SMAP101 Featuring J-Pop Tales from the Crypt aka: The night Shingo~kun♥ left Nakai~san out flapping in the wind~(・o・) ) & other essential SMAPisms.

Okay first off, I totally get that we now live in a fast paced/ short attention span laced world with social media and 140 characters or less being all the rage.

But in order to get the full effect of what this post intends to do,

for just a single post it’s very necessary if you would be willing to invest yourself 100% and listen to/ watch every….music audio offering and every music video here in order for there to be a chance ~* for a successful SMAP endearment surgery  =).

PHR ❤ , this is for you

and for anyone else whom is perhaps unsure of SMAP’s musical side ^^.

Have-a-nice-day.jpgHowever, firstly we need to address the elephant in SMAP’s musical room.

….And we’ll need to dig deep deep into the archives as you see every now and then we come to witness a single moment~*, those types of moments which will live on forever in our memories and no matter the years that come to pass as forever they’ll remain embedded it seems (*´艸`)!。。such was the time….

…your niece found your Tampax Pearl and wondered out~loud (・д・`*)!!at the dinner table…’what exactly is this for?’ (゜Д゜;)。。or when you first realized that frigid cold affects you in *particular* ways up there* while shopping in the frozen foods section (*>ω<)~!Hmm..actually this has nothing to do with any of that~….did I just think that out~loud? (。ーωー。)

Seriously though.

Perhaps I’ve been most protective of Nakai~kun for all of these years? (*´∀`*) (Elephant steps approaching….) After all he’s so much an endearing celebrity, one of entertainment’s very best hosts really for just about any event musical♪ or otherwise and he’s as charismatic♥ as you could ever wish~* for a person to be Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!

 But then there was that one night.

~And it was seemingly like any other night for SMAP,

…the concert was still in its early stages with nightfall beckoning….the year was 1997 and “Celery” was nearing its second verse for Nakai~san and Shingo~kun♥ to sing together.

However something unexpected occurred on the way to the second chorus and as hundreds of screaming fans cheered~* on:

I think you should just see for yourselves (*´艸`)…

As Shingo~kun♥ abandons his lines,
Nakai~san is left all alone to um……sing? (・c_・;)?

by himself (・o・)!!!!

You see and most likely have ‘suspected’ or rather known throughout these latter years that…

SMAP’s leader cannot sing (´⌒`。)。

You see though, something I find strange is that when you listen to much earlier 6nin SMAP…Nakai~san was able to sing♪ much better \(^o^)/☆ So did he gradually forget how to sing over the years? (._.;) A friend today suggested that SMAP’s slick production of yesteryear was most likely shielding that in which,

..Shingo~kun♥ has known all along.

Just waiting….(。ーωー。)。。。for this moment in time to arrive~ ( ̄▽ ̄)~*!!


~SMAP “Kimi ga inai” mp3~

~Here with this early favorite♥ “Kimi ga inai” (released 7/7/95) you can witness Nakai~kun even being given the bridge to perform solo and he sounds rather good here~! I think he actually forgot how to sing! (・д・`*) N~ah! perhaps my friend’s observation is most likely correct?…as production can do so much to shelter vocals ^ ^!And then perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle of it all? In any case isn’t this a most catchy song and it was once a most prominent staple in so so many SMAP concerts getting even the encore treatment at times.

A~h! okay after witnessing such horror (゜Д゜;)!。。。I think we all should watch some really awesome SMAP~♥! now o(*´∀`)o゛!~!

You know, to further drive you into love~♥ here ^^.

It continues to crack me up just how SMAP’s “Live Su” DVD comes packaged very much like hot dogs do…(^q^)! yup and it came complete with liner notes which resemble an ingredient sheet, so funny! And the paperclip~itself! But there is one disturbing character headlining it all…..’s that “Su” thingie~ album mascot and notice it actually has a *thingie*…omg (・o・)!!


 ~SMAP “Asahi wo mi ni ikouyo” (pv)~

~Beautiful beautiful melody~!!! SMAP has always excelled in their ensemble vocals as each of the guy’s most unique tones melt into one. Much of SMAP’s earlier catalog delved deeply in jazz and while there’s just a tiny hint of those jazzy guitar chords evident here if you dig further the jazz influences are top notch with even the presence of American jazz studio musician legends making most prominent appearances on many of SMAP’s albums and singles alike.


