ザ モーニング卵 August 9th, 2014


Watanabe Mayu(Because it’s always morning somewhere…)


So today I found myself awaking freakishly early for a Saturday!~! \(^o^)/ ☆ as most weekends are tailored for a lengthier than normal sleep-in….likened to a ‘recovery’ day from the working weekdays. And really I blame the the hurricane/ tropical storm as all of the anxiety over it had me amped up all yesterday morning till past noon and so then I fell asleep rather early late afternoon and so this early morning I found myself popped up and in no need of any more sleep. So I’ve been awake since about midnight and you may or may not be wondering….what was I up to for the past five hours or so? Well I will tell  in just a moment but first about the storm, it hit our Big Island the hardest causing widespread flooding, widespread power outages with downed power lines (20,000+ lost power =( ) and much damage island wide and now they’re facing not only a lengthy recovery but also a major brown water issue. The mountainous areas of the Big Island had a slowing down effect on the storm so by the time it got near to Oahu both the strong winds and rains had significantly weakened thankfully!!!! Although higher elevations here did see still much higher winds such as our Pali region which reported winds as high as in the upper 70’s. And we also didn’t escape without any damage as there were downed trees and other structural damages reported but for the most part we really did dodge the bullet of this storm. So now with Saturday looking a lot sweeter weather wise, there still is the threat of the second hurricane which had strengthened all the way to a category 3 hurricane as of early yesterday with a forecast to weaken as it moves closer to our island chain….so hopefully we won’t be hit too hard by Julio, here with fingers crossed!

So about the past five or so hours of being awake in the midst of a graveyard shift there was some coffee and really no better time than to finish scanning AKB48’s 2014 Mizugi Surprise mook!~! which I have just done so a few minutes ago with a post forthcoming of course =). And don’t forget that as aforementioned if you’d like to have included with your mook a bonus additional (sorry if that there is redundant….redundant) poster in addition to the large A1 sized one which comes with every mook, then you’d have to order soon as this bonus A2 sized Mayuyu (double-sided with the cover image opposite) poster (see Angel-Mayuyu♥ image to the left atop here near to the egg!!) is a limited time only offer!!!!!! So once they’re gone, that AngelMayuyu♥ has flown.

~click ~* here to shop for this bikini frenzied mook and claim your bonus wings ^^~

In other beautiful news, the idol who’s been alluring your wallet and libido* for years it seems now, has available an all new shashinshuu for you and your libido* to drool all over…(now there’s a sticky image…(^q^)! ) …. kidding of course as you’d need to purchase not one but two of them…you know if you were literally planning on drooling all over one that is (。ーωー。)笑。No official title given yet however can you nearly/already (gratuitous redundancy =D) smell the sexy forthcoming ^^?? Release date tentatively set for September the 10th.

~click ~* here to shop and prep to get your drool on/ pre-order Koike Rina’s new shashinshuu that is~

got water

Looks like today’s gonna be another hot one!

Have a wonderful DAY!



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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21 Responses to ザ モーニング卵 August 9th, 2014

  1. philipleslie says:

    Such a relief to hear that you have survived the dreadful storm. Hopefully Julio will veer to the north and cause no further problems for you. Terrible, though, to hear of flooding and damage. Interestingly, here in the UK we are about to be in the path of the remnants of hurricane Bertha, which is tracking towards us across the Atlantic, although it’s unlikely to be as disruptive as the storms which battered the country earlier this year (and left thousands of acres under contaminated water for weeks and weeks). As for sunny (usually, that is) Ohahu, I’m just about to start watching Morning Musume’s Alo Hello DVD (their 2007 visit). It arrived today along with the first of Ayaya’s DVD visits. Looking forward to seeing the locations! Looking forward also to the Koike Rina post, when you eventually come to write a full report.


