岸谷 香「Romantic Warriors」

Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors

Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors single jacket (1)

Kishitani Kaori Romatic Warriors single

If you’re a huge Puri-Puri♥ fan like me then you were definitely chomping at the bit waiting for the release of a new single by former Puri-Puri lead vocalist/guitarist/lyricist & songwriter Kishitani Kaori!!!! The artist formerly known as Okui Kaori (prior to her marriage that is).

“Romantic Warriors” was released on June 25th and while I’m pretty late posting I do happen to have a couple of visual gems ~* to share here which are most worthwhile =).

~Kishitani Kaori’s “Romantic Warriors” can be ordered @ Cdjapan.

~Kishitani Kaori’s “Romantic Warriors” can be ordered @ HMV Japan.

Princess Princess

While it’s been quite a few years since Princess Princess originally disbanded, Kishitani Kaori has remained quite active musically as she’s penned numerous compositions for other artists and continues to do so till this day and yet there’s simply nothing like a new single by this most iconic artist herself and with “Romantic Warriors” it’s also notable that it truly links back to J-pop’s past in more ways than one.

But first, if you’re truly a head over heels Puri~Puri fan like myself and in case you may have missed it, here’s a link to my all inclusive tribute to the legendary and most likely never to be matched group Princess Princess~.

Princess Princess would later regroup in 2012 with proceeds from their tour going to the aid efforts in Japan following their devastating earthquake/tsunami. Full coverage of their later released Budoukan performance on lovely Bluray can be experienced here~.

Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors single jacket (2)

“Romantic Warriors” is a 3-track single with the title track’s coupling with songs being “Bokura no uta~Kishitani Kaori Version~” and “Aishiteru.”

Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (1)

~Kishitani Kaori “Romantic Warriors” (Music Station live)~

Both the title track and “Bokura no uta” were penned in both lyrics and music entirely by Kishitani Kaori herself with their writing credits dating back to 2009. Above is a bit of a raw recording of her live performance on Music Station and it’s the sound quality that I’m referring to as being a bit raw here, however this rockin’ performance simply trumps any concerns over the sound quality and I find a bit of perhaps a Luna Sea inspiration behind those intricate verse guitar riffs or maybe it’s just me =P but in any case the band is definitely tight with Kaori’s iconic vocals thrusting away!! The song has some of those instant hooks to reel you in pretty immediately and as a whole has a feel very reminiscent of Puri~Puri’s final album “The Last Princess”….as would have fit in perfectly there~.

Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (2)Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (3)Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (4)Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (5)Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (6)Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (7)Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (8)Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (9)Kishitani Kaori Romantic Warriors (10)

~Kishitani Kaori “Bokura no uta~Kishitani Kaori version~” mp3~

Uchida Yuki Aishiteru single jacket

The last time I can remember being so emphatically excited about an artist recording their own version of a song they’d penned years prior for another artist was when ZARD finally did her own version of one of my all time favorites in “Christmas Time” (posted here previously) and now I’m also reminded of Field of View’s “Kimi ga ita kara” which was written by Sakai Izumi (ZARD) and likewise she also later recorded her very own version of this song or then there’s Deen’s Hitomi sorasanaide where this former rock tune by Deen became an exquisite bossa nova masterpiece in itself when ZARD released her their own version. Songs given a second life, and when done right it can be a most amazing experience to hear an all new interpretation after years of knowing the original so well.

Okay so what does Uchida Yuki have to do with all of this you may be wondering? Well track 3 of “Romantic Warriors” just happens to be a pretty well known song in “Aishiteru” which was originally released in February of 1997 as a Uchida Yuki single and now its co-author has at long last recorded a most awesome version herself!! What is even more notable about this particular song is that the other co-author happens to be Kishitani Kaori’s former band-mate in Nakayama Kanako….Puri Puri’s lead guitarist!!! Here Kishitani Kaori, then Okui Kaori penned the music while Nakayama Kanako penned all of the song’s lyrics! It’s really a pretty song which is catchy from the very first listen or at least that’s how I experienced it all of those years ago =) and I actually could create an entire Uchida Yuki post as I had collected her early works and I just thought of my most favorite song by her from back then…..it’s titled “Shiawase ni naritai”..I wonder if you know that one too? And now I think I’ll go listen to it as I haven’t in quite some time now ^^ .

~Uchida Yuki “Aishiteru” (mv)~

~Kishitani Kaori” “Aishiteru” mp3~

And for comparison sake, above I’ve included both Kishitani Kaori’s version of “Aishiteru” alongside the original by Uchida Yuki from 1997.

