Abe Natsumi 「Smile…♡」

Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (28)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (7)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (12)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (1)


Abe Natsumi Smile.. (1)

Abe Natsumi Smile...♥ album

Abe Natsumi Smile.. (2)

On October 22nd, Nacchi~♡ has a new musical release titled “Hikari e -Classical & Crossover” and if it had been just three weeks ago (prior to the arrival of her new album “Smile…♥”) had I come across this project of hers, I surely would have been quite surprised to see Nacchi venturing into this genre of music. However over the past three weeks, Nacchi’s “Smile…♥” has been on a quite heavy rotation upon my ipod and at that putting it mildly for sure, as you see for a fan who’s rooted love for Hello! Project goes back to their very beginnings….this one album goes beyond any hopes and expectations that I had beforehand when I first saw its pre-order announced, as it’s simply put…a pure treasure to own. So just a bit earlier I pre-ordered Nacchi’s classical venture as honestly there was a time when I would’ve never imagined Nacchi taking on such a genre of music style, however now in light of her new album “Smile…♥” all of those misguided thoughts of mine have simply been washed away.

Nacchi’s “Smile…♥” album includes a CD with ten amazing ~*songs along with a DVD which contains two music videos and an extensive commentary by Nacchi.

Abe Natsumi’s “Smile…♥” album can be ordered @ Cdjapan

Abe Natsumi’s “Smile…♥” album can be ordered @ HMV japan

You may recall a few years back I had put up a couple posts covering Nacchi’s acoustic live releases here and had commented on just how much her vocals had matured and grown in depth too. You know that level of vocalism you hear from accomplished performers where they’re not simply placing their notes in order but rather projecting them into nuances of texture, depth, flutters and breath~ within each note leading to their next…a vocal in which isn’t coming from one’s throat but rather from deeper within. You see, from the moment you click ~*play, “Smile…♥” is presenting Nacchi in this upper echelon I’ve been speaking of as her vocals are now miles away progressed from her days of Morning Musume and Hello! Project. Her vocals are more than ever here elegantly deep with substance with a much broader range, a level of performance which rivals that of even Ayaya’s peak.

~Abe Natsumi “Itoshiki hito” (mp3)~

“Smile…♥” presents a perfectly chosen 10 which make up this best of album of songs …revisited, reimagined, re-instrumented and ultimately reborn as never heard before. And in listening to these all new arrangements which venture into the genres of Latin, classical, folk, jazz and furthermore country, that reimagining of such beloved classics are breathing a life anew and with Nacchi’s vocalization it’s all at once a re-endearment to the genius of Hello! Project’s musical past as well as a vocal triumph for Nacchi~. I’m not sure if anyone actually clicks play on the mp3’s I post here from time to time as I so understand that videos are surely without question a much more glamorous draw, however the best songs on this album (albeit it’s all awesome with no filler) aren’t on the accompanying DVD and to begin with the mp3 just above from here for “Itoshiki hito”, it’s genuinely one of the album’s finest offerings to savor and you’ll really be missing out if you’re overlooking these audio tracks as I’m including the album in entirety here. Here you’ll be experiencing familiar classics infused with the aforementioned broad range of musical genres with diverse instrumentation and musicianship at their very best, as each song individually will be like hearing them for the very first time I promise!!! And I have to reemphasize the musicianship here as it’s extremely superb!

From track to track you’ll be wowed by the creativity put into reinventing this collection and I’m very aware of the whole “Amelie” effect as a friend once put it, you see something amazing and right afterward you declare it as the best thing since sliced bread this side of earth only to later realize that it was hasty of you as there are many equally amazing and beloved in your memory bank, and that is why I’ve allowed “Smile…♥” to brew for awhile now and within the past three weeks this album is no “Amelie” effect =).

In Nacchi’s own words this album “Smile…♥” has been such a detailed project and is a culmination of the ten years since her solo debut as her goal here is to celebrate with fans their countless smiles which have been endeared to her over the years and her wish to shine those smiles onto her fans likewise. And so with gratitude and hopes of spreading those smiles everlasting, here’s Nacchi’s “Smile…♥” project ^^.

