~Fuzzy memories…原田知世…sweet♥ J-Pop for your Wednesday

Fuzzy-thingy.jpgLooking back into the vaults (aka: my olllllllllllld VHS =P) from time to time we’ll take a look @ some fuzzy moments~* via a VHS~~>Digital transfer and there’s something definitely warm and fuzzy about these…the fuzzy coming from some of these clips being 2nd or 3rd generation+ VHS dubbed transfers originating @ our local Japan rental shop of yesteryear with some being prior to the digital age =P.

Harada Tomoyo, for much of the nineties balanced both a successful t.v. drama career along with a music career and there’s a very soft and natural beauty about her which comes across in her acting and the single word that instantly comes to mind whenever I listen to her vocals♪♪~?…elegant ~*.

For much of her music releases Harada Tomoyo actively wrote her own lyrics which gives an endearing quality to them, and here on this *lazy* and oh so so warm & humid Wednesday…(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ (I hope you’re enjoying yours! ( ̄▽ ̄) )…..here are just a couple of personal Harada Tomoyo *favorites*~. =)

“Tears of Joy” is one of those songs you just get so taken in with from the very first listen as it possesses such a beautiful daydream like melody all set to a sweet ensemble of contemporary pop instrumentation.

Released on October 24th, 2001……..this one is *pure* love for me (…makes me feel all warm & *fuzzy* inside..o(*´∀`)o゛♥), I hope you’ll enjoy it too! =)

~Harada Tomoyo “Tears of joy” mp3~

And as this is a Fuzzy memories installment it simply wouldn’t be complete without the presence of some form of fuzzy video ^^.

~Harada Tomoyo “Tears of joy” (mv)~

~Harada Tomoyo “Sincere” mp3~

~Harada Tomoyo “Sincere” (mv)~

“Sincere” was released on July 24th, 1997 and was presented in Japan’s long standing 3″ CD single format which I always loved and felt that it really gave Japan’s single releases such a unique look with their long rectangular shape which looks really *pretty* when cased in those special jewel cases. Sadly the last of this release format would be seen just two or so years later. “Sincere” is a very intimate composition with the beautiful sounds of an acoustic nylon string guitar accompaniment and it was additionally the theme song for the drama “Dessan” which also starred Harada Tomoyo herself.

Oh and here’s a funny little story behind me purchasing this single as back then I was able to drop off music requests at a local music store we had here which specialized in imports just as long as you had a complete title and artist listing, and so the aforementioned drama “Dessan” was then currently airing on our local KIKU Hawaii t.v. station and it didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels for this theme song being sung by the starring actress herself Harada Tomoyo. KIKU would locally translate their dramas before airing them here and even the credits were translated which keyed me into both the title and artist for this song I just had to have. So it read “song: “Cynthia” by Harada Tomoyo and so I jotted that down and then took it to the music store to ask them to order it for me. But as you can see on the single’s cover itself, the song’s title written in the lower right corner of the jacket is in katakana and written as シンシア...and likewise it was written in katakana across the screen in drama’s credits. So I can distinctly remember thinking to myself it a bit odd that the song was of a girl’s name “Cynthia” and wondered what that could possibly do with the drama itself as often times drama theme songs will definitely have a connected meaning or two with the drama’s character(s), storyline or some content pertaining to the show itself in one way or another…and yet I naively ordered “Cynthia” just going by KIKU’s translation which looking back is most amusing (。ーωー。)笑!And yet to my latter amazement the single arrived….that is Harada Tomoyo’s “Sincere” single and I can only imagine the laughter it must have brought overseas when that fax came in reading a request for the single “Cynthia”…(^q^)! So within a couple or so weeks later (as dramas here are aired one episode per week) KIKU had corrected their song credit to read “song: “Sincere” by Harada Tomoyo ^^. And so that’s your funnies for this Wednesday, but more importantly I hope you enjoy her songs here and on a side note, although you’re most likely already aware of this if you visit here regularly, I will be away from the blog for just a few days beginning Friday.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend ~~~ヾ(^∇^)!!Oh wait I’ll still be here for another day….^^.

fuzzy thingy....

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2 Responses to ~Fuzzy memories…原田知世…sweet♥ J-Pop for your Wednesday

  1. philipleslie says:

    ‘Tears of Joy’ is amazing! I really love it, and remembered the video from YouTube. It’s one of those songs that instantly catches your attention, isn’t it. I chortled over the Cynthia story. What’s amusing is that the katakana spelling is still being interpreted as Cynthia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlpuu514wnY The song and the video are so lovely. I’ve not seen Dessan: will see if it’s online to watch.
    Thank you for posting!
    By the way, after spending the past year or so never sure if you’d posted anything new, I finally spotted the ‘subscribe’ button and clicked it. ‘Slow on the uptake’ is my middle name…


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