「Roommate」北川景子 x 深田恭子

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~Roommate (trailer)~

Just released mid last month, “Roommate” can be purchased on both DVD and Bluray with English subtitles, and who doesn’t love a twist filled psychotic thriller?

~“Roommate”  Bluray can be ordered @ Yesasia~

~“Roommate”  DVD can be ordered @ Yesasia~

(note ↑↑↑ DVD version is Region3 and will require either a region3 player or a region free player for playback, Bluray are region free =))

Roommate (Fukada Kyoko)

Roommate DVD release

Firstly, “Roommate” is a type of film which requires one to tip toe in reviewing as the very essence of the film would be at stake if one were to say too much, so I’ll be doing my best to keep from spoilers here and in a nutshell keep it all very much brief for the better.

The story begins with a gruesome crime scene then flashes to one of the two central characters in Harumi (played by Kitagawa Keiko) who’s been involved in a car accident and awakes to find herself being cared for in a hospital. While legal matters present themselves with a visit from the man whom hit her with his car (Kensuke, played by Kora Kengo), now being accompanied by a lawyer, Harumi meets a nurse named Reiko (played by Fukada Kyoko) and soon they develop a friendship leading to their decision to room together. It isn’t long before Reiko begins exhibiting odd behavior and tendencies from appearing to speak to no one, leading towards violent outbursts and thinking even reaching a psychotic state. Subsequently, Harumi begins to develop a friendship with Kensuke as her relationship with Reiko grows ever more tense and seemingly regrettable.

“Roommate” gives the viewer an ever growing sense of the film’s realities through thoughtful flashbacks going back a few years and then returning to present day. Each time lapse growing the viewer’s realization in layers of both misdirection and reasoning for what’s still to come. The director here meticulously leading the viewer through a number of horror and suspense genres and themes with character and plot twists for one to unravel before the final act is revealed keeping you guessing at reality. And lastly, I can’t say enough about the chemistry between the two leads in Kitagawa Keiko and Fukada Kyoko whom both also give their characters enough depth, and that despite the film’s steady quickness in pace which will undoubtedly engross the viewer into an ever growing intrigue born here of horror!!….recommended viewing!! and particularly if you’re a fan of either Kitagawa Keiko or Fukada Kyoko (whom appears on screen in a role like you’ve never seen before), then you’ll especially love this film!

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16 Responses to 「Roommate」北川景子 x 深田恭子

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  2. philipleslie says:

    Hi. Great teaser review for what looks like a rivetting movie. You’ve certainly sold it to me. I’m put in mind of that creepy movie with Bridgit Fonda, in which she moves into an apartment and slowly starts to go bananas. Hopefully a subbed version of Roomate will be available.

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    • philipleslie says:

      It has English subs. I’m very slow this morning! I forgot to add above that Fukakyon’s voice alone is sufficient reason to buy anything! She has a real melt-in-the-ear way of talking.

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      • I was thinking I’d be the absolute worst at keeping a teaser a teaser but I did go for it anyway while trying to restrain myself from saying too much =). It’d be too easy to give too much away so I had to keep things vague for the most part and while you’re watching you’ll really see why. Ohhhh I used to have that on VHS and now I’ve upgraded to DVD…it’s called um………….wait …….Single White Female! It just came to me and I didn’t even have to Google =P. Her costar was amazing at just manipulative and crazy she really became in character! That’s probably one of the very best of this genre of film for sure. Oh I just remembered this other Japanese film titled 2LDK which maybe you’ve heard of? It went up against the director famous for Azumi…Kitamura Ryuhei and actually Versus was his breakthrough film which was really good too and it’s a zombie movie!!! Isn’t that amazing….Shawn of the Dead…28 Days Later….Sailor Zombie and we were just speaking about Onechanbara….we love zombies on the screen right =D! I’m getting off topic xD….so Kitamura Ryuhei did this film Aragami while another director his name escapes me now but he did the movie I mentioned earlier in regards to psycho roommate movies titled 1LDK and there was a strict time limit in making each film which was really short which put the cast and crew at wits end but when both films were completed in record time they were shown to a single audience in their debut and the audience afterward had to vote on their favorite of the two…..Aragami won but 2LDK is quite the psychotic roommate movie!! Aragami is awesome!! I recommend that one too for sure…oh and both films are like shorts so you can easily watch them both back to back as the audience needed to do. So anyway I did this really bad post here which I know sucks but anyway I’m going to show it to you anyway =P….


