Friday Night Frights (゜Д゜;)!!Presents: 2LDK

Happy late Friday night!!!!!

Late Late Late….

Okay so it’s not Friday the 13th.

And yet why not a frightful film as it’s still…late night Friday??

Okay so this post represents what was one of the most frightening and yet hilarious in a most dark way but oh so scary movies ever!!!! A very dark comedy/ very dark horror film putting it lightly and tonight I thought why not actually have the entire film here available to watch for anyone interested and while tonight’s film is a short film (reasoning explained in greater detail below) with a running time of approximately just one hour and ten minutes making it quite the easy movie experience, I did manage to splice the entire film into two parts as the memory needed equaled to about a Gig which pushed the limits of an allowed single file here. The article below is intended for the most part to set-up this film as it was actually part of a pretty amazing project held between two prominent film directors whom you’re probably familiar with, with direct caution taken to not set forth spoilers of the film itself making it safe to read even before taking in tonight’s movie.

I may or may not remove the entire film shortly after tonight due to its immense memory size which it’s currently taking up here and mind you memory here does cost quite a lot and in particular when your blog over the years has somehow become roughly the size of a small village =P. And so without further ado, please enjoy the film which appears at the conclusion of this post =).

It seems for centuries upon centuries while the male has always been more or less the aggressor, it’s however the female~* who’s much more competitive, likely to plot against her fellow sex and just look simply hotter!!! while embracing a sword………….okay I just made that up completely (*≧▽≦)♪!。。。and yet isn’t there at least a tinny bit of truth~* there? 😛

While one can imagine a match between Aichan and Manoeri going head~to~head, mano~a~mano XD would be most dynamic or maybe cute♥?…I mean I just can’t imagine Manoeri attacking anyone with any sort of force well…….unless someone messes with her prized “Mano~Keyboard” which she keeps with her always…(^q^)!

And we all remember what occurred when even the sweetest of minds came in contact with a bokken…..

U~n even Rikachan went a little “Musashi” then, even if for only a moment =)! Funny even the master swordsman, scholar and most brilliant mind~* of Miyamoto Musashi opted for a bokken for his most famous duel vs. Sasaki Kojiro upon Ganryu Island and was it really carved out of an oar like the Taiga drama♥ depicted I wonder??? :O In any case it’s the stuff of legends and a moment in time which I think many would have liked to have witnessed in person, you know if that hot tub time machine were actually a real household appliance ^^.

So tonight, enter in a new breed of duel, one fought in modern day! “2LDK” and “Aragami” were born from a most amazing idea of having two directors film competing movies with limited resources and just one week to shoot completely!! While the obvious obstacles and challenges presented themselves in most profound ways, both director Kitamura Ryuhei (of “Versus”, “Alive” and “Azumi” fame~*!) and director Tsutsumi Yukihiko forged mini masterpieces with running times of just 80 minutes and 70 minutes respectfully. And while Kitamura’s “Aragami” combined the folklore of the “God of Battle” with a scene set in old Japan with most spectacular~* results!!! (both films are most recommended but not for the faint of heart I must add!!) “2LDK” will be in the spotlight~* tonight for it’s the connection between girls, idols and models with the theme of duel on our minds which I hope to present although briefly as I would hate to have an abundance of spoilers taking away from the film in any way (ノロ≦。)!

“2LDK” and “Aragami” would screen for a lucky select audience with a final vote held just after their showings back then, and while “Aragami” would pull out ahead and be declared the winner as Kitamura’s mastery of action filming impressed so much, still much can be said about “2LDK”‘s no holds barred take on dark~comedy coupled with a most horror filled twist of fate.

To be clear, “2LDK” isn’t simply a duel between roommates taking place on a single home set, but rather it entails some of the most creative horror mayhem I’ve ever witnessed (゜Д゜;)!!!!。。and just to whet your interest perhaps in wanting to see this short film the basic storyline delves into the minds of two roommates after each has auditioned for a single available spot for the same movie. So now you can see the theme of girl’s competitiveness, and the act of going “Musashi” on someone even when you reside with them =O! The term “Going Musashi” here of course being very much tongue~in~cheek, just lots of tongue♥, tongue everywhere lol okay that was another joke (。ーωー。)!。。。as some of that is part of a completely different sort of movie I suppose (*´艸`)。

A large aspect of the brilliance of “2LDK” is in the director choosing to have both roommates’ thoughts heard by the viewer throughout the film and in the above example (actual dialog from the film I might add (・o・)!!)、the clouds represent their truthful thoughts versus what each is actually playing along to say in the straight bubbles and it’s this sort of dark humor and slicing sarcasm and girl cat~fight~like behavior which lends to their conversations and interactions within their home escalating!!! And to be able to hear each of their true thoughts, just purely brilliant (note: the thought and dialog bubbles were just added by me as in the film itself each is audibly heard instead in a clear sense of what is being spoken or thought to oneself so no bubbles for sure I promise =).

For what is thought to oneself and not said to another can lead to so much chuckling for an audience and I’ve made a point not to touch upon the very best here.

As the deep dislike of one another stemming at first from the audition for a single movie role at stake which both are seeking is but a simple backdrop to what girls really grow to fight about…lol okay not all of us as I surely would never never never partake in such activities as these two end up partaking in, in extreme fashion I might add (*≧m≦)!!!!Becoming territorial (・д・`*)。。

..where even your “shared” refrigerator becomes a mark of what’s yours and what’s mine (it was quite funny to see each single egg and item in the refrigerator marked with either girls first “initial” so the other won’t eat it, well isn’t supposed to eat =O), phone messages are tampered with with only bad intentions, bath luxuries and shampoos are off limits to one another and yet used carelessly, precious keepsakes are endangered/ destroyed, loud music is played to annoy the other, insults are thrown…..everyday household items become weapons (yes! and even that samurai sword display you see aside in their living room takes part of the intense creativity this film brings!)…….the use of each others belongings begins to occur openly…..not cleaning your hair out of the bathtub drain becomes an issue…..and it’s all so scary and yet amusing although frightening takes over before long as the film progresses. So let the mind games begin from the simple and tedious to the completely sinister.

( `_)乂(_’ )!!!!!

This is very much a horror movie, the horrors of when girls go “Musashi” @ one another (ノロ≦。)。

~The calm before the storm…

Frightening stuff for sure with an ending dripping in irony all its own.

Recommended viewing for only the brave and not for the faint of heart!

~2LDK (part 1)~

~2LDK (part 2)


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3 Responses to Friday Night Frights (゜Д゜;)!!Presents: 2LDK

  1. philipleslie says:

    Can’t wait to see this! (It’s gradually working its way to the top of my must-have list.)


  2. i would like to recommend Takashi Miike’s horror films such as Audition.It’s well-crafted and suggests that you don’t have to read its synopsis because it will spoil the whole plot.Ichi the Killer is pretty sick too.


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