Now scanning…

Koike Rina Rina Real shashinshuu

..and after opening “Rina Real” for the very first time today all I can say is that I’m not sure if there’s been an idol shashinshuu with the sole purpose of turning its viewer on* having this much success at that with just a single peruse ….okay think about that pop oldie by the Divinyls “I touch myself” plus I just never imagined ever seeing Rina~chan do such things* with her um underwear ….just saying that if it can turn a girl on* this much (*´艸`)!!then I can’t imagine what it’d do for a guy ^^!!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to Now scanning…

  1. Well, this sounds like it’s going to blow Yuko Chan’s exhibition out of the proverbial water lol! I can’t wait!


  2. Ivan says:

    do cover at least look beauty

    but what she do with the underwear ?

    i se a mag cover where she show half of her butt…. i get so desapointed with that shoot…..never thinked rina chan doing this things… and her lasts pics on mags come all in the pornography meaning…. losing all my love for her :\


    • Ivan I did just post Rina~chan’s “RINA REAL” shashinshuu earlier today and based on what you’ve expressed here I’d say don’t view it. Really if that cover bothered you greatly then you’re going to dislike her latest photo book very much as it’s very erotic and sexual. So please don’t view it as I wouldn’t want to be the reason you dislike here even more and you’re totally going to dislike this book =).


      • Ivan says:

        ahhh i stay a little dissapointed with her :\
        all the time she getting the way of “good” girl aheahea and sundenly this hahaha

        i think is only the shock of the change, i dont hate her 🙂 dont worry

        sorry if i say something bad or wrong here :\


        • Oh no you haven’t said anything bad =) ….it’s just that I readily know that her latest pb would bother you quite a lot just through our conversations generally and I really don’t want you to look badly upon her any further so I’m thinking it would be better this way =). Rina~chan’s image has steadily become more mature and even more so recently and this is her choice to express herself sensually here in a heightened sense but likewise fans no doubt will be divided just as you are about her current image and it’s totally okay =).


          • Ivan says:

            im only afraid this can put her in the other way of bussines… if u can understand me…. not more like a gravure idol…


            • You mean like an adult movie actress I’m thinking? Hm can’t imagine her getting into that as I do also favor her staying in the idol world!!!


              • Ivan says:

                yah this ones :\

                yes is that why im worried :\, i like her a lot to something like this occours…

                why im saying this too… is because a movie she make part of it… is a fight movie in the context, but have lot scenes of lesbian sex…. only see the covers and dont know if she do part of one of that scenes O.o


  3. M.B, beautiful post ,and unique way to expose the beauty of Japanese Artists.Cheers


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