ザ モーニング卵 August 6th, 2014



I had actually written this a bit earlier in the morning but didn’t get to posting until later but isn’t it always morning somewhere =). So just updated earlier this morning it seems that hurricane Iselle which was downgraded yesterday to being a tropic depression has now regained strength and is once again a hurricane with growing winds =(. The eye is once again clearly visible through satellite images with Iselle fast approaching our Big Island which sits most south of the Hawaiian Island chain and is said to be arriving there tomorrow with its effects being felt throughout the entire island chain thereafter as it continues on its westward path. Here on Oahu we could be feeling Iselle’s effects as soon as Friday morning and with another storm named Julio following we could feel those effects most likely sometime on Sunday. I can’t remember seeing two such severe storms so near to one another so it’s very alarming and especially since the hurricane season is still quit young.

Crazy things have been going on as well with the entire community preparing for Iselle and Julio as non perishable foods, batteries and especially water being in extra high demand so much so that nearly all stores here on Oahu were reportedly sold out completely of water by early yesterday morning =O. Some gas stations have also seen an upward surge since yesterday so it’s been pretty hectic here overall.

So we’ve likewise prepared ourselves with an adequate supply of bottled water and the other necessities in case of emergency when the storms arrive and it was pretty wild going to the store to get these supplies as I even witnessed this awful guy actually taking water out of another customer’s cart and then running away with it in the warehouse no less =O. Have we grown so uncivilized?? =/ So it appears that water is likely at the moment even more valuable than gold itself here as there isn’t enough as of yet to go around as the mad scramble for supplies is nothing like I’ve ever experienced first hand before. Most stores report that they may not receive further bottled water supplies until perhaps tomorrow or Friday if we’re lucky although one of our news stations was at Costco in town here and they reportedly did have more water containers arrive just this morning although I’m certain that that may have long sold out since this morning when they first opened at 9:45 am! People are literally waiting outside hours before opening time, it’s just crazy here. I’m most concerned about overall safety and electricity and on Saturday our primary elections are set to be held so no telling how the weather may affect that too with many planning to head out to vote although mail in ballets are said to be at an all time high so hopefully everything will be ok.

I know Hawaii is symbolic of having beautiful skies and I feel badly for anyone visiting here as the timing couldn’t be any worse with not one but two major storms/hurricanes approaching. Julio, the second storm is said to be strengthening but may weaken as it further approaches and unlike Iselle it’s predicted to be taking a much more northern path which will hopefully pass over the island chain completely with less of an effect on us, but as with any storm they’re truly unpredictable so you just have to be aware and prepared no matter what.

The weather here right now?

typical Hawaiian weather....

Typical Hawaiian weather…

It’s actually kind of blue in town and even on the North Shore but since has become overcast all over with just a sprinkle of showers here and there. Anyway, time to go carry in all of that water and those cases are really really really heavy!!!! Hope you’re having much more happy =D weather wherever you may be~ ^^.


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ザ モーニング卵 August 6th, 2014

  1. philipleslie says:

    I do hope you, your loved ones and home will remain totally safe. It looks pretty bad at the moment, doesn’t it, ‘t some very worrying days ahead. We will all be thinking of you!


    • Thank you Philip, it’s a bit nerve wracking with knowing it’s going to arrive so far in advance and everyone is really well prepared thankfully =). Very sunny today…seems odd that this beautiful weather will soon become very dark and wet and windy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ivan says:

    so for what i understand
    going to have a big and wild storm soon there ?

    look crazy @.@
    take care, dont go out in rain @.@

    hope all things go good there until the storm ends


    • Sadly it’ll be two major storms in a row and just a day or so between them….I can’t remember anything like this every happening here so it feels unprecedented or at least to me it does as maybe something similar occurred before I was born? or too little to know what was going on?…well in any case it’s quite unsettling. Thank you Ivan! I will try to keep dry and safe =).


      • Ivan says:

        probably all of this is because of the crazy weather the world has having… here is to be summer, but in morning stay cold and a little hot after 11am and cold in the nite too @.@


        • Ohhhh I’d love for it to be cooler here..not freezing but just cooler as even our nights have been warm and humid. So true about the weather in general as globally we’ve been seeing a lot of out of character weather all over and so much flooding and in other places unimaginable droughts and just a lot of climate changes it’s worrying.


          • Ivan says:

            well not sommer but spring aheahea think a thing and write another -,-‘ look like me do this hahahah

            i dont care if stay much hot but at least cool breezes to help 😛

            yes, and the problem is, we cant do much thing to help… the big ones with money is the ones who need do something…. but they dont care a coin for it…

            anyway i has looking some news days before, and look like some big craters has appearing in some places of the world
            do you see something about it ??


            • Yay today are trade winds are back!! So much more comfortable =)…still warm but comfortable. That’s very true, government has to pass legislation to help get emissions down and help the atmosphere globally. But there are still steps everyone can take to help too =).

              I saw something about a gigantic crater appearing…I think it was in Russia? A really odd sinkhole or something of that sort and they didn’t even know how deep it was due to the unstable ground all around it.


              • Ivan says:

                but has really low number of ppl who really care to help in this… so :\ dont go have much change of things

                i dont remember the one i see, but i read there is more than one point now @.@
                yah so u see the same things i see
                strange no ?? i think has aliens inside there 😡 hahaha or giant sworms \o/ waiting to eat someone who came close kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


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