~The Wonder Years

The Wonder YearsIf you caught GMA earlier today then no doubt you witnessed a wonderful reunion, one 16 years in the making as the main cast of the television series The Wonder Years were brought together to reminisce their times on the iconic series.

And while I didn’t catch its original run from the very beginning as I believe I was about eight or so a bit into the second season when this show first captured my unwavering attention, it was really the coming of age themes and those true to life experiences which the show regularly showcased from episode to episode. Looking back I really learned a lot from watching this series and my age being close to those of the young cast, it made it that much more ‘real’ in a sense of relating in real time of finding one’s adolescence and place in the world and well….how a first kiss may feel =P.

And now in hindsight the memorable and most warm narration which each episode featured through the eyes of a grown up Kevin was most tailored after those likewise nostalgic narrations featured in the Stephen King movie masterpiece “Stand by Me.” Now if you’ve not yet seen “Stand by Me” I strongly urge you to go watch right now!!! And getting back to The Wonder Years, one cannot state their full appreciation for such a memorable series without mentioning the MUSIC ❤ !!!! Set in the 60’s, and my father used to tell me during my personal Beatles~Mania♥ days when I was first discovering their music from start to finish that I should have been born in the sixties if not earlier as just that time period produced so much of the music I do love today, and that despite me being born a ways later. As for how amazing the music was in The Wonder Years, think Forrest Gump if it were a long running television series with that awesome soundtrack to boot!

The Wonder Years the complete series on DVD

Now doesn’t this look absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

And it must be said how they managed to keep the original classic songs which appeared in the series in their entirety!!! I mean considering the considerable costs to keep them all, that’s quite awesome in itself! Again this is one of the very best coming-of-age series all time I believe and with the very best writing, the backdrop of the sixties, again the MUSIC♥!!…and of course an all around amazing cast, what’s not to love about The Wonder Years as in some way or another it represents universally our trials and tribulations of growing up…yes something we can all relate to~.

Okay here’s a full description of the goodies included as there are actually 3 different versions of this collection to choose from!:


~The ‘basic’ set (pretty awesome for basic!)~

Never before released on DVD, you can now own the entire series housed in a collectible metal locker like those at Kennedy Junior High (Go Wildcats!). The locker includes two notebooks with detailed episode information, production photos, and all 115 episodes plus over 15 hours of bonus features on 26 DVDs. Plus, you’ll get a replica yearbook with behind-the-scenes photos and signatures by the cast and crew. And custom Wonder Years magnets to decorate your locker!

Exclusive bonus features include the first cast reunion in 16 years and interviews with all 7 main cast members, the creators, narrator, guest stars, and many more! Plus, ten newly-produced featurettes and never-before-seen outtakes of Kevin and Winnie’s first kiss!

The series includes more than 300 songs as they were featured in the original broadcast, including Joe Cocker’s unforgettable rendition of the Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends.”


The Wonder Years the complete series on DVD (2)

~The Wonder Years “Experience” (set)~

Get the full treatment with The Wonder Years Experience set. In addition to the complete series, the Experience includes everything you need to fit right in at Kennedy Junior High…

  • Wildcats t-shirt and tube socks
  • Vintage Kennedy Junior High gym bag
  • Wildcats pennant and commemorative patch
  • Collectible Wonder Years pins
  • And a newly produced Wonder Years CD, featuring the theme song plus classics by Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, The Beach Boys, The Tempatations and many others.

The Wonder Years the complete series on DVD (3)

~The Wonder Years “Signature” edition~

The Wonder Years the complete series on DVD (4)

Now you can own a piece of television history with a limited-edition Wonder Years set hand-signed by Fred Savage, Danica McKellar, and other cast. There are only 500 available and each collection comes with a certificate of authenticity.

You’ll get the complete series housed in a collectible metal locker like those at Kennedy Junior High (Go Wildcats!) The locker includes…

  • All 115 episodes on 26 DVDs, including over 300 songs as they were featured in the original broadcast!
  • Over 15 hours of exclusive bonus features
  • Two notebooks with detailed episode information, photos, and production notes
  • Custom Wonder Years magnets to decorate your locker
  • A replica yearbook with behind-the-scenes photos and notes from the cast and crew. Plus, in this special Signature Edition, the yearbook cover will be hand-signed by Fred, Danica, and other cast members!

Exclusive bonus features include…

  • The first cast reunion in 16 years
  • Over 20 interviews with all 7 main cast members, the creators, narrator, guests stars, and many more!
  • Ten newly-produced featurettes
  • Never-before-seen outtakes of Kevin and Winnie’s first kiss!

To top it all off, you’ll complete the Wonder Years experience with everything you need to fit right in at Kennedy Junior High…

  • Wildcats t-shirt and tube socks
  • Vintage Kennedy Junior High gym bag
  • Wildcats pennant and commemorative patch
  • Collectible Wonder Years pins
  • And a newly-produced Wonder Years CD, featuring the theme song plus classics by Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, The Beach Boys, The Temptations and many others.

We created only 500 Signature Edition sets so don’t miss out!  All sales are final.  No returns or exchanges.

Only 500 available to own, so if you’re a crazy fan like me then time’s of the essence here to get the ‘signature’ version! (All versions are set to ship in early October) Yup, you can almost hear Joe Cocker’s performance of The Beatles’ “With a Little Help from my Friends” beginning to play…….♥. And coming of age stories are the best!! Can’t wait for the release date!~!

