Fridoween (゜Д゜;)

HappyHalloween.pngSo Halloween’s on a Friday this year!….are you freakin’ kidding me?!!!! =D

And even scarier is that today I’m doing a bit of blog recycling xD as I haven’t had much internet time lately (u_u*)..、and so I’m totally unprepared for Halloween as it sort of snuck up on me (゜Д゜;)!

In any case I’m posting this two days early but it’s for a very good reason as there’s an abundance of preliminary cautionary tales and tips which ‘need’ to be out there =P!

~Okay first let’s cover the Halloween basics with just a few safety tips to help ensure a fun and safe evening for all~

So whether you’re handing out candy to ghouls & goblins or Harry Potter or a character from Frozen (very likely!! =) ), attending a party, or just checking out the sights around town you can never be too careful!

The first rule is VERY simple:

Don’t ever ever ever EVER EVER be the first to fall asleep at a friend’s house or party!

Or this could very well be you the very next morning. =O!!

And you thought your friends were scary! Nah it’s the things that friends do to friends which can be ghoulish at times and especially come this time of year.

Rule #2:

Always be aware of your surroundings

as there could be hoodlums out there!

Rule #3:

Know WHEN to say WHEN! you don’t end up like this poor guy! doing things to your or your friend’s toilet which were never intended by the manufacturer of such porcelain products.

A "Skelanimal" Kit The Cat Back Pack. Just in time for Halloween...Okay now that we’ve got the basic safety part of the evening firmly implanted in our brains, let’s move onto the eating part of the night which will take place without a doubt at some point as really I know when we were younger it was all about the candy but however as adults we need adult foods as well …you know to go along with all of that candy consumption ^^.

~The top 10 scary places to eat on Halloween (or any other night/day for that matter~

Surely some of these must be just lost in translation (・_・);。。。however with Halloween being just a couple of days away from now I just thought that these would be a bit of fun to ponder (^q^)! I’m also thinking that some of you may have indeed visited one of these eateries and I’m sure all of their dishes must be wonderful =)….

…it’s just that………

…well you’ll just have to take a look for yourselves.

(Some are a bit well….um adult like in theme so if you’re a younger visitor here you may want to not view these.)


At #10 is “The Golden Stool”…..

…I’m sure it’s truly just a place to *sit*~ but(t) something is still a bit disturbing here with this locale’s name! Hmmm…(・_・)!


At #9….well we seem to be developing sort of an early theme here…(^q^)!

But as long as “it’s*” indeed happy~! \(^o^)/☆


At #8…not really sure of what to expect on this menu!! …but I guess it’ll involve a lot of chewing?….wait that’s just odd though and why would they be serving *those* in the first place as their theme dish??? ( ̄O ̄*)!!


Okay I’m sure this must mean something else!!! at #7……

…but if you primarily read and speak in  the English dialect then it becomes quite frightening!!!! (・д・`*)!!!!


At #6…A~h! this is rather rude ne!! (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓

Okay I know this surely means something else but it’s Halloween and this still scares me!!

Hmm …their menu must be really carb heavy I wonder?!! (;´□`)! And I do love noodles♥ and in particular ramen♥ and zarusoba♥ noodles!~! ^^


At #5…um…..well I don’t know quite what to say here…….

..but(t) who would think up such a name for their eatery place?!! (・_・)?


At #4 this one’s really omg!

Does Indian cuisine really include “eating” a part of us?!! (。ーωー。)笑!

Must be expensive *dining* here I think~! (*´艸`)!

And one of my girl friends says that her guy won’t even eat there*,

…I say if you’re not a vaginatarian then that would just make me sad =(.

And if you haven’t yet taken the VAGINATARIAN QUESTIONAIRE available here under ‘featured’ it’s still available for your perusal but just be sure to not chicken out and share~♥ your results because sharing is caring ^^.


At #3…there are really waaaaaaaay too many words here upon this sign which should never ever EVER EVER EVER! be included together in one advertisement for eating!!





‘Seaman’ sauce?? REally?

So I’ve been told the urban legend that it’s ‘good’ for your skin but I’m not totally buying it lol (。ーωー。)笑!Much less use it* for a sauce….okay I know there’s an ‘a’ fitted in that word but if you just read this sign out loud.




Wa~h! at #2 hmm if one could really do both at the same time I wonder???

