Return of the King.

NBA Spalding official game ball

LeBron puppet powder power....

Cleveland Cavaliers

A few hours earlier at work I got wind of this as now all of the basketball loving world can breath a sigh of knowing and so good of LeBron James to decide his free agency move today before his trip to Brazil to witness the World Cup finale in person as that may have meant at least three more days of the media-sweats and endless speculation 😀 !

If you’ve read his letter to SI then you very well know of how perfectly articulated and thought out his decision was and just how he’s approaching it all very realistically stating how he’s not promising an instant championship but rather how this will be a building effort in mentoring the younger generation on the team and building a winning team chemistry going forward from here. But underlying it all is how he expressed his main reasoning in returning to Cleveland after now four very successful years in Miami in that it’s a personal desire to return to his home~♥ in Cleveland and likely finish his career there. And of course LeBron James also clears up the glaring ELEPHANT in the room as he’s addressed as well how he and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert have spoken face-to-face in burying the hatchet so to speak and how grudges have no place here with forgiveness and understanding being triumphant even under such past ugly circumstances, LeBron James himself also up front taking his share of the blame for said such ugliness which transpired in his leaving four years ago. It’s rather a full circle journey for the planet’s best player going from his home state to then Miami winning two championships with four consecutive final appearances there…and now with his return to where it all began once again.

It makes perfect sense too when you consider all of the key pieces in Cleveland with the young and extremely talented point guard in Kyrie Irving, this year’s overall #1 draft pick in Andrew Wiggins who looks to have superstar potential in the forward position, the talk of Mike Miller and perhaps Ray Allen being picked up out of free agency to reunite with LeBron James as key outside shooters and then there’s the even the possibility of one Kevin Love joining the Cavaliers now with James’ decision to return to Cleveland in place. It’ll be a young team no doubt and yet with James’ ability to mentor it’s all most promising for the fruition of success whether it be the upcoming year or in the years to follow.

And for all of Cleveland, could there be a much more championship starved fandom out there in major sports??

As for me, you can certainly accuse me of being a wagon chaser as I’m following LeBron from Miami to Cleveland without hesitation and actually my very first basketball team love began with Phoenix Suns during those Chuck~y Barkley days and sure I was only ten back then but I also thought their logo was pretty~*….so 😀 ! And in my weak weak defense here in Hawaii we have no pro sports teams to speak of so well packing up my heart and team loyalties in such a case today is no where near as impossible as it would be for a fan living in a city with said pro team to support and love =D.

So now I’m in need of some Cavaliers wardrobe love and you can bet that those LeBron/ Cavaliers merchandise will be flying off of shelves worldwide faster than you can say HOMECOMING~.

LeBron James....

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