~SMAP “Shiyouyo (Lets do it) mp3~

Still one of SMAP’s most iconic songs, and a SMAP sharing post without this song just wouldn’t be right. Let the brass, drums and bass jazz up your soul for just a few minutes here.


 ~SMAP “Yozora no mukou” (pv)~

~Remains as one of the very best selling J~pop singles of all time~♥
~Also awarded song of the year!~ Performed like a gazillion times and loved like a gazillion times over =).

~SMAP “Dynamite” (pv)~

~One of SMAP’s most wildly entertaining videos!!! and I so love
how most of this clip was shot as SMAP
was driven through the streets of neighborhoods~!
They look like they had so much fun making “Dynamite” and Tsuyoshi didn’t even have to use his A.K. yup this video shoot day was a good day♥ ^ ^!


~SMAP “Aoi inazuma” (pv)~

~This one’s so nostalgic!! The song so energetic!!

So love the visuals~♥!!

And that chorus,

come on you know it’s catchy ^^.

I’ve been collecting SMAP releases for quite a few years now and while I’m still missing many of their singles I’ve managed to collect now over 24 albums, well over 40 singles at last ‘count’ and 4 oldie but goody VHS releases and let’s just say a whole lotta of their DVDs~.

While there are so many to choose from, here are just a few more SMAP favorites♥ o(*´∀`)o゛of mine chosen here to specifically turn you on*….


~SMAP “Let it Be” mp3~

~SMAP “Let it Be” (live SMAP 00 tour)~

~Funky cool~*!…love Shingo~kun’s♥ solos here too!
(Released: 2/9/2000)


~SMAP “Tomodachi e~say what you will” mp3~

~Music by Eric Clapton, need I say more?

…such an amazing song~!
(Released: 1/19/05)

~Smap “Taisetsu” mp3~

~SMAP “Taisetsu” (LIVE SMAP 00 tour)~

If this song doesn’t pretty much instantly make you happy then I cannot help you =D.

~SMAP “Koi no katachi” mp3~

And the mesmerizing b~side of “Taisetsu”, really could have been a true double A-side.
(Released: 5/8/98)


~SMAP “Oretachi ni asu wa aru” mp3~

~A most fun and infectious drama♥ theme song from yesteryear~!!! This one starred Kimutaku as well as one most famous variety television host!
(Released: 3/13/96)


~SMAP “Munasawagi wo tanomuyo” mp3~

And here saving one of my most beloved SMAP songs of all time for nearly last =).

And as aforementioned so much of SMAP’s early catalog in so jazz infused and influenced~! So YES here’s one of my
very early SMAP loves~♥.
(Released: 2/2/96)

~SMAP “Original Smile” mp3~

~SMAP “Original Smile” (LIVE SMAP 00 tour)~

And lastly here’s the 6nin SMAP’s official encore song which would bring the house or concert hall down as it remains as SMAP fans’ go to song for the ages.

And now

SMAP proudly presents

a few important pointers on how to acquire cool goods=):


Feeling tired (_´Д`)ノ。。of your same old wardrobe?

Want to feel that tingly euphoria which only custom idol♥gear can provide?


…but low on cash$?

Well now there’s a way to get a~hold of rare concert merchandise..

..and best of all it’s absolutely free!!!! っo(*´∀`)o!


(Instructional…music video appears at the end of post~ ^ ^。)


1) First target no um I mean choose a group/artist which you really love (*´∀`*)♥。

2) Wait patiently (。ーωー。) for them to appear.

3) Ambush…quickly approach and do some sort of bumping huddle thingy until
your favorite♥idols are consumed~* by your T-shirts (・д・`*)。

And tada~*! you now have your very own custom and most lively~* tour gear♥!
Some may sing and creep you out (・_・);。。


..though results not typical and may vary and if you experience your new idol♥ T-shirt
singing for more than 5 hours seek immediate help~! ( ̄▽ ̄)。

So whether you’re at the mall♥…..


…or relaxing with some buddies at the park (*´∀`*)。。。。。

…going clubbing for the night~ meeting new friends~*…..