~You can order a collectible set of your choice from this link ~*.

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16 Responses to ~The Wonder Years

  1. Ivan says:

    omg really ??

    i watched it when i has young hahaha
    a really amazing serie 😛

    dont know u know it MB 😛

    want watch again now hahaha 😛


    • YES!!!! \(^o^)/!!!!! the complete series is long last coming out on DVD! I mean I was like eight I think when I first saw this show but it immediately captured my attention and I was watching it religiously from then. Just such great writing although admittedly I didn’t quite understand everything that was going on in some episodes, but for the most part I could follow it =). It was like learning about life and growing up in nearly real time for me….was it like that for you too? The main characters were a bit older than me you know with Winnie and Kevin but close enough in age to get immersed into their characters~.

      I’m so happy to know another Wonder Years fan!!! I so can’t wait for it’s release date to arrive as I pre-ordered immediately without a second thought ^^.


      • Ivan says:

        omg, look amazing, i dont remember the end of the series hahaha 😛
        maybe after u watch again u can share ur dvds with me hahah joke

        yah me too, when i start watching it on a tv channel, cant lose one episode of it 😛
        yes, i fell like it too :p

        i think they has something like 13 years old in the serie no ??
        but yes, the age is close to fell something like what they wanted to show in the serie
        Winnie u remember the names hahaha only remember kevin name 😛
        and her remember me a little sayu now hahaha

        hahaha if its not so expensive for me probably i buy it too :p

        the truth is i think only me like it hahaha


        • I can’t wait for the release day!!! I know I’m going to get all engrossed again in this show like I did way back then and the bonus is that now I’m old enough to get more of the stories =). I think that was about their ages and they literally grew up on t.v. with the show which must’ve been pretty amazing and possibly awkward at times I imagine.


          • Ivan says:

            yah go be nice to understand some parts in that time we dont get hehehe

            remember the old times sometimes can be good hehe 😛

            Liked by 1 person

            • It’ll be like seeing it for the first time in that tiny sense and I’m soooooo looking forward to all of the awesome music this show originally included!!! I mean it’s classic after classic on every episode and the songs really added a tone and mood to it all…just perfectly matched by the producers/writers.


              • Ivan says:

                go be amazing :3~~ , i think i go try find somewhere to watch too haha

                and after u watch send me the dvds to watch too hahaha


                • I wish they’d be released before next month as I’m going to have quite a lot of house sitting time but it’s not until some time in October as there’s no exact date given for its release.

                  I wonder if someone will try streaming the episodes? Seems like just about everything is online somewhere these days.


  2. though i never saw its original run,i’d manage to caught up on some reruns on Cable TV.It’s one of the shows that truly be missed and sadly to say,television nowadays are filled with so-called reality/garbage shows that makes me go back reading a lot of books(and something to throw at the TV) and internet searching what’s good to watch(again sadly,only a handful of television shows that are worth watching today).The finale’s a guilty pleasure, rarely to be seen in any shows.


    • Hello, and great to meet a fellow Wonder Years fan \(^o^)/!!! I so agree about a lot of shows today just not being very good or worthwhile. The Wonder Years really took on such real and relateable subjects and the whole coming of age theme is awesome in itself! Can’t wait to relive the entire series in order ^^.


  3. philipleslie says:

    What an amazing release! I enjoyed the show when it was broadcast here in the UK in the 90s, as were My Two Dads, Blossom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Doogie Howser MD, to name but a few of the many US shows that livened up our viewing. Yes, I’d forgotten there was that Stand By Me feel to the intro and outro voiceovers, wasn’t there (How I met Your Mother used the same device). Haven’t seen The Wonder Years in 20 years and now I want to!


    • Wow I had no idea that so many U.S. shows got broadcast overseas there..that’s so awesome!! There’s such a warm feeling with those narrations and how they were done both in that movie and this series…made the stories seem that much more real too I think. So cool you love The Wonder Years too!! Can’t wait for the release day to arrive and it’s amazing how they were able to keep all of the original classic music by the original artists for all of the episodes!! I mean that alone must’ve cost a fortune to pay to use them and how they enhance every episode is truly priceless.


  4. Wow, what an amazing set. I love this series. Haven’t seen it for a few years now though. Watched it all the time on Channel 4 in UK. Thanks for posting! 🙂


    • Hi Spencer,

      It’s been a really long wait for this series to finally become available and I’m thinking it was perhaps the fight financially to include all of the original classic music in the home release as it was originally broadcast way back then as that I’m certain had to have been most expensive! In any case awesome of them to include all of the original songs by the original artists as they could just have easily had remakes edited in ^^….I think that’s why this set is quite pricey…..but oh so worth it! So cool that it was broadcast in the UK! It would have been a peek into adolescence here in the U.S. and I’m curious to how the UK youth related to it…or perhaps was there a bit of culture shock at times I wonder? Definitely get the set and reminisce~♥. Oh and I thought I’d mention that just above, Philip is also from the UK and we talk about classic sitcoms and such quite often and I’m always surprised at how many popular U.S. shows were broadcast there…really great! He’s also very much into J-pop and his roots go very deep too! Writer, composer, musician…I believe you have a lot in common =).


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