The music video’s really cute and has a cool retro feel about it for sure! Uchida Yuki is absolutely adorable here too and as aforementioned I really could create an entire post just about her during her j-pop/ idol/ acting days from yesteryear but for now you if you’re interested you can check out the earliest issue of UTB I own where Uchida Yuki graces its cover and I can’t even begin to tell you just how many magazine covers she was featured on as covergirl♥ back then as there were a ton!!!….well on second thought, think Hirosue Ryoko as a reference to her popularity back then ^^.

~ ❤

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3 Responses to 岸谷 香「Romantic Warriors」

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  2. philipleslie says:

    HI there. Exciting post. I have a couple of early Okui Kaori’s solo albums. Not quite my usual cup of tea, but as you know by now, I’m inquisitive and like to listen to as much as possible, to avoid ending up with lazy ears! The songs quickly grew on me, too. Her commitment and energy really pulls you in.
    I very much like ‘Aishiteru’: both versions. It was great to post both. And yes, that mv is really cute.
    Thank you for posting!


    • Her earlier solo releases were quite raw in style back then and not even quite suitable for any Puri Puri release as they were just a different style of writing…..I’m thinking she must’ve stockpiled those songs over the years and then finally got the chance to release them as solo works. “Aishiteru” is such a perfectly written song!! Sweet~♥, and when I initially saw the title on this single I really wasn’t thinking it’d be that song but then I caught me by surprise ~*…a most awesome surprise =)! Uchida Yuki was a top idol in those days commanding media appearances ala Hirosue Ryoko in her golden idol years…she also acted in quite a few dramas too back then. Her J-pop career was a bit brief but she did have some really great songs ^^. U~n Kaori’s always been such an energetic performer…loved her Music Station performance here and those iconic vocals are timeless. If you see which songs she composed for Puri Puri over the years she has such diversity in her ability to write music….like any style of genre is possible with Kaori!

      Have you received your Ayaya Hawaii image DVDs yet? The Alo-Hello! series are all great and if you get the chance be sure to check out Mikitty’s one too. I think it was Ayaya’s second Alo-Hello! with her shorter do where she visits the official store we used to have here in Waikiki..or wait was it her first…and now I’m confused XD. She visits Sea Life Park…..I’ll have to watch them again!

      You mentioned Suzuki Shoko in one of your messages and I haven’t heard her music before, thank you for linking!

      Such a lovely acoustic ballad~♥!! And her voice is very soothing..sweet…gentle.

      Very very different from Station Wagon =P….it has a very uplifting aura about it with a perfectly driven beat that makes you want to move! Un this song is most catchy at first listen!! How the verse leads to the optimism of the chorus’ notes…and loved the slideshow too. I’m so happy and relieved that your doing well, always best to get checked out….happy news ^^.


      OMG =O??! Song 23 is um….what a title and I can’t even imagine that title being introduced in concert lol….whoa!

      What an elaborate set up!!!! It’s funny how they’d managed to make everything seem so believable throughout. Eating zaru soba while being shocked…now this is the true work of a mad producer!! Miichan trying to drink water while being shocked…priceless!! How devious having the water break the shocking device for Yukirin =P. And the way everyone plays along….most believable. Yukirin is quite the actress…she’s basically imitating Miichan’s reactions but still to do so in a lie is hilarious!! Wah Tomochin got it right!! Oh no Takamina makes me want to cry every time she cries….funny I didn’t know it was quite that often that it’s a thing they’d make fun of on AKbingo XD. A fake reunion, that’s just evil XD. A random thought…the Bad Boy on the far right reminds me of the Unicorn Guy in Kamikaze Girls =P…wait it is him lol no! OMG they created a video montage to further create the mood…. =D. Takamina’s already looking sad =(…..she already has a few tears visible. “Fake Mother Appears”…this is so mean XD!!!! But at the same time it’s also hilarious =D!!! Takamina’s already lost it completely….okay at least she’s not the only one crying…Kasai is in tears too. The brother too lol….OMG! Takamina’s looks a bit pissed…not very pissed =D!!!!!!! Takamina attacking Miichan priceless ♥ and now the entire jig up lol….omg Kasai’s still crying =O. Yukirin’s act….how embarrassing they told everyone but but the best part of it all has to be Takamina saying that she’ll never trust anyone again especially with the guys saying they’re graduation was real and all…and they that emphatic OI!!! XD Nostalgic seeing all of the then current new single releases =). LOve this single by French Kiss~♥….

      …oh yes Akicha doing archery and this one had a mini drama in it too which was really well done..funny I somehow even got Bruce Willis into that one….


      Sorry, I do plan to catch up further on comments soon, I’ve been such the worst blogger I know =/.


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