This one’s intriguing I mean well um…..there must be some really amazing things on the menu to be able to do this!! And I’m immediately reminded of the legendary scene in “When Harry Met Sally” where I think all girls would love to have what she (Meg Ryan) was having there* =)!

Some girls take awhile I’m told =( but not me so much so I guess I’ll just be having a little entree here as that should suffice…

..and I won’t say anything more (。ーωー。)!

And at #1!

And you’re probably thinking to yourself what could possibly make this top 10 any more scary or amusing right?


1 (2)

…talk about being straightforward with your signage!!! ( ̄O ̄*) omg this just better not be the very first time that one is eating here! This is so not a first date♥ type of lunch or dinner!! I think I’ll eat here after I’m married~♥。。。(。ーωー。)!

Sorry that’s just raunchy (*>ω<)。。okay kidding!!

Okay and now that we’ve arrived and eaten ‘safely’ =P

let’s go over the socially fun part of Halloween and all that it inspires ~* in each and every one of us ..or maybe it’s just me lol ^^:

Happy Halloween~♥

~The Candy!~


Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks basketball, who knew that they were handing out candy these days during games?? Looks like only the expensive court-side seats though get this special sugary treatment~*. And just think how much your child would love and appreciate the extra candy goodness~♥!

I wonder if the Lakers give out candy too court side?

I wonder if Jack Nicholson likes getting candy? But getting back to the kids and the free court side candy…

..Take for instance this kid


~I want candy! (it’s the candy? the candy right?….)~

Aww that’s so sweet!!! I mean all of that candy she’s got in her tray!! =P Children’s honest reactions are so priceless and you gotta love that! He’s openly expressing just how much he likes something* a whole lot better than any candy! (。ーωー。)笑。

And with so much thoughts of candy here it’s only appropriate to take a moment to listen to the classic candy song ♪♪~♥…

~Bow Wow Wow “I Want Candy” (music video)~




~Does Halloween know any age?~

You know the feeling….. so want more candy~♥ (I actually don’t like much candy but please play~along =P).

And then that one day out of the year arrives when we can dress as we please not caring what others will think….bad make~up, body paint, extra revealing*, just whatever your heart desires~♥=). But actually when you “grow~up” the candy isn’t even so much of an allure or even part of the equation any longer as we’re willing and actually looking forward to dressing~up or dressing~down and even @ times wearing lingerie~like costumes as it’s again the only day in which we probably won’t be flagged for indecent exposure as it’s all about the candy….or rather the wild festivities and imagination of it all =).

So when did you first find that you’re much too old to go trick~or~treating? You can sometimes hang on into your latter twenties or early thirties (like me -P!) acting as the chaperone of sorts for your nieces, nephews, cousins…their friends and their nieces, nephews and cousins and for many it’s most likely with your very own children too.

And then there’s all of the candy, the handing out of candy I mean where you’re just hoping that you’ll see some costume that either freaks you out or sweeps you off of your feet!! I once saw someone dressed as a gigantic pile of manure in Waikiki….it was legendary….completely gross!!!!..and the guy even had these fake flies on wires coming out of that large thing he was walking around in…(^q^)! Mostly though to see such creative….I mean disturbing costumes one must venture out into the night life of Halloween as you’re not likely to encounter something so……um interesting while waiting by your porch~!

~Scary movie picks~

So likely some of us will skip the wild parties and outdoor~life on Halloween but what does that leave us with on this most festive occasion? A fright~night of movies of course!!

I admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the horror genre but here goes with my recommended picks!

“When a stranger calls” (Camille Belle) Girl is left to babysit while a psycho killer is somewhere outside/inside stalking her for no real good reason besides he’s crazy?……and Camille is “fittingly” dressed for horror in a bit tight top showing her petite curves* all the while asking the one thing you should never ask during a horror encounter…..”what do you want from me?” You should obviously never ask a psycho killer that question ever!!!…I mean you’ll make him think up more gruesome things that he wants to do to you and we do not want that!!!!!

“Sleep Hollow” Johnny Depp~♥~~♥! Need I say more?….okay wonderfully dark humor paired with Mr. Burton’s amazing imagination and visuals……must see for sure!

“Scream” (the first movie) I mean that costume alone became a part of pop~culture all from this movie and in the first one there’s suspense galore!! Well the next two movies were really good too I thought….so make it a trilogy~♥. The main guy is cute but too bad he turned out to be the psycho killer but at least this time he had motive =P!…..still craaaaazy though xD!