~my personal faves…♥~

  1. Senkou hanabi
  2. Sora LIFE GOES ON
  3. Iki wo kasanemashou
  4. Itoshiki hito
  5. Furusato
  6. Sweet-holic

Abe Natsumi Smile.. (3)

Abe Natsumi Smile.. (4)

~“Best Friend”~

~“Itoshiki hito”~

Abe Natsumi Smile.. (5)



~“Toumoro koshi to sora to kaze”~

Abe Natsumi Smile.. (6)

~“Senkou hanabi”~

~“Iki wo kasanemashou”~


Abe Natsumi Smile.. (7)

~“Yuugure sakusen kaigi”~

~“33~smile life~”~

Abe Natsumi Smile.. (8)

Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (1)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (2)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (3)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (4)

~Abe Natsumi “Furusato” (Smile…♥ mv)~

Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (5)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (6)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (7)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (8)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (9)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (10)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (11)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (12)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (13)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (15)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (17)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (14)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (16)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (18)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (21)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (19)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (20)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (22)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (23)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (24)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (25)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (26)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (27)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (29)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (30)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (28)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (31)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (32)Abe Natsumi in Furusato (Smile.. (33)

Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (1)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (2)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (3)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (4)

~Abe Natsumi “Best Friend” (Smile…♥ mv)~

Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (5)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (6)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (7)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (8)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (9)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (10)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (11)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (12)Abe Natsumi in Best Friend (Smile.. (13)

Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (1)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (2)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (3)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (4)

The DVD also includes approximately 28 minutes of commentary by Nacchi~♡ but due to the large file size I chose not to include it here, however that does give you an additional incentive to get this album albeit I’m sure you’re already in love with the songs and are in need of no further such alluring goodies ^^.

Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (5)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (6)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (7)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (8)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (9)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (10)Abe Natsumi in Smile.. (11)

Abe Natsumi Smile...♥ album


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14 Responses to Abe Natsumi 「Smile…♡」

  1. philipleslie says:

    So beautiful! I went straight to Furusato, which is possibly my favourite, and really loved this version. 33 Smile Life is so lovely too, and Sweet Holic is such a strong song, it can probably stand any amount of reinvention: this version is particularly enjoyable. Nacchi’s voice is amazing, with lots of subtle nuances, and so suited to acoustic arrangements. I can imagine this hasn’t been out of your CD player since you got it. It’s truly lovely.


    • If you can imagine “Smile….” is still getting a regular workout on my ipod =)! The songs really are so wonderfully reimagined here and YES I’m so happy that you’re loving Nacchi’s vocals here as she’s grown so much vocally over the years and it’s like this album just brought every thing together all at once and just how capable she is of reaching new heights with her tones and touch within her. Un Furusato is so much Tsunku’s all time classic composition and to hear such varying styles to these beloved songs makes them all that much more enjoyable =).


      • philipleslie says:

        Do you know which MoMusu songs are karaoke favourites? I wonder if Furusato is popular. I’d love to know which songs people enjoying singing.


        • Mmm…I’m not up to par with their latter songs in this sense but from their classics back then some which were popular karaoke choices would be Memory seishun no hikari, The Peace, Dance suru no da, Happy Summer Wedding and of course Love Machine….but there are many more too =).


          • philipleslie says:

            I can imagine people enjoying all those songs you mentioned. And you’re right about there being many more, as there are so many memorable songs. Did the entire crowd sing along with The Manpower! if/when it was played at the stadium before a match? That’s such a wonderful and addictive song. I did see a comment somewhere that group karaoke singing is now a bit old fashioned, with solo songs preferred. The Peace etc really do cry out for group renditions, don’t they.


            • Hmm I’m sure it may have occurred but just wasn’t aware of it and I’d imagine it must have with Momusu collaborating with the Rakuten Eagles as they appeared at their games and even had them in their music video which was really cool! The Manpower!!! was such a breakthrough song and like nothing else being produced back then with Tsunku being so uniquely creative with his genius!! Their togas remains to this day as being my most favorite Momusu single inspired wardrobe and that pv was sooooo amazing to watch over and over as I regularly did. It’s too bad as it creates such a party atmosphere for karaoke goers with everyone participating together rather than soloist after soloist which is fine but a blend of the two I think is much more fun =). Un you’re totally right about The Peace being made for the group rendition and there were quite a few dramas back then where in passing scenes there’d be Momusu songs playing in the background and some even had a character singing one in a karaoke room which always was a ….hey did you see/hear that moment~*. And speaking of The Rakuten Eagles they even had a baseball collaboration with the entirety of Momusu and Berryz Koubou where they produced sets of baseballs all bearing the girls’ printed signatures on them….


