ザ モーニング卵 October 8th, 2014


Street Fighter Cute!

This one really places a whole new spin upon

the ideal of “Street Fighter.”

If you haven’t yet you really need to see this



Ken MastersPoisonChun li

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to ザ モーニング卵 October 8th, 2014

  1. philipleslie says:

    That’s extraordinary. Imagine you were just strolling home with your shopping, minding your own business, and got caught up in that!


    • I used to think that the trampoline bear was oddly amusing but these kangaroos are so so much more awesome!!! It’s amazing that this person captured such a unique circumstance as they’re having this kick boxing match right in their neighborhood in the middle of the street =)! At first I was like ohh they’re so cute but then realized they’re really not liking one another very much xD…I wonder if kangaroos are vicious by nature but in any case this was pretty mind blowing to see! Gee I wonder who started it??


    • Hahah I just recalled something which seems relevant?……the Hippity Hopper? I think? Sylvester used to think it was a gigantic mouse lol and be ridiculed for it and yet this one’s wearing boxing gloves which brings about the whole ‘fighter’ image likewise in these kangaroos =)….


      • philipleslie says:

        I love Sylvester! Always feel sorry for him (as I do Wile E Coyote) when he great scenes fail… I always wonder if Looney Tunes would be allowed to create so many characters with speech impediments, were they making those animations today. Porky Pig, Elmer J Fudd, Sylvester…


        • For some reason I loved that big red hairy thing Gossamer? Or something like that and how Bugs would torment it always =)! Un the kitty and the coyote would always get the very worst of it xD ….and I sort of feel badly for children now days as can you believe that they even edit Looney Tunes on television taking out all of the ‘too violent’ content =O …like with Daffy Duck’s bill getting swung around and the Coyote being crushed and lol okay it’s very violent =P!! Still it’s not the same without the original content in there …just how I saw them when I was little. And so true that those speech impediments would be so frowned upon these days and not even allowed without social media taking a dislike to it all I imagine, if cartoons were made this way today. Although South Park seems to push all of the buttons doesn’t it?! I haven’t watched it for ages but it’s still running ….I only watched the first couple of seasons way back when it was just freaky seeing how much they could get away with!


          • philipleslie says:

            I’ve not watched South Park for a while, but remember it certainly poked fun at PC! I saw that recent DVDs of Tom and Jerry are prefaced by a famous person (Whoopi Goldberg?) explaining that they were made in different times, hence the representation of Tom’s mistress is an outdated caricature now. But some people want Tom and Jerry banned altogether, which I think is a bit sad, as it’s a bit like sweeping history under the carpet. I suppose if that did happen, the only people who could watch them would be film historians studying them for some research! The whole point of a cartoon, though, is to show something that can never happen. We expect Wile E Coyote getting to crushed by an anvil, or to fall several hundred metres over a cliff edge, without anything harm coming to him. He’s only a drawing, after all. Likewise Scooby and Shaggy can eat their way through a metre-high pile of sandwiches in record time…Until someone comes along and decides that’s offensive to people who are overweight, or starving. Ah well… those animators would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those meddling academics!


            • You’ve just summed it all up perfectly!!!! as cartoons are indeed intended to show the unimaginable without creative borders for our minds to giggle at =D. A lot of society has become perhaps overly sensitive to some things and particularly when it comes to classic cartoons from yesteryear and while surely times and the culture have changed worldwide, these cartoons do represent humor in a historic sense as you’ve stated here wonderfully…..so we should embrace them likewise for what they are and not take them too seriously =).


  2. Ivan says:

    hahaha really ?

    whats the chance of u see a thing like this in ur street home hahaha


    • Here it’d be next to impossible as we only have kangaroos in our zoo =) They’re really going at it and at one point one tries to take the other one down with some sort of grappling move I think =P! It’s so surreal really as you’d expect something like this in a cartoon or something but not in real life.


  3. actually it’s more like Roger from Tekken series.


  4. phr says:

    The title of the video says street fight, but the classical music makes it seem more like they’re dancing =P this is so cute, there were some moments when it even seemed in sync with the music…


    • So true…like a street ballet =)…the choice of music here is ingenious! And what luck to come home to this and with the street being void of moving cars and all…just perfect! I’d had no idea prior that kangaroos could ‘stand’ on their tails and kick like that…just woh!=O


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