“I know what you did last summer” (Jennifer Love Hewitt~♥) Anyone with ~♥~ in their name deserves your undivided attention and Jennifer here is gorgeous I think!…..and this psycho killer has a long memory and revenge on his mind. Hm, don’t kids these days know that drinking..having sex* and then driving along a deserted road can lead them to no good? Wait…I’m not sure if there was sex* before the accident…..why was I thinking about sex*? 😛

“Wrong Turn”….omg! this was so frightening that I had to leave the room so I actually don’t know how it ends but still recommended because it was disturbing until I had to leave lol!!!

“Texas chainsaw massacre” (the~remake with Jessica Biel)….also couldn’t make it through the entire film because I knew it would then later give me nightmares!!! So I guess it would be recommended right?…lol although again I have no idea of how it ends however with the word ‘chainsaw’ in its title it cannot be good =P.

“The Shining”…’s Jack! And while this is a really old film it’s still really creepy and frightening!!! I got to watch this after reading the novel and I must say that they recreated the novel pretty well and this novel is officially the very first novel to scare the crap out of me and in hindsight I do blame myself for reading it while alone xD.

“The Thing”…again this is really old school horror and at first I was thinking it wouldn’t be very good when a friend suggested I watch it and yay~! I didn’t run out of the room this time :P!!…and I was so thinking it would look dated due to how old it is and yet instead of the effects looking outdated and fake looking, to my surprise it’s stood up to time quite well! And frightening? YES!!!!!! It’s safe to say that I’ll never ever agree to going on any excursion involving the south..north poles where you’re out there all alone!

and lastly

“Scary Movie” (any part really :P)… I don’t think I need to elaborate any further as this series is just sooo sooooo funny and just in case you’re like me and a scaredy~cat who fears some horror movies (゜Д゜;)!

Do you have any of your scary movie favorites~♥ to share? I’d love to hear your picks please!!

~Scariest thing eaten~

Body sushi

Well, ahhh in some ways this could be scarier like if there weren’t a well placed leaf above you know where*..still though body sushi? Are you serious?? And how does she lie so still knowing that she’s being eaten…I meant eaten off of and I hope it isn’t too hot or cold there as that could…will affect well maybe just the position* of the sushi xD.


Let’s see for me this would include…..natto….fermented gooey icky stinky (ノロ≦。)!!!

Fresh avocados on any salad….they have no flavor and that texture where you just keep chewing (ノロ≦。)!!!

And this could go on for awhile so I’ll end with something Halloween related as in that orange peanut thingy candy thing which somehow still exists?? (ノロ≦。)!!!Yup I mentioned it right from the onset here ….just to show you just how much I don’t like them orange peanut shaped candy things (ノロ≦。)!!!

So what’s the scariest thing you’ve eaten?

Happy Halloween

~Scariest bf♥ requests…~

Well I’m thinking that other girls have gotten odd or downright scary requests from your bfs♥ at some time or another?….

..well maybe it’s just me but it’s Halloween and I’m not mentioning names so hmm….I think it’s okay…(^q^)え~へ!

“could you dress up as a slutty* nurse?”….well this actually had nothing to do with Halloween and I need to ask why is a nurse so sexy to guys?? I mean just the fact that a nurse is present means that you mustn’t be in very good shape as you’re in the hospital so um……I just think it’s strange (・c_・;)? And yet an ex of mine asked for this……but when you add in the request of ‘slutty*’ to the mixture how can I can be extra slutty* dressed as a nurse?? I mean unless our skirt is extra short~short and there are like garter belts and the like also being worn I just don’t get the nurse fantasy of guys and why would a nurse be wearing garter belts to begin with (・c_・;)?

can I watch you apply your feminine protection?”…actually those weren’t his actual words as I don’t think I could repeat his actual words here (*´艸`)、。。but omg! And in hindsight I was swayed sort of into thinking it was a good “idea” but in hindsight I think he just wanted to see me naked down there* is all lol ( ┰_┰)。。。!


~J~Pop tales from the crypt~

These were posted a bit earlier but I thought I’d share them here again as it’s Halloween and as I also awhile back added back the main video clips to these two posts one on which is on YouTube while the other has been uploaded here to WP.

