ザ モーニング卵 August 7th, 2014

Yolk_thumb.jpgGood Morning!~…..

you know, because it’s always morning somewhere isn’t it =).

Updates on the coming hurricane has it reaching Oahu sometime around Friday @ 6 am. Bottled water shortages continue to be an issue as stores island wide aren’t able to meet the crazy demand and at this very minute it’s bright and sunny outside with beautiful blue skies as it’s truly the calm before the storm literally.

So arriving just this morning:

Gravure The Television vol.32, AERA no.31 & BIG ONE GIRLS no.023

A few magazines including Gravure The Television vol.32, AERA no.31 and BIG ONE GIRLS no.023…some great features of beloved AKGirls♥ here and I confess that Yuria and Mayuyu’s gaze had me at ‘add to shopping cart’…^^.

Weekly Playboy no.31, UTB Plus vol.21 & Akayuu♥STYLE mook

Also in this morning’s shipment: Weekly Playboy no.31, UTB Plus vol.21 and a most adorable Akayuu♥STYLE mook!! Note that while lovely Sakura’s half smile ~* is quite mesmerizing this issue of WP is also notable for including a feature on Yuria and those pouty lips we all love don’t we! And the Akayuu♥STYLE mook packs the maximum adorableness per page as allowed by international law!!….even an ounce more of the good stuff and it’d be lethal for sure =)!

AKB48 Sosenkyo! Mizugi Surprise Happyo 2014 (AKB48 Special Mook) with special poster

And last but certainly not least is AKB48’s annual Sosenkyo Mizugi Surprise photographic bonanza!!!!! If you get your order in early enough, in addition to the sealed poster inside the mook itself, you’ll also receive an additional two-sided poster!

Pssst it’s the Mayuyu♥ one photographed just below with the cover shot on its reverse side ^^.

AKB48 Sosenkyo! Mizugi Surprise Happyo 2014 (AKB48 Special Mook) extra two-sided poster


Victoria’s Angels have got nothin’ on Mayuyu♥!!!!!!!!

Mmm.. angelic beauty!

AKB48 Sosenkyo! Mizugi Surprise Happyo 2014 (AKB48 Special Mook) extra two-sided poster (2)

Okay so today I’m thinking of beginning to scan AKB’s mizugi surprise and it’s quite thick so it could take awhile…..so I’m a bit torn between scanning or comments…scanning? Comments? Sigh*….the day is much too short to get things done and I only get a few hours of free time each day so….? But first it’s time to get jiggy* w/ some house chores…see there’s not even enough time to get jiggy* w/ myself (。ーωー。)笑!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to ザ モーニング卵 August 7th, 2014

  1. phr says:

    Ohh, I was wondering about this AERA magazine. I also took a closer look at it thanks to Mayuyu in the cover, but then looking at previous covers, this magazine seems not very idoly. I’d love to hear what this is all about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh hello~♥…it’s very un-idoly and actually a news magazine, sort of like a compartmentalized newspaper with pop culture included just a bit. For them to cover (literally) Mayuyu is quite cool in this regard as it’s almost as if saying she’s transcended two worlds in making the cover but not in a major breaking way of course but nonetheless very cool ^^.


    • I’d love Weekly Playboy to create a life sized angel-winged Mayuyu♥ as seen above in the poster! I mean an cardboard stand-up version that’s life sized! I’d rearrange my entire bedroom to have it….really =D!


      • phr says:

        I wonder how many bedrooms you need to hold just the things you already have =D I remember the post you had of your collection from a loooooong time ago, that was just mind-blowing. That was before you got into AKB. Maybe you could do one for your AKB stuff one of these days?

        I’d like a cardboard life-sized version of Takamina! I could take her with me everywhere in my pocket… No? She’s still a bit bigger than that? Oh well. I also wouldn’t mind a bigger version.


        • A friend a few weeks ago said that I reside in a store =P….and to think I wanted some of those curio cases for some collectibles. I’ve needed to keep some things in storage but for the most part most things are still easily accessible. Hmmm…I had made like a sort of Yuko♥ shrine at one time and I should have posted that xD..it was around the time that I received her Daruma set but it’ll definitely be something to think about if I can get everything organized just right =).

          Haha and now I really want one!! I imagine you’d tower over a life sized Takamina stand-up =D…I could almost see eye to eye with her stand-up as I’ve only got a couple or so inches of height on her…now with a cardboard life sized stand-up of either Yuko or Mayuyu it’d be perfect as I could pose with them without anyone feeling short =P.


          • phr says:

            Easily accessible is best! Well said. That’s what I tell myself as I look around my room and see all the books piling up that I can’t get myself to put away into some dark closet, the poor things… getting a bookshelf would solve all my problems, it’s not like I have a lot of stuff, but I’ll be moving soon anyway so it’s not the best time… so the piles stay with me a bit longer… in these moments I always remember all the stories about Kamei’s bedroom mess, and how Gakisan would make fun of her about it on the radio, and I feel a bit happier =D In fact, I’d say remembering Kame is the second best remedy for all my troubles. First would be a bookshelf.

