I like that thought ;).
                      As for being a black belt in dorkiness, I have a PhD. in Otakuology. Beat that!


      • philipleslie says:

        Thank you for posting. It’s so easy to forget how brief our furry friends’ lives are, or to underestimate the huge part they play in our own lives, which is why it’s so awful when people neglect their companion animals, such as getting a dog and leaving it in the yard all day while they’re out and then taking it for the briefest of walks when they come home. Cats, dogs, gerbils, llamas…whatever you choose to have around, I think they should be completely doted upon and made to feel special and loved.


        • Happy to see Charlie’s post getting lots of attention as he ranks third here this morning =). I totally agree as anyone whom chooses to care for a pet must be sure to take the time in truly loving them. When I was little I remember one of my parents telling me how animals age like 7-1 in our years and I couldn’t get over how much too quickly that goes by and so yes we much cherish and love our pets as family~♥. Mmm imagine if a llama came to live in your yard one day ^^.


          • philipleslie says:

            That’s lovely to hear Charlie’s post is getting some views. The garden is not the same without him in it. He would always appear at some point to investigate what was going on and then supervise.
            You sometimes hear of parrots, which can live to 70, outliving their owners and having to be re-homed once, or even twice. The sad thing about companion animals is they have no control who they live with or where they end up. I dread to think how many maltreated or neglected animals are out there.
            A llama would be very useful. Think of all the jumpers you could end up with.


            • I’m sure Charlie’s spirit is watching over the garden still, a familiar and happy place where he’ll remain always in heart. I had no idea that parrots lived that long, that’s amazing. So true that the flip side is their inability to remain in one place sometimes and I feel the same way about animals, makes me sad =(. Ah I had to look up jumper to understand, like a llama sweater maybe =).


  2. xmangerm says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tribute.


  3. Ivan says:

    tsc… this is so sad…. i lost one of my cats in the beggin of the year too :\ it have 6 year :\

    is really bad lost a pet…they make so much happy or life and always with u no matter what…

    now i have other 5 ones… and one is a little sick… hope he get better too…

    Philip cheer up, our pets come to make our life happy and better, when they go away im sure their soul happy and fellings always go stay with us :).

    sorry my bad english :\


    • philipleslie says:

      Hi Ivan, thank you for your comment. Pets certainly do make our lives better. It’s such a shame they don’t stay with us for long. Unless you have a parrot, which can live to 70 years or more! It’s great you have so many cats. I hope the sick one gets better soon.


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