JPop Tales from the Crypt ~The night Shingo~kun♥ left Nakai~san out flapping in the wind~(・o・)

Jpop Tales from the Crypt Part II ~The night of Tsunku, The Mummy & the paint orgasm~(・o・)

Well that’s all I have for this year’s Halloween and I hope it was scary or amusingly ‘insightful’ =P for all those reading…

…however most importantly!!!

..please please remember to…

Halloween safety tip #4 Don't drink and fly!

~Happy Halloween!~


Please be safe~♥!


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25 Responses to Fridoween (゜Д゜;)

  1. Ivan says:

    hey we found a missing girl here…. ahahaha

    how are u ?? long time

    what the ppl putting that names in their shops hahaha ?? crabs dick ahehahea

    so how has ur halloween ?? used some costume :P?


    • Haha you made me think of the movie “gone girl” albeit that’s supposed to be a very powerful movie about something totally different ….I really want to see it well I’m thinking when it’s home released as it’s gotten such great reviews and I love Ben Affleck!!

      Just been busy with life and such, I hope you’re doing well =).

      I sooooo crack up at these eateries names every time I see them =D! So oddly funny and it’s amazing no one bothered to get a second opinion on them you know before going public =O.

      Oh it’s tonight!!! I’m actually doing the home thing this year ….which means scary movies and such! I did dress up last year but I’ve no plans for any costume this time around as I won’t be going out ^^. Hope your Halloween was fun!!


      • Ivan says:

        hmm dont know this movie @.@ is a drama ?
        talking about movies, have u watched anabelle ? dont know if its this name in english too

        i know ^^ only joking with u, u know this hehe… well getting out all this mass over super hot weather i think yes im doing well hahaha

        hahaha i like the street plaques too when u go travel to another far city and appears that strange ones hahaha

        ohh go be fun see a pic of u in halloween costumes hahaha… oh here is a normal day, i dont think ppl here know much how to do a halloween day hahaha


        • It’s a very dramatic novel turned movie now and it’s actually still in theaters but I’ll most likely be waiting for its home release which may be awhile from now but I’ve just heard rave reviews so far. Hmm don’t know Anabelle…?

          The weather here should be turning a bit cooler in just a few days according to our forecast which will be most welcome!!!! You’re weather may be getting cooler too I hope …?

          EnGrish is always amusing and these are just classic =D! Would be fun to eat at any of these places and take a photo outside in front of their signage =P. Oh sorry this year was a stay in night for us with just scary movies being the night’s entertainment so no costume this year ^^. Really it’s not celebrated there? I’d think that Brazil would be into the festivities of Halloween you know the fun and celebration of it all =).


          • Ivan says:

            this one @.@


          • Ivan says:

            damn pressed enter in wrong place and posted the msg aheahea

            i dont like dramatic things :\

            yah cooler is good hahah, nahhhhhhhhhh here is so freaking hot hahah but this days start to rain somedays so make the weather stay a little less hot 😛

            i dont think go be a good thing u put ir u post “i eat at crab dick” aheahehae

            ohhh, but look like u go out in costumes so :P?
            what u have watched ?? something to commend ?

            ahh they do this “celebrate” but with big partys where everyone go in costumes and drink drink drink drink ……….. its like this ^^

            not like trick or threat ^^


            • Ohhh it’s that creepy doll right?? That one kind of freaks me out a bit too much from just the previews xD. We had a bit of a one day cold front here for the evening and morning but it’s gotten warm again here too. Lol the language in these signs is most misguided and funny no one was there to help with a bit of editing =P

              We watched some old classics including Scream and I know What You Did Last Summer, they’re slasher films but I somehow like these much more than the Jason and Freddy ones. Oh like adult Halloween parties, there are lots of those here too =).


              • Ivan says:

                hahaha my parents watched it, i think is an all kill movie so dont interest me so much, horror movies when the focus is kill ppl dont scare at all

                here in the nite has cool a little so is good to sleep but on daytime is like saara hahaha

                signs is the word i has trying to remember when i has posting that msg hahaha
                but take cara when u see “welcome to silent hill”

                hahaha well i think i like more these 2 than jason and all, but like i said top there, i dont like slasher films, its something withouthmm “salt” ? dont get my attention, i like that horror movies where afect ur psycologic and this things hehehe
                that thing when u see u stay “whata hell i cant sleep today” aheahea

                yah, but here only have this, u dont see child on street joking arund and asking for candies


                • I’m thinking psychological thrillers may be more of a genre you may be into? Funny you answer this later in your comment above but I’m usually typing a reply as I’m reading so that’s why I appear to be asking something you’ve already said =P.