              And then DEF DIVA, GAM and C-ute:



              • philipleslie says:

                Wow, the baseball set is amazing, and amazing that you have them all! I’m so impressed and in awe once again of your Momusu collection. You must open a museum and display everything. I’m sure you’d have loads of visitors (paying, of course), plus you’d get the occasional H!P special guest.
                The Manpower! Is probably one of the catchiest of Tsunku’s vast output, and it has that wonderful unusal-sounding opening, doesn’t it. You have to be in awe of the mind that could think that up and realise it. The dance is probably my favourite MoMusu routine of all. What’s so catchy about the whole thing is the main accent is not on ‘man’ or ‘pow’ as it might normally be, but on that final syllable ‘wa!’. I love that. The ‘making-of’ is an eye-opener as you get to see whoever it is biting into a lemon! Was it Tanaka Reina with the lemon? I’ll have to check. And how you take a bit of a pineapple is a complete mystery!
                I’ve not heard the C-ute collaboration song, so will go in search of that later on. Thank you.


                • Back then there was a proxy in Japan that many H!P fans were purchasing through and you could literally ask him to go to the store to get something specific for you and he’d ship it anywhere worldwide with careful packaging and quick delivery and so with the weight and fragile cases he was so helpful in getting them all together for me back then. At first I wanted maybe just an Aichan, Gakisan and Kamei baseball but eventually I thought why not try to collect them all as various sellers were auctioning them off. You have an amazing collection too with so many rarities and you have so much vinyl which is most awesome!! I grew up listening to vinyl so their packaging and fold out jackets extra large size has always been the format I symbolized music with. Two very distinct Tsunku amazement moments for me would have to be with the release of Chokotto Love and The Man Power!!! for their uniquely written styles and sound…..haha I hadn’t thought of that in quite some time and I’d need to check the video again to confirm =). Oh the pineapple could be quite dangerous with its spiky outside and thick skin lol ^^.


                  • philipleslie says:

                    Rikachan: pineapple. Niigaki Risa: lemon. They actually eat them, too, as witnessed in the making of on the v disc. Did you know Niigaki Risa still keeps a blog? Just spotted it: http://ameblo.jp/nigaki-risa/


                    • Wah I didn’t know!..and Gakisan’s having a Christmas live with Kei, Yossi, Rika & Mako-chan in both Osaka and Tokyo next month! Wonderful that they’re together for live events and no doubt she’s most active these days as if she never graduated =).


                    • philipleslie says:

                      That’s wonderful about the live event. Are they performing MoMusu songs, do you know? The mc segments would be great fun, as there’d be all their shared history to talk about. Maybe it will be recorded and released on DVD!


  2. @Philip,
    (sorry our comment thread was getting a bit narrow there =) ) I was checking for any sign of a setlist but she didn’t have one that I could find on her blog just yet. I’m thinking though that surely for fans they’ll have a Momusu dominate setlist of songs chosen with many of their classics to perform. Un did you get the Dream Musume….

    ..on may way searching for the reunion group I came across Ice Creamusume =D! I’d forgotten about them xD….I’d need to re-up the songs to this post as they were lost when I moved from Vox to WordPress but the rest of the post is intact here:


    Momusu songs in Mandarin….gosh I haven’t listened to this CD in ages.

    Okay I’ve found it!!!!

    Dream Morning Musume or Dorimusu, you reminded me of this release when you mentioned all of the shared history the girls would have to talk about during the upcoming live event and with Dorimusu there was surely a lot of fun banter going on onstage during their live and backstage time together…..I did happen to have a bit of fun! of my own though as you’ll see in various parts of this post linked just below as far as banter an silliness goes, guess I’ve always been wacky that way =P…..



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