…feel like getting the bike gang back together again…..


…you’ll so want to cruise the neighborhood in style….

…and why not have a bite to eat too while you’re at it (^-^*)/。。。


。。。or do you want to spend some time gaming…..

..or simply do you suddenly feel the need to…..

.. bust a move in your brand new soft 100% cotton idol♥gear?

(Hm…he must be feeling “Kimutaku?♥” ^ ^。)

Well in any always rest assured that your favorite idol/idols♥ will be right there “with” you~
and that you’ll always look your very best~*
in your free custom idol♥gear~*

(・д・`*)!!。。Just beware though~!!,…

….of those pesky T-shirt thieves in your neighborhood (*>ω<)!!!

..which will leave you feeling empty (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ ..and ALWAYS be sure to~!….

..wash alike idols♥ together in a cold cycle and use no bleach or harsh chemicals ever.

Have a perfectly idol~ly time.


Feeling loverly yet?

I do hope so.

And just think,

this all began with a ‘horror’ story built in J-Pop’s♥ glory =).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to SMAP101 Featuring J-Pop Tales from the Crypt aka: The night Shingo~kun♥ left Nakai~san out flapping in the wind~(・o・) ) & other essential SMAPisms.

  1. Loads of thanks for that article.Anyhoo,for a SMAP fun fact though,Sekai Ni hitotsu dake no hana was played in as a ringtone in a film,Linda Linda Linda.But then,you forgot to put a little SMAP fanservice(NOTE:not for the faint of heart).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!!, makes me really happy that you enioyed all of the SMAP ♡~♡~♡! I strongly considered including Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana as it was totally a national phenomenon but I was really making a conscious effort to try to include songs more towards the older/mid part of their catalog but now you’ve given me second thoughts no doubt. And a very big BIG thank you for that tingle* worthy image~♡!!


  2. Pingback: Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: August 18, 2014 | Idolminded

  3. phr says:

    As interesting as the Shingo-Nakai scene might be, I must say the real impression that video left me with is how cool Kimutaku looks like with a ponytail.

    6nin SMAP???

    Hum… If no one sings badly, how am I supposed to know which one is Nakai? One great thing about being in a group is that you’re safe to be bad. If he did forget how to sing, well, I can’t blame him, it’s all for the best.

    I think I can really understand SMAP better if I think of them as an old Arashi.

    Yozora no Mukou is great. From what I’ve heard of them I only really remember this, Lion Heart, Sekai ni Hitotsu… and Dear Woman, and I like all of them. Well, I’ll avoid listening to Sekai ni Hitotsu… because by now it’s very boring, but that’s what happens with every signature song for me, so it’s forgiven. Going from that, I can’t say I don’t like them, I’ve just been lazy to go after their songs (and hey, now I got you to do that for me! thanks!)

    “Dynamite”, look at that! Happy SMAP!!! A bit too much actually, and all the closeups remind me of Robo Kiss. But I’ll take it anyway since it seems to be such a rarity. You wouldn’t guess SMAP is an idol group if you just went from the things I’ve heard… I mean, until you heard Nakai singing. That would destroy their disguise… Anyway, everything I’ve seen serious, or cool, or classy. You know, like an Arashi, minus all the fun, plus a few years.

    Ohhh, I know the chorus to Aoi Inazuma. I’ve heard this before. Somehow.

    Look at those covers =O isn’t there one too many people in there? 6nin, really?

    Hey, what’s the dorama for “Oretachi ni asu wa aru”? I’m curious about who is the famous variety television host =D

    I like Original Smile =) it reminds me of some of the “run all over the place waving at the audience” from AAA, and I couldn’t praise it more because that’s their specialty. Also, the great demonstration of the Phase 3 of work from Goro at 2:25 made me laugh =D

    The final video is like that crazy Melon Kinenbi PV! Although in this case it’s more like Sasshi with her Hello! Project shirts. Have you heard of that, she talks about it in her mook and a bunch of other places. She was a huge Maimai / Kame fan and would go to events with “customized” shirts with their photos all over them =D I’ve heard her say this so often that I’m surprised she’s never shown one of these shirts anywhere I’ve seen.

    Liked by 1 person

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