                  Weather’s been kinda the same here and we’ve lost our trade winds now so it’s quite warm during the days.

                  Around here it’s been that way too with less trick or treat~ers each year.


                  • Ivan says:

                    yah this things, sorry if i mess up to express this hahaha 😛

                    hahaha and me always forget what im saying and say again aheaheha so sorry @.@

                    hmm today here look like maybe go rain @.@ some gray clouds in the sky

                    oh this is bad ;\ kids losing they childish so early :\


                    • Oh no it was me whom was saying something which you had already written =), you see I tend to answer comments as I’m literally reading them so I hadn’t yet seen your mention of psychological thrillers when I was typing that part above =P.

                      A little bit of rain could be okay, here it’s been a bit warm but not too bad although we have very little in the way of wind.


                    • Ivan says:

                      ahhhh get it hahah ;P
                      but i do this too hahaha answering when i has reading 😛
                      but i think yet is the best horror movies 😛

                      today drop some water hahaha not so much… but look like until weekend go bethis weather and hope rain more, because here is having problem with usable water

                      well if u have a warm weather with good winds is ok 😛


  2. philipleslie says:

    Hi there. I love wrong and amusing signage, and hadn’t seen any of these before. I fell off my chair laughing a few times. Love that Bow Wow Wow song: there’s a good moment in the movie Marie Antoinette, where it’s used. When I was growing up, Halloween was something that Americans did and no one else, but over the last twenty or so years it’s been getting bigger and bigger over here. Anyway, you’ve prepared us all very well for this Friday, and thank you for that.
    Hope all is well on your island. I see that lava is flowing on Big Island. Poor people who are going to lose their houses.


    • It boggles the mind that such eateries actually went public with these names =)!~! I hadn’t heard this song in such a loooooooooooooong time but it’s surely a classic. That’s so cool that the Halloween tradition is celebrated in your country \(^O^)/!! Hahah it’s definitely another welcome reason to socialize and dress any which way one desires for just one night out of the year …..did you get to do any fun Halloween stuff tonight?

      It’s really heart breaking to see how many people and establishments are being destroyed by the moving lava flow and there’s even a school which lies directly in its path and so many children will now most likely be displaced to other school districts =(. I saw that this one lady actually paid to have her entire home literally moved away to safety ….it’s amazing technology if one can afford it as it’s quite costly but she got to save her home that way. Halloween’s forecast is set to be overcast and rainy but I’m sure not even the damp weather here will stop the Halloween festivities from going on.


    • Thank you for linking me! ….Tanimura Yumi’s vocals as elegant as ever and the arrangement is outstanding!! Her hair color here is lovely too!! Makes me want to color my hair lighter although my mom would freak out I think as she already comments on one of my brother’s nearly reddish color of choice lol =P. I’d not heard about her having cosmetic surgery although it’s not an uncommon practice here overseas there the media would have a much more difficult time accepting something like that I imagine. I don’t know, I really can’t see any defining difference in her appearance which would indicate something like that and she’s always been most beautiful ….interesting comment though over there so it makes we wonder too if there’s some sort of validity to it.

      Sorry I missed the previous versions as I’m imagining how the arrangements changed going over you thoughts on the earlier versions but here it’s absolutely perfect ~*!! A very cheerful piece with intricate melodies and phrasing throughout and most importantly it makes you feel something inside emotionally, that’s how I know it’s great! I love seeing interesting cloud formations as you can nearly always imagine up animals and such floating overhead in the skies all in white puffs of clouds and towards the end there’s those most unusual streaks of clouds which are really like those a jet plane may momentarily leave during a sky show …very cool. Out in those grassy fields I was anticipating the appearance of a llama lol =P.

      Classic J-pop! I’ve not watched any of the series and just the movie …the actress has the perfect look for the part doesn’t she ^^.

      Wow that’s a lot of AKBingo! you’ve been watching!!! I wish I had more time to immerse myself into it too! Un those early Momusu visits to Hawaii are the absolute best!!! …no offense to the newer generations but it’s just not the same. I remember thinking I could have been there and there and yet of course I wasn’t and never got to see them here in such a candid environment xD. Linlin got a bit of a head start as I’d seen her a bit earlier than Junjun and her accent was really remarkable from the start …nothing at all like Vivian Hsu was at first, still such cute memories of her early solo releases and how she was literally memorizing sounds versus the language itself so to speak =) and she still has the cutest valentine’s song ever too to her credit!! Junjun I remember having much more difficulty in adapting to Japanese and the accent and at first she really couldn’t speak freely to anyone but later she really became great with Japanese too =).

