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~Hot Summer Reads 2014~


Friday June 6th issue

Happy Aloha~♥ Friday ヾ(^∇^)!!!

So today I’ve begun scanning a few magazines I had bundled together for postage saving reasons and well the result of that ends with my receiving older issues all at once =P.

Still there’s never a wrong time or day to post more Mayuyu~♡ LOVE, so that being said here’s her appearance in the June 6th issue of Friday and appropriately so…. today is just that… know Friday 😀 !

But first,

…as inspired ~* by the summertime

(did I mention it’s hot earlier??)

…here’s today’s ManoGossip~*:

Manogossip (1)

down arrow

Manogossip (2)

down arrow

Manogossip (3)

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Dr. Evil is amused =D...

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Some girls just photograph perfectly ~* ALWAYS!!!!~!

Friday June 6th issue (1)

Friday June 6th issue (2)

Friday June 6th issue (3)


my fave shot from this photo shoot~♥! And in

some amusing way that ‘(guilty)/I’m innocent!’ expression of

Mayuyu’s♥ here seems to be begging the question:

Mayuyu♥ wonders...

Friday June 6th issue (4)

Friday June 6th issue (5)

Friday June 6th issue (6)

Friday June 6th issue (7)

Hannibal says...

And then towards the back of this issue is a bit of fun with AKB48♥!


~(Random) Burrito image~

(for your pleasure)

Friday June 6th issue (8)

Friday June 6th issue (9)

Woah!!!! hold on a sec!

Did you see that?

A photo just begging for a caption =D?!!

Friday June 6th issue (9)

up arrow

Yup that’d be the one =D….

Stay Puft in NY....

Miichan says...

Stay Puft versus Godzilla


Sasshi thinks!

Sasshi~♥ thinks:

power to the V!! \(^o^)/

Dr. Evil shares knowledge.

Alien V

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


..solving earth’s dilemmas one issue @ a time….



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to Marshmallow Fiction

  1. philipleslie says:

    I’m chortling a lot here. Funny post, thank you! I just love those Mayuyu photos. She looks amazing…as always. Watching those early AKBingos, it’s interesting to see her grow from her early Cyborg phase to how she is now.
    Sasshi is magnificent. Don’t you wish you could hang out with her?


    • LOL I had to actually look up ‘chortling’ and found ‘chortle: to chuckle’..because at first I was like omg what was he doing =O? Kidding, but seriously you’ve taught me a new word/expression today 😀 !

      Interestingly Friday magazine seems to always have these really sensually gorgeous photo shoots in them…well that and an abundance of nudity too =O…and I’m always a bit amused at just how happy girls appear to be to pose nude as if they’ve just won the lottery or something \(^o^)/!!!~! Oh the cyborg label, I was confused by that initially until watching quite a few of her t.v. appearances and you’re so right in saying how she’s evolved over the years like in personality, charisma, confidence and presence.

      Speaking of meeting Sasshi, I believe I most likely already sent you this but a friend a few years ago actually got to sit directly beside Sasshi with Kitarie next to her….and he said that Sasshi was literally sitting like a foot away from him….probably a most jealous moment of mine which I’m not ashamed of!!! In any case in a best case scenario I’d actually want to live with Sasshi o(*´∀`)o゛~♥、...!!!!

      But anyway back in the real world just a few insightful quotes from his posting here:

      “…..Nothing like sitting there suddenly in front of beautiful perfection and be sweating profusely from having run a few blocks, and I first was seated at the table with Sayaka and Akicha. The thing I can’t stress enough is just how immaculately pretty these girls are!!!! From the photos and videos I’ve seen so far nothing can do justice to just how beautiful they are in person, like living dolls.”

      “….the ‘wild girls’ table!!!!!! You see as I was seated at the previous two tables you couldn’t but notice how much of a ruckus was going on over there with Sasshi and Kitarie!!!!! There was singing, dancing and lots of shouts coming from the girls! Okay so this was my one chance to sit as near as possible as I headed to their table right away when time was given to move and there was one seat right next to Kitarie with Sasshi just to her right! Heheh beat this one guy to the seat just in time! Sasshi and Kitarie were by far the most interactive I thought and they even asked us questions like which Japanese groups/artists we like and names such as Hamasaki Ayumi, Utada Hikaru popped up, but of course at first most of us said ‘AKB48′ to which we were given the “dame” sign the “X” made by Sasshi’s arms so cute! I was more curious to know what other JPop artists/groups they liked to listen to and immediately Sasshi shouted out “Momoclo” and they both began singing their debut song in perfect unison complete with dance movements with their arms it was so much fun with them!”

