ザ モーニング卵 August 29th, 2014


Just what the doctor ordered, yay!!! a three day weekend =)!!!!

Between work (mostly!) and personal life it’s been difficult keeping up with this blog as I’ve managed to fall light years behind on comments and likewise with personal messages sent through this bloggy =/..but I assure you that if you’ve written anything to me whether it be through a comment or personal message I do read absolutely everything I receive.

One thing to mention, I receive quite a few requests through personal messages sent through the ‘contact me’ page and I’d really prefer them to be sent through the ‘requests’ page or directly on the post in which it’s inquiring about. As noted on the ‘requests’ page, only current subscribers’ requests will be replied to so hopefully this makes things easier =). Also please no lewd messages =(!! as I think I speak for all women when I say it’s definitely not the way to someone’s heart or mind and sometimes my niece goes through my phone before I catch her and with her reading any of that, it’s really awful having to explain things which are rude =(. Okay I feel better about that now =).

…And that’s not even mentioning an ever growing stack of musical and visual goodies which have been arriving at an alarming rate! I’ve even missed much of this year’s U.S. Open thus far which makes me most sad =( as I so look forward to watching this event in earnest come every September where in the past I would actually take a two week vacation from work just to be able to both play tennis and watch it during nearly every waking hour of each day, yeah I’m pretty much a total tennis junkie and proud of it ^^.  So today Ana Ivanovic has lost quite early which is saddening =(!!! and in the fact the women’s field has lost a significant number of top seeds so far which is most shocking. So I’m still rooting for Federer to win another major here and likewise with Sharapova and I’m also sentimentally pulling for Wozniacki to win a major as her career has seen a lot of ups and downs and in particular when she was ranked #1 she’d been most criticized for holding that top ranking and yet she hadn’t won a major just yet and I know that must have taken its toll on her emotions no doubt =(. And Wozniacki looks great so far in the tournament with a renewed glow about her game and she’s looking fitter than ever too which is a definite asset when it comes to these grueling Slams.

Cdjapan order (a)

And so today another great issue of Weekly Playboy has arrived featuring the top three of Family48 and there’s a clear file in there too! along with Manoeri’s~♥ new shashinshuu titled simply “Zero”….what a gorgeous cover to begin with and I’ve just begun perusing its pages just now.

On the musical side AKB48’s new single is here!!!! with the newly crowned Mayuyu~♥ as Senbatsu so it’s 100% guaranteed to be pure love at least by my standards (heavily biased of course by Mayuyu♥ =D ) along with Tackey & Tsubasa’s latest single which is well VERY VERY SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least their cover is as I’m just about to begin watching =). And lastly but certainly not least is Nacchi’s new album “Smile…♥”…well I’ve finally got a bit of personal time so I’m going to indulge a bit now ^^.

Cdjapan order(b)

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to ザ モーニング卵 August 29th, 2014

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Glad you are getting some time off! I was watching a podcast and they were talking about VOX! 🙂 Remember those days?!



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    • Ehhh a podcast about VOX? Really? It’ll always be my very first time blogging when even the word blog was foreign to me. You really helped me through some of the toughest times so I’m eternally grateful for everything back then. Labor Day weekend will be great! I don’t get much time off so it’s been circled on the calendar for quite some time now.

      Hope all is well,

      ❤ mb

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  2. phr says:

    I have a really hard time figuring out when to take my vacations, so I decided I won’t until my boss just forces me to. Brazilian law says I get one month of vacation every time I complete one year of work, and I have to take it also within one year. So I started in January 2011, I could have taken vacation any time this year, but I didn’t, so some time until the beginning of December my boss will just tell me to not come back for a month =D And I’m pretty happy outsourcing that decision because it’s so confusing. There are weeks between projects where I don’t really have much to do and am just there making stuff up and waiting for someone to have some problem with something I can do about it. Those would be perfect moments for vacation, but then, those are such great moments to work =D Why would I leave when things are easy? And then there are all the other moments when I’m working full speed in some project, usually with a set schedule that is already too little, and then I can’t really bring up vacation, even though I’d love it. Waiting until I’m forced by law is a lot simpler.

    Oh, I guess that’s why Tackey & Tsubasa were in a Shin Doumoto Kyoudai I watched recently, they were promoting this new single (Kinki Kids’ TV show, Takamina is one of the regular hosts) (Kinki Kids must be one of the weirdest band names I’ve ever seen). I remember I saw a Johnnys show once, and there was a song about samurais that I think was theirs. That was a very good one. So I like them. Probably.

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    • I wish I could still watch Doumoto Kyodai (I used to rent the episodes here locally) and I’m guessing they’re still doing the live thing with the great in house band? I had no idea Takamina was on their show, that’s so great!! I remember showing a girl friend whom isn’t into J-anything really…a Kinki Kids CD and her reaction was priceless!!!! She was like ‘….kinky?..?? aren’t they kind of young to be doing that sort of thing? =O..’ I didn’t explain the whole prefecture thing until later as it was too funny seeing her reaction and I didn’t want to spoil that =P. Samurai was an amazing single!!!!!!! The video’s visuals are outstandingly shot!!!! The CD jackets were most cool too:


      And there’s a great performance in here as I had sort of a drool fest of T&T on this particular day:


      That’s really interesting how vacations are set by law there in such a time frame and it’d be wonderful to take a month off for YOU time =). Your boss will miss you while you’re on vacation though….you must be really busy there. If you don’t use your vacation I’m wondering if it carries over into the next calendar year? If not, be sure to have a lot of YOU time~* =).


      • phr says:

        Prefecture??? I’m still in that simple minded “ah, guess they’re just kinky and very honest” mindset =D

        It can’t carry over to the next calendar year, that’s the cool part. The employer has to give the vacation within one year, or it has some penalty which I don’t really know what it is. But I do know it’s bad enough that they take it seriously =D I was commenting about my lack of vacation a few days ago and one colleague commented that he was once called in the middle of the day by his boss and told to “go home right away, pretend you weren’t here today and don’t be back for a month” because that day was already one past his vacation limit =D There’s different ways to arrange it, you might split the vacation into multiple times like take 3 vacations of 10 days each, or the employer might want to buy back some vacation days, but in any case, you have to take it.

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    • do you think Kinki Kids is weird?I once oversaw a conversation on the net about a guy and his girlfriend who likes Kiss-My-Ft2,an all-male group.The guy said, ‘What’s this,Kiss-My-Ft2?Does it mean they have to kiss each other’s feet?That’s so kinky….’

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      • It was actually a friend of mine whom was hilariously confused by the Kinki Kids name so I just had a bit of fun with her =P ….and to think that with Kiss My Ft all of this ‘kinkiness’ is coming out of the same Johnny’s stable of artists, freaky name…cute guys! =).


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