        Okay it was just a week that they were allowed to shoot each movie!!! I was just re-reading that post. 2LDK is nuts!!!! But in a good and really dark way and just being able to hear each girl’s true thoughts about one another is hilarious at times and revealing beyond the imaginable all the while they act like they like each other until…well…the psycho part begins and it escalates beyond imagination…no kidding!!!!!

        So I highly recommend 2LDK, it’s probably one of the more shocking and equally creative and darkly fun films you’ll ever see ^^.

        Fukakyon♥’s voice is most yummy I agree!!! And the subtitled version on YesAsia is quite reasonably priced too =). 2LDK is also subtitled but I can’t remember where I got it from….maybe I either mentioned that or linked it in that post linked above…?

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        • philipleslie says:

          Thanks for that! Yes: Single White Female! It’s such a relevant plot, as it’s about identity theft, as the one becomes the other and takes over her life. I’ll look on YesAsia, thanks. I’ve actually been comparing their Tanimura Yumi DVDs with CDJapan. Works out a tiny bit cheaper, although you don’t get points…or do you? I’ve recently added Kawashima Ai concert DVDs to the ‘must have’ list too. I really love her songs and singing voice (occasionally she sounds a little like Otsuka Ai), bought one of the concerts and became hooked.
          Did you enjoy Fukakyon in Housewife Detective, by the way? I don’t recall your saying. And how did you enjoy her as a pocket-sized girlfriend/calligrapher! I loved both those doramas and thought she was terrific in both.


          • Single White Female I think remains as one of the most frightening movies of this genre in particular and at one time I was totally watching everything Bridget Fonda was releasing….I guess is was like a girl~crush♥ of mine throughout a bit of my early teens and I thought this movie was so so well done….so well done it was downright spooky! If you do get 2LDK do please post on that movie post as I think you’ll be quite shocked by it!! Aragami is again excellent too and you’ve I think seen Azumi?..so you know that director’s most awesome!! Oh sadly YesAsia doesn’t reward any points for purchases…what’s funny I just remembered that a few years ago they used to give you like one of those coin-op toys which come in those bubbles and you got to choose the type you’d like and just like the machine it’d be a random surprise when it arrived with your shipment….I believe I had posted some of them here years ago…let me check a bit now………I had to dig a bit but I finally found one of them here:


            They’re these tiny cute toys and it was really something so unique about ordering from YesAsia and they’d often even offer free shipping even internationally which always puzzled and amazed me…like how could they have afforded that back then?? I do like Otsuka Ai’s voice but don’t own anything from Kawashima Ai.

            Both Fukakyon♥ dramas♥ were really enjoyable!!!! I especially loved Minami-kun no koibito….and besides the most imaginative story having Nino starring too was blissful heaven!! I was thinking that maybe we should have done a post with a running dialogue like how we did with Taiyou no kisetsu, but then you’d have already watched it completely so I thought better of it. I’ve got a drama idea coming up for a post and was wondering if you’d be interested in having an open dialogue on it? I know I haven’t even told you which drama it is but it’s an oldie but goody and I was thinking it’d be fun to do again.