    • Iselle really hit the Big Island causing widespread damage and power outages all over the island, I was just reading an update and many are still without power today and they’re saying that it may take 3 weeks or even longer for power to be restored to everyone as some areas of the island are difficult for crews to reach to begin work =(. I hope Bertha doesn’t cause anything awful there and please do keep safe and prepared with provisions. I think that’s the one where Ayaya visits Sea Life Park and plays with a seal?…or was it her later release? Ah I haven’t watched Momusu’s 2007 visit for ages…it’s amazing how time flies. September 10th has become quite the special ~* release date as not only Yuko’s♥ shashinshuu is being released but also now Koike Rina’s…I think my scanner just gave me a *look* =P.


  2. philipleslie says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eqhKewsgbE Have just been watching some of the footage. Iselle looked very powerful!


    • The flood waters were unreal and even residents on the Big Island said that they’ve never seen such high flood waters in years or ever for some. The totals were something like 15 to 16 inches of rain on that day of the storm’s impact. Luckily Julio has moved towards the north and didn’t cause us any bad weather with the exception of cutting off our trade winds…a tiny thing really in the scope of what could have been possible, we’re most thankful ~* for that!


      • philipleslie says:

        The end of hurricane Bertha that headed towards the UK wasn’t too bad in the scheme of things, although there was a lot of rain. About a month’s worth fell in some places in an hour or so, so there was flash flooding in some parts. But I think Iselle was much wilder! Your weather must be pretty humid at the moment, then, without the winds!


        • I believe it has to be related to global warming and specifically the melting of the polar caps which are shrinking at an alarming rate =(….I mean all of that water has to go somewhere and I’m thinking it must surely affect the atmosphere as well as there’s previously unheard of flooding occurring all over the world and bizarre droughts elsewhere….just really weird weather more and more recently. I’m happy it sounds like you were okay and not in a flood zone =)….its been most humid with no breeze to speak of the past few days until this afternoon as our trade winds are back and Julio is finally far enough away from the islands ^^.

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          • philipleslie says:

            The UK weather is very fickle. After weeks of warm and hot sunshine, the temperature is now around 60F! I think you’re right about the melting arctic. It must have an affect on world climate. You never know, one day you may end up having four seasons in Hawaii.


  3. philipleslie says:

    By the way, the title of your post…morning eggs? And Mayuyu looks truly heavenly as an angel.


    • So the other day I was trying to think up a way of having just personal random posts here about just whatever and then the morning eggs thought came up. It’s partly due to the blog’s name but for the most part I generally relate eggs to the morning time =P and I wanted to have sort of a ‘news’ like title albeit this isn’t really news but just my random thoughts from day to day about whatever comes to mind or is happening…you know like if a newspaper were to have a name like ‘The Morning Gazette…’ or something like that and so I thought why not The Morning Egg…..I mean it’s a bit odd…I’m said to be a bit weird by friends =P so it all sort of works ^^.

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      • philipleslie says:

        The Morning Egg would be a great title for a newspaper or TV show. The presenter and guests could appear by breaking out of a giant egg, perhaps. Instead of starting with the big story of the day, the news could all be ‘scrambled’ up. The weather segment could be call Sunny Side Up…And now I’m going to have to rush away and offer the idea to a production company…

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        • You just cracked me up (pun intended =P!) oh wait are you making fun of me as that would be the norm…(^q^)! You do make a good case for it becoming a morning news show…I imagine it’d have to be in Japan as they’re much more likely to come out of an egg every morning on t.v. =D. I’d rename this blog The MorningEgg although that probably wouldn’t be a very good idea to do so after all of these years now =P.

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          • philipleslie says:

            No, I wasn’t making fun! I did miss the chance for a pun on ‘breaking news’, though. ザモーニング卵 just a great title in itself. You should copyright it!