      It was early in 2007 when I first became aware of Tsunku’s plan to add Junjun and Linlin to his Gen.8 (Aika’s Generation) as they had won in a coincidentally run audition overseas and were at first slated to be new Eggs for H!P but they’d made such an impression upon him that Momusu would be their instant promotion ….fan wise I remember a lot of fans being a bit apprehensive about the whole thing as Momusu was the flagship idol group and it then being an exclusively Japanese group there was a lot of mixed feelings there no doubt. It was the I think the March 18th, 2007 episode of Hello Morning where they would make their official televised debut and meet their fellow members while being likewise formally introduced to fans. Oh wait it was the week afterward ….the March 25th episode. I actually wrote a bit about this very episode here and please don’t mind the images as back then screen caps were a foreign concept to me as I literally was using my camera to take still images of my tiny LCD screen while watching H!M episodes back then xD! Makes me miss Kohachan♥ so much, she really skyrocketed as one of my most favorite in the group back then and she graduated way way too soon I always felt =(…..


      • philipleslie says:

        Hi there,
        Thanks for viewing my slide show, and especially for enjoying! That’s very encouraging. It still sounds a little clattery, but that’s the nature of GarageBand, unfortunately. Those twp pictures at the end are indeed vapour trails. There are a couple of USAF air bases near here, so there are planes going overhead a lot. Sometimes they are much lower, and very loud, but they’re also very speedy, so soon disappear.
        Thanks for the JunJun and LinLin link. I wonder if that episode is online somewhere. I’ll have a search later. Kohachan had such energy, didn’t she. About her graduation, wasn’t there an interview in which she said that she only joined the group as a stepping stone to something else, which dismayed some members? Maybe she didn’t mean it. Quite often people say things for effect, don’t they. She remains a favourite of mine, too. I love her solo work.
        As for Tanimura Yumi, that’s such a lovely performance, isn’t it. Her hair colour threw me at first, as I said. If she has had cosmetic surgery, it’s very subtle. Her smile seems a little straighter, so maybe that’s what the person meant? Anyway, it’s great she still performs. I’ve been listening to her wonderful albums all week.
        Haven’t been near the llamas for a while, but when I do, be sure I’ll photograph them and post the results. Thinking of llamas reminds me of Mayuyu and the next AKB48 single, which I’ve seen a clip of. Have you checked it out yet? Acchan and other graduates are in the video. Very intriguing. The song is a good one too! Can’t wait.


        • I think it’s pretty great what GarageBand is capable of but I know it couldn’t possibly include the nuances of key touches and phrasing to the nature of an artist’s touch but nonetheless your music comes to life most wonderfully I think =). Ohhh I did get that right but I have seen some really odd looking cloud shapes at times so I wasn’t really sure.

          No, thank you for reading through it as it’s such an old and not very well done post visually I’m afraid xD. I used to watch Hello!Morning religiously never missing an episode much like you are doing with AKBingo! now ^^ and it’s really such a perfect way to get to know an idol groups’ many personalities in depth. I do have it on disc somewhere in case you can’t find it. Hmm….I do wonder of the context of her response there but while some may have been bothered by her comment I didn’t see anything wrong with it as idols indeed have a shelf life and for many their aspirations and resume can benefit so much from the idol world all the while looking further down their career paths. No other member then or since had that level of energy as Kohachan did back then as I often likened her to a can of Red Bull and its effects upon a human being lol …..and whether it was H!M, her DJ corner, her anime collaboration, games or just seeing her behind the scenes, Kohachan was like this explosion of a girl to witness!! And her pbs remain as special favorites too with “Sugar Doll”…..

          and “Koharu-nikki” which is perhaps most memorable for its black leather short shorts and fishnets which shocked many back then as being ‘over sexy…’ to some of and then there was the thong mistaken identity episode too xD…..

          and then there was her second release “Pop”….

