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Mayuyu~♡ Dream ~* #9 (*´∀`) ー♥♥♥!

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~Hot Summer Reads 2014~ It’s FLASH’s precursor to their Summer best of gravure issue which also features Mayuyu~♡ on its cover and I warn you that this cover is quite mesmerizing…. …you know w/ Mayuyu’s~♡ adorably angelic ~*looks and of … Continue reading

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「EX大衆 」no.9 The Paruru~♡ Issue.

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~Hot Summer Reads 2014~   Firstly this issue has the cutest of clear files and no matter how many times she’s graced the media there is still simply nothing quite like a Paruru~♥ expression whether it be a smidgen of … Continue reading

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ザ モーニング卵 August 31st, 2014

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It often times puzzles me as to how long some television series take to find their way onto DVD releases and no series is truer in this regard than Party of Five. Way back in I believe it was early … Continue reading

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Now scanning….

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…and is this Manoeri’s~♥ sexiest shashinshuu to date? I think so ^^.

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DROP it like it’s CUTE (*´∀`) ー>♥♥♥!

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~Hot Summer Reads 2014~ ~滝口ひかり~ Takiguchi Hikari of “twintail” Drop fame, Kinoshita Hinako and Family48’s mizugi surprise teaser are featured in the September 4th issue of Young Jump and most importantly …. a reason for at least one more Princess … Continue reading

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~Alo-Hello! ℃-ute in Hawaii 写真集~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡ Idols in Paradise~

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~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡ ~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡ So who’s your favorite♥ ℃utie in ℃ute? C-ute’s♥ prettiest group shashinshuu to date!….of course I’m Hawaii-biased though =P! And while the Alo-Hello! series dates way back to the early incarnations of Momusu I must say that C-ute’s Hawaii … Continue reading

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~Weekly Playboy no.36 September 8th, 2014 features Covergirls Sasshi♡, Mayuyu♡ and Yukirin♡, Summer’s it girl Kakei Miwako & Nakata Aya shares the beauty ~*of pregnancy.

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As Weekly Playboy and Family48 continue their beautiful relationship the latest issue features the top trio of idols with Sasshi, Mayuyu & Yukirin angelic in white and a great bonus with this particular issue is the inclusion of an A5 … Continue reading

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~12 Pack~♡ ………(゜∀゜)………。!!!!!!

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This is a twelve pack of beer. =) This is beer having an orgasm* Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!! This is a Tackey♡ & Tsubasa♡ Twelve Pack*. This is good reason to have an orgasm* ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! I officially nominate T&T’s “Dakinatsu” single for sexiest … Continue reading

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ザ モーニング卵 August 29th, 2014

Just what the doctor ordered, yay!!! a three day weekend =)!!!! Between work (mostly!) and personal life it’s been difficult keeping up with this blog as I’ve managed to fall light years behind on comments and likewise with personal messages … Continue reading

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矢島舞美~♡ デジタフォトブック Vol.121

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You knew it wouldn’t be very long before Maimichan’s “Pure Eyes” shashinshuu off-shots surfaced via the long running H!P digital photo books series. YES you too can be puzzled and amazed at how all of these beautiful photos found their … Continue reading

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