  4. Ivan says:


    im a little late in the post, how has it ?
    the second hurricane do much more damage ?
    or its “ok” ?
    hope u stay fine 🙂

    so to try make u a little happy, the winner of the janken (is running this days) go get a solo debut 😛
    and look like g48 has openning the doors to ppl go be and idol for sometime and get money on it, something like partjob hehehe

    im waiting an answer about the mail i send u too ^^



    • Luckily Julio passed us to the north so we didn’t feel any of its wrath =)…but Iselle did cause quite a lot of damage here and in particular our Big Island and Maui saw a lot of rain and high winds. Oahu was for the most part safe with not as much damage here and the rains were much more manageable luckily.
      Oh that’s awesome!! So the Janken winner will get a solo release?!! ‘g48’….not sure I’m following that…? I know the Otona unit is temporary with their song being featured on AKB’s upcoming new single…looking forward to that a lot!

      Sorry I’m soooooo behind on comments/ messages as I don’t have nearly enough time to blog these days and sadly not like before =(.


      • Ivan says:

        why put name in this things ?? really dont get yet kkkkk

        good u dont get so much stressed with this problem, seeing that dont affect much where u stay
        but for the place where has get damaged, how is there now ? get really bad the damage ir caused ?
        hope the injuries has minimal

        and thx u are safe too 🙂

        yah solo debut :3
        ah sorry with my friends we use g48 to refer to all 48 familly G means group so group 48 = all the groups from the familly haha
        hope i managed to explain

        its ok do it on ur time ^^ soon u back to normal post time 🙂
        like i said before just dont disapear ^^ i love talk with u

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh hurricanes get names each year and they’re done alphabetically to give an idea of just how messed up the weather is and so that you can keep count….kidding of course about the latter thoughts here but they do name hurricanes alphabetically each year. You see I in Iselle and then J for Julio. I do wonder whom gets to name them….?? If it were I with the honor I’d name the next one “Kakimochi” and then the one after that “Luca” like in that great song =P.

          Luckily no injuries as far as I’m aware but lots of structural and property damage all around the Big Island…also they suffered lots of downed power lines and a lot of residents there are still to this day without any electricity =(. And lots of flooding and debris too which got into the ocean.

          Thank you~* (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!much relieved.

          Oh that makes perfect sense and thank you for explaining as I was wondering if there was a new group I wasn’t aware of which could very easily be possible =). The 48 family is gigantic so that’s a perfect way to call the entirety of 48….I tend to just say AKB referring to the entirety of 48 groups and that’s probably really odd of me in any case =P.

          Next month I’m going to be away for awhile too, not too long but I’ll be off island for a little bit and I think I had mentioned that in another post somewhere.


          • Ivan says:

            so the names means the streght of it too ? i get it right ?

            well constructions can be done again, lifes no… so i think in the best way this is good 🙂
            sure is bad stay without power energy and other problems but this can be made again

            so now u can use g48 or familly48 hahahaha i think lot of ppl out here in internet use this names for the 48 things

            hahaha probably i read but dont remember, sooooo where u go :P?


            • Actually the names are just for the sense of an alphabetical account of knowing how many storms have formed thus far into each year so no they don’t indicate strength of storm or anything like that. Sadly many residents are still without power today and they may have to wait weeks possibly for theirs to be restored =(. Interesting too that two of the hardest hit regions on the Big Island are voting today as they weren’t able to last Saturday and all this despite the fact that they’re still very much in recovery mode…..will be interesting to see just how many show up today to vote and it’s critical as they’ll be literally deciding a single senate seat for Hawaii with their votes as two candidates in the primary are in a very close ‘deadlock’ with each getting so far 49% of the votes each.

              I like G48…that will definitely work =). I’ll be on a neighboring island for a short while and I may not have time to blog I’m anticipating as it’ll be a house sitting duty.


              • Ivan says:

                oh, is not more easy only count the numbers and put it on papers ?? hahaha
                strange, is note the time to focus on recover ??

                wow is a good fight so to get the place, are they 2 good candidates ?

                hmm its ok, i wait u back ^^
                so take care on the trip


  5. Stunning post of beauty ,hope you are fine.Regards.Jalal


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