          Sorry I’m bombarding you with Kohachan memories =P but do you know of her single which featured a gigantic nose and “something” hanging from it lol…? She did a wonderful duet with Maimai too back then which was so cute but anyway my most favorite Momusu single with Kohachan has to be……


          • philipleslie says:

            No need to apologise for your links. I love them, especially as I’d never seen Kohachan’s photobooks before. They’re really amazing, with such a variety of characters on display. I love the one of her standing next to the train/trams. Very atmospheric. She remains one of my favourite members (Ishikawa Rika being my favourite of all at the moment), and thanks for explaining about the post graduation interview comment she made. She always seemed to be having so much fun, it would have been completely wrong for her to have reduced her time with Momusu to a mere stepping stone to something else. Her energy was extraordinary. I have noticed that on a couple of occasions in concerts she mimes to her solo/anime recordings (have you noticed this?), presumably because she’s moving around a lot. I know they all usually moved around a lot, but maybe when it was a fast solo, lip synching was a safe option.
            Aruiteru is such an amazing song. It’s certainly one of my favourites.


            • Kohachan’s so photogenic and I guess with her hyper personality the way it was back then there’d be no way she’d be bad at taking photos =)…the early knock on her was her vocals ironically as Tsunku had dubbed her the ‘miracle girl’ but I’ve always loved her solo singles too and I’ll have to pay much more attention as I hadn’t noticed her getting her anime choreography on during concerts that way =D. Rikachan without question is one of the all time most adorable girls the group has ever welcomed!!….perfect choice! Her voice to begin with was the cutest and of course her gorgeous looks and her unforgettable Charmy~* character which played out perfectly next to Yuko’s funny rage, Mikitty’s amusing snarky~ness and of course Yossi’s tomboyish greatness….Rikcachan would interact with everyone so perfectly with the Charmy persona. So much respect for H!P having their vocals live and even if the choreography called for out of breath singers at times it matters none as it’s something fans will always appreciate, exactly as you’ve always stated =). Ah I used to watch Aruiteru over and over back then….such a catchy melody.


              • philipleslie says:

                If only MilkyWay had been allowed to carry on, too, as the three contrasting voices was very satisfying to listen to, but then, we may have been denied Kikkawa Yuu’s solo career. As for Rikachan, let us not forget the wonderfulness that is 美勇伝. As always, great vocals and performances matched with some of Tsunku’s finest work. While I enjoy Melon Kinenbi, I do prefer 美勇伝.


                • Ah MilkyWay was such a perfect grouping and as you say it worked so well with their voices being so different giving their songs such vocal flavor. At first I liked “Anataboshi” but when “Tan Tan Taan! was released I was so in love with this single!! Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka were great but my most favorite had to be Kohachan (big surprise =P!) in the group and I love how they even had the Kirarin Revolution stage look set up for their pv and on the pv DVD single those dance lessons albeit brief were a lot of fun to watch too with notably Kohachan even being most hyper in those….she had at one point really convinced me that she was actually an anime character somehow brought to life =D. The coupling with song “Sansan GOGO” is awesome catchy too!!! and at one time it was a heavily played song on my favorites list!! I so agree how Biyuuden produced some of Tsunku’s most well written songs and I love all of their music videos so much!!….a perfect blending of cute and sexy with wonderful musical substance and to have Rikachan as leader nothing could’ve been better! ^^


        • I’ve been tempted to check now knowing that there will be graduated members present including the (I wonder if it’s too soon to say…iconic) Acchan…..looking forward to its release too!!


    • Thank you Philip! for sending me IU’s “You & I” mv and it’s really a great production and mini movie like as AKB does with much of their mvs and this song has won an award too hasn’t it!! Really catchy from my very first listen, do you have the album this song is on? And the ending credits are equally fun with all of the outtake footage…I guess a goose would be a great companion when traveling =).


      • phr says:

        :O MB and K-Pop? Now that’s new. Not that I can say much, since IU is pretty much the only thing I know. Just in case you didn’t get an answer from Philip (not going to follow your whole conversation, I only check the pretty embedded videos 😀 ), you can find “You & I” in her second album called “Last Fantasy”:


        • I’m getting a bit of a turn on to K-Pop recently from Philip and finally did get IU’s three full length albums =)…”Last Fantasy” is a great album and I’m so impressed with all of the production and also the packaging and extras K-Pop artists present to fans is so so amazing!! IU is gorgeous beyond words and likewise her voice! Wonderful songs all around and her collaboration song with HIgh4 got me into them too =)….so far just gotten their mini album.


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