            What an idol shrine REALLY needs is a copy of that crazy Yasuda Daimyoujin from Utaban. It doesn’t even matter to whom the shrine is, doesn’t have to be Yasuda at all. That statue would be a plus on any idol’s shrine. Really adds to the solemn, dignified look that an idol shrine deserves to have.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh you’re moving to where?…if you don’t mind me being nosy. Bookshelves are definitely the way to go as they’re like a room’s savior in being organized =). Mmm Kamei♥’s messy tendencies….remember when they did the early room invasion on her and her hotel room was not unlike her personal bedroom as it was also quite the mess…(^q^)! That was during her shorter hair days…funny how we cut our hair shorter and then sometimes regret it when it seemed like a good idea at the time as always xD. I’ve officially made a pact with myself that I’m never going to cut my hair shorter as I mean a lot of girls can match either look but for whatever reason that’s never been me and when a friend called me something which I cannot repeat here back then I figured it would never be a ‘good idea’ ever again (-∀-`)。I’ve no idea why I’m talking about hair…sorry but my mind wanders probably explains why posts here sometimes don’t make any sense (*>ω<)...and now you've gotten me thinking about all good things Kamei♥ such as her legendarily adorable and comedic characters on H!M, that cute laugh and her parsley.

              Ohhhh I'd love to have one of those!!!! The producers really outdid themselves with those Yasuda~isms of humor and all of that wacky animation was the absolute best! And now how could I possibly build a shrine without one? =(


  2. Ivan says:

    so save the magazines to look when u go need stay in ur home 😛

    anyway, give us news 😛

    and do u know the janken holding now go give the winner a solo debut ?
    i watched some preliminaries yesterday :3(the put it live).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry I’m so late on your comment, and now you’ve already read my update on the weather =). That is the best news!!!! Ingenious to give the Janken winner a solo release!!! OMG imagine all of the dreaming, hopes and pounding hearts during the tournament! I wish I’d been able to watch…..now whom would I really love to see solo?….Yuria….or Ricchan or Kitarie…or Sakura…or A~amin…or Paruru. And if Paruru wins it’d have to be either a really moody song or an extremely over the top happy one like giddy crazy which would be a defining moment for her or let’s just say that I’d so love to see her achieve a solo release just to see how she handles it all =).


      • Ivan says:

        its ok, sometimes i do this with u too hahaha ;x

        yah go be really wow the fight and all things :3
        the last fight go be 17/09 next month ;3
        want see this live hope someone streaming this \o\ the bad thing is in middle of the week :\ so probably cant watch argh….

        ahhh yuria and aamin is good choices :3 cheers for they 2 (yuria more hahaha my oshi ❤ )

        hmm i think stay little suspicious if paru wins 😡 sorry but last single its her center time
        i think u can get what i mean


        • September 17th…oh no it’s a Wednesday xD…too bad they couldn’t have scheduled it to fall on a weekend instead =/. Ah you did see that I voted for her this year in the General Election? =)

          Just in case you’re curious:


          Mmmm….surely that’s true with Paruru. She’s really being pushed up front and center by the media in general too which I’d say isn’t a bad thing but I get what you mean about perhaps another girl getting a chance at being in the spotlight. And this is really extra special as it’ll be a solo!! I’m still giddy about that and can’t wait to see whom wins as there’s always huge upsets it seems as the Janken Tournaments. And Paruru even got the cover for AKB’s doggie book….although it was meant to be for the reason you just said about their last single =).


          • Ivan says:

            well i prefer mayuyu up there than paruru ahehaea

            i think akip need stop focus only on the same girl and help other, there have much talents to show and because of the only one girl focus lot of the others are graduating from the group… and its ocours in big grads like 3 or 4 in the same time…

            i go watch later the rest of the janken, when has live i only see ske part @.@

            and ahhh totally other topic… yesterday i listened nmb48 – okuba song for 10 times aheaheha this song they make to yuihan when she has getting out from nmb and back to akb 😛
            is a beauty song… and sayanee sweet voice ❤ omg kkkkkk


            • So it’d by your worst nightmare if Paruru ever became the Queen of AKB =P….Paruru is an interesting girl however not in obvious ways for an idol, if only there were a way to flush out what’s really going on in her mind truthfully to find out what makes her tic. The finale will be a fun, can’t wait to see the results and having a non senbatsu girl make her solo debut would be for the best~*.


              • Ivan says:

                ugh dont say this…. sometimes i think she dont like to be an idol….. is really rare her express some emotion (well in the video of chori i sended u in the other post she look like enjoyed chori sing)

                i need watch the preliminar yet @.@

                a draft with solo debut \o/ go ririna \o/ hahahaha


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