      “……Toward the end of our stay at this what would be our last table both Sasshi and Kitarie asked each of us one by one to say who are favorite AKB48 member was. It started from the opposite side next to Sasshi so I would be asked last by Kitarie to answer. Now there’s something about having a most beautiful girl ask such a question and all while being less than a foot away from her that captured me then, without hesitation I replied “ichiban daisuki na member wa Kitarie desu” seems I can speak a little broken Japanese when the time calls and to be honest she inspired me to dig to remember something I may have retained from a Japanese class back in high school well before I dropped it stupidly now thinking back. So the meet & greet turned out to be the most amazing 30 minutes!!! And just being this near to all of them an unforgettable experience for sure!”

      “…..If there’s one thing I can say from the eight members that were in this room (with the exception of Moeno and Mocchi who I sadly missed being seated with) it’s that Sasshi is such an amazing and engaging girl she really stood out even during the later Q&A panel I thought just with how outgoing and expressive she is! In some ways I was telling a buddy at work today that she reminded me so much of some of our local girls here, haha some don’t hold back with shyness and Sasshi is all of that and much more!”

      (sigh…) so he was in close drooling distance of both Sasshi~♥ & Kitarie~♥ on that day (・д・`*)!!、 well had I been there I would have had to confess that Yuko♥ was my most favorite AKB48 member and I think that would have been awkward for me as I’d be saying that all the while I’d so want to hug* Sasshi~♥ right there in the flesh and then most likely get escorted away by security appearing on the evening news as the ‘crazy touchy fee~ly fan’ =P!


      • philipleslie says:

        That’s a an amazing story. Every fan’s dream! Wonderful. I’ll investigate the linked post when I have better internet power. ‘Pop stars you can meet’…I don’t think there are many conventional pop stars I’d like to meet as they’d probably be very unfriendly and aloof. Idols, however, would be so much more relaxed and down to earth. Love that I’ve introduced you to ‘chortle’. You used to get in in comics a lot when a character laughed. They’d have ‘chortle chortle’ written next to them, and little lines around their outlines to show they were quaking with laughter. Now you can chortle to your heart’s content in Oahu!


        • His post’s quite long so I think it’ll take you awhile to get through and the sweetest~♥ thing is that he gave me the AKB autographs, but there was no way he was parting with Manoeri’s autograph and he actually got to shake her hand despite it not being a hand shake event….amazing how another person in line ahead just made it like the thing to do as she signed for everyone =)….and for awhile I wouldn’t touch his hands as I was thinking he hadn’t washed them since =P! (kidding..) In any case the girls in that room is a pretty impressive list, I do hope you have a chance to go through his experience ^^.

          A~~h I said it to a friend and they were quite puzzled by me lol….it was great and I didn’t explain it either just so that they could look it up too just like me =)…I’m terrible aren’t I =P!~!


        • And I was just following the link you sent earlier this morning and it’s an Acchan movie!! I was just watching the trailor there and “Tamako in Moratorium” looks like it’ll be a moody and yet heartwarming story I hope ~*. I found it on bluray here and it just came out late last month:

          I’m waiting for a Fukakyon movie to arrive soon so I may order it afterward =).


          • philipleslie says:

            I love the trailer. Acchan does that dead-pan expression to perfection, having fine-tuned it in Majisuka Gakuen. Highly doubt it will released over here. It’s only 78 mins long, but there is some interesting bonus material. Mainstream Japanese movies do get shown in art cinemas over here, and there are plenty of (properly) subtitled DVDs for sale, mainly anime, horror, yakuza and comedy, but never enough! and certainly never any doramas. They get retitled too, sometimes: I watched this again recently and enjoyed it perhaps more than the first couple of times. Have you seen it?


      • philipleslie says:

        As soon as the link started loading, I remembered I’d already enjoyed this guest post and communicated with its author too! It’s wonderful to relive it. A really great document of a never-to-be-forgotten experience.


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