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            • philipleslie says:

              Joint dorama watching sounds fun! So happy you enjoyed the Fukakyon ones (Nino was great too!). In both her acting range is impressive. And oh, that voice of hers. If Mayuyu’s heaven’s angel, then Fukakyon’s voice is on the heavenly tannoy system for sure.
              Here’s one of my favourite Kawashima Ai’s songs:

              I really love the story of how some school students were sheltering from the tsunami and kept their spirits up by singing one of her songs, which they’d been rehearsing together for a performance, and how Kawashima Ai, when she heard about this later on, went to perform that song with them.

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              • philipleslie says:

                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXZ1NAoPcf8 I think this link will work properly, if the other doesn’t.


                • I separated your text from the video’s address hoping it would embed itself here and it worked above =).

                  I recently turned on the comment-like feature which is new to WordPress and I was wondering if it would be really weird if I liked comments here too?…you know being that this blog is like my cyber home. I think you’re the very first to like a comment here too =D! Okay screw it I’m going to like your comment here because I like it and if anyone thinks I’m weird for doing so then newsflash!!! I think everyone already knew I was a bit odd (。ーωー。)笑!

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                  • philipleslie says:

                    Hi there. I noticed the ‘like’ star and have indeed been clicking on it a few times. It’s a handy way of showing that you read the comment and appreciated it. A bit like FB perhaps. Not odd at all!


              • She has a lovely voice, very sweet here with solo piano and light orchestration…I especially love the bridge and how the melody uplifts there going into the violin solo. Her ability to project those soft vocals with such substance is impressive and for a tiny second I thought of HIrano Aya’s vocals during a soft ballad.

                I was looking at her releases and she released an album recently too and while I’d love a live concert you how much in love I am with pvs and she has a quite old one here and this song is listed too as the second track:


                Do me make cute pvs?…I’m guessing you may have this pv collection?

                It’s an amazing story, one of those which gives you goosebumps all over in a feel good way!

                Agreed Fukakyon’s voice is perfect!!! A thing I always found cute about her voice is you know how perhaps most singers sing differently from their speech voice and that may sound stupid but what I mean is that the nuances of their natural speaking voice can be so different from their singing intonations and nuances, however with Fukakyon, she sings pretty much like she speaks in this sense and I always loved that about her…another idol/actress whom comes to mind in this very same sense of vocals is Hirosue Ryoko….you hear her speak and then you hear her sing and it’s very much the same….and now you probably think I’m completely nuts (・д・`*)!!!

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                • philipleslie says:

                  No, I don’t have the pv collection yet. I hope to. I’ve just ordered the Thank You concert, making use of the 20% off at the moment on selected DVDs. Have you ordered the new AKB48 single yet? I accidentally found myself watching the pv (usually I don’t watch in advance of actually having the release in my hand) and thought it was sort of a re-run of Koi suru Fortune Cookie, although the chorus is catchy. I’m sure it’ll grow on me. I wasn’t too keen on Sayonara Crawl on first hearing but after just a couple of hearings I realised how pretty it all was. And if you’ve not heard Bukiyou taiyou yet, I recommend you do so! It’s one of their very best singles, and the song itself is truly rich and amazing. I still love Pareo wa Emerald and Kataomoi Finally, and this new song is every bit as wonderful. Akimoto’s lyrics are inspired: http://stage48.net/studio48/bukiyoutaiyou.html the coupling songs are all excellent, too, especially Banana kakumei, which also has a truly funny pv to go with it.http://www.jpopsuki.tv/video/SKE48—Banana-Kakumei/2898f4c030f819692642cdef90c884f8


  3. phr says:

    So, as I was saying (and here I wonder, when these comment notifications get to your inbox, will you read them from the bottom up as would be the right chronological order, or from top down as all webmail interfaces make easier (by showing the newest e-mails first), because if you’re going top down and haven’t read the previous comment already, I must correct myself: “So, as you’ll soon discover that I’ve said to you somewhere else,”), I love Kitagawa Keiko. She should have a nickname, since even though she’s not really an idol, she does have a PB. That’s enough for me, she needs a nickname. In fact, research turns up two PBs, and OMG that’s Aragaki Yui… hum, apparently I’ll spend some time later today looking up actresses on Amazon. Any chance that you have one of these? Anyway, Kitagawa Keiko. And Fukada Kyoko, although that one I don’t remember too well. I’m sure I’ve seen something with her, just didn’t leave the lasting impression I have from Keiko in Buzzer Beat. Great dorama, I especially loved all the dialogue in it, really well written; I was laughing every time Keiko and her best friend were on screen. Hum, strange that I have no idea now who the friend was, she was funny too.

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    • I’m sort of random as sometimes I’ll go in chronological order and then sometimes from top to bottom backwards =P. Oh I haven’t seen her pb before….I’m thinking it’s most likely out of print? =( Popular pbs seem to vanish quickly as hers would be certainly. I do like Aragaki Yui in some dramas and yet I’ve gotten no pb by her either sadly =(. I’m going to look up Buzzer Beat…..sounds like a fun love triangle!~! And now yes she should have a nickname for sure I agree ^^.


      • phr says:

        I looked up Buzzer Beat again now just to remember, and I’m happy to see that Keiko and her in-dorama friend got Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards respectively… and puzzled that Yamapi got Best Actor. Now I can’t take this award seriously anymore =/ Really, Yamapi? The guy is great for comedy, and for roles where he doesn’t really have to act (emotionless roles), and more than that, I remember Shiroi Haru was on at the same time as Buzzer Beat, and giving the actor award to Yamapi in this instead of Abe Hiroshi in that is just crazy. Well, I guess they felt they couldn’t just give it to Abe every year and needed some variation to keep people interested.

        Actually, I just had to look this up after all… It seems like Yamapi and Abe Hiroshi each have their own monopoly on two different awards… Here’s Abe’s list:

        61st Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor for Shiroi Haru (2009)
        50th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor for Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (2006)
        46th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor for Dragon Zakura (2005)
        42th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Tobosha (2004)
        30th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Dekichatta Kekkon (2001)
        (from http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Abe_Hiroshi)

        And here’s Yamapi:

        15th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Jan-Mar 2012): Best Actor for Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~
        13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Summer 2009): Best Actor for Buzzer Beat
        11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring 2007): Best Actor for Proposal Daisakusen
        9th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (2005-06): Best Actor for Nobuta wo Produce
        4th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (2000-01): Best Newcomer for Ikebukuro West Gate Park
        (from http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Yamashita_Tomohisa)

        See how they both keep getting Best Actor awards from the same places? I love how Yamapi gets the more “pop” sounding award, from “Nikkan Sports”, while Abe is getting the “Academy Awards”. Yes, I think I can be happy with this result.

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        • OMG! I ‘used’ to have the biggest crush~♥ on Yamapi!!!! Mind you it probably really didn’t have that much to do with his acting ability as he’d just have to stand there and act a character out for me to melt into a puddle of mush =P. It’s uncanny how they ‘share’ the awards so regularly, I had no idea! It’s no competition when it comes to Abe Hiroshi most male actors really as he’s in a league all his own…so much agreed. Even a bit role he had in the Taiga year long drama Musashi was memorable and his wit and charisma and presence are impeccable. One of my most favorite roles for Abe Hiroshi is for a movie he starred in beside Hirosue Ryoko whom was also most excellent in….it’s here somewhere….lol this blog is becoming like my bedroom like where is this thing or that thing?? =P…..okay I’ve found it =):


          Even the packaging was awesome with the whole washing machine design. He has this ongoing gag ‘catch-phrase thingy throughout the entire movie where he’s getting slapped constantly by woman all around for his piggy arrogance and such and it’s so so hilarious!!!!! The movie features a ton of cameos too and a lot of cool nostalgia with even a bit of classic J-pop being featured. For Japanese movies this is a top 10 film for sure, it’s really that awesome I promise! On a scale from 1 to 10 it’s like pee in your pants funny which is somewhere above 10 =P.


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