aiko 「泡のような愛だった」

aiko awa no you na ai datta RE

aiko awa no youna ai datta clear file (1)

~Order aiko’s album “awa no youna ai datta” @ Cdjapan~

~Order aiko’s album “awa no youna ai datta” @ HMV Japan~

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (3)

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (4)

aiko Awa no Youna Ai Datta first press with clear file & photo booklet

Even from the opening track you’re immediately engulfed in aiko’s infectious wall of musical~notes gone folk-rock♥ and per usual her new album in entirety was penned in both music & lyrics by this truly original artist~. Just released on May 28th “awa no youna ai datta” gives us fourteen new tracks (the 14th appears on the first press bonus disc ‘aiko’s RADIO’ which also has a side ‘A’ as well as a side ‘B’ version available) and with the initial pressing you’ll also receive ↑↑↑ a cute bright red and blue clear file, colored disc tray along with the lyrics booklet doubling as a photo booklet (Hello Kitty not included =D).

Hard to believe it’s been nearly two LOOOOONG years since aiko’s last album “Toki no Silhouette” but I assure you that you will be 200% satisfied with aiko’s latest. From the very opening track “asu no uta” you’ll fall in love all over again with the songstress’ free spirited delivery with a perfectly driven folk/rock jingle and truly going further into the tracks it’s awesomely difficult to box in her compositions into any single or doubled musical genre, aiko’s writing always having been a true patented one onto herself. Songs like LOVELETTER being a total adrenaline rush of intricate rock-ish joy where only the soaring chorus can upstage its amazing verses where its orchestration backing perfectly blankets tenderly a sound at times which underneath it all mingles as metallic. ANATA WO TSURETE’s as tender as floating pillows and yet don’t let the solo piano intro play precedent as bass and drums truly drive this one with a sharp and yet strolling groove. Quick! think of your most favorite food….that is aiko’s voice ❤ . The lavishly elegant KYORI may just be the most beautiful song in this collection and aiko never one to shy away from instrumental diversion, here, is gorgeously evident where jazzy overtones are bent to love poppyrock. Hit repeat now 😀 ! By the time the piano bouncy CIDER arrives upon your eardrums the onslaught of such a vast taste in musical loves which embodies aiko are in full swing as aiko’s collective works never tend to follow any single theme, hence (my brain initially said write ‘therefore’ here and yet I thought I don’t think I’ve ever used the word hence before so why not now 😀 ) sharing such vastly differing feels from track to track as aiko has time and time again proved her musical vocabulary arsenal are as grand a wide as our seas to shining seas. So we’re not even half way through however I won’t bore you any further with my aiko~love musings as “awa no youna ai datta” will speak for itself!!~!! And I’ll just say that some of the best is yet to come beginning with the next in SHIGATSU NO AME ❤ ❤ ❤ …………you can so unknowingly get so lost in aiko’s songs.

And as always, aiko’s one~of~a~kind vocal phrasing transcends at times from rock, jazz, pop, ska and a variety all her own and somewhere in between hers profoundly incorporates so many musical nuances and statements….so much that it’s not a stretch by any means to envision that great big musical blender mixing inspirations from decades of the 60’s/70’s along with the fruition of jazz and rock as we know it from today and yesteryear.

Again, it’s been two LOOOOOOOONG YEARS since her last album and there’s so much in variety, moods, styles, grooves, drives & melodies to LOVE so dig ❤ in~ completely as there awaits SOTSUGYOUSHIKI which bookends perfectly another musical masterpiece from one of earth’s very BEST~.

One last revelation as I’ve had the extreme pleasure ~* of listening repeatedly to “awa no youna ai datta”, and being that we’re now past halftime of this year, aiko’s gift in this album is so far the runaway favorite for my album of the year. And so it’s only natural that the entirely of this album receive the ‘coveted’ =P…..

Inoue Mao music seal of approval

~Maochan Music Seal of Approval~

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (5)

~aiko 01 ASU NO UTA~

~aiko 02 SOMARU YUME~

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (6)

~aiko 03 LOVELETTER~


aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (7)

~aiko 05 KYORI~

~aiko 06 CIDER~

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (8)


~aiko 08 YUUENCHI~

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (9)

~aiko 09 TOUMEI DROP~

~aiko 10 KIMI NO TONARI~

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (10)


~aiko 12 KISS NO IKI~

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (11)


aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (12)

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (13)

Above is a front scan of the extra jacket sleeve containing the aforementioned aiko’s RADIO disc, this one here being the type A version which is included with the first pressing. Three tracks are included with the first and third being a 25 minute/ 17 minute respectfully, all informative and most candid chatter by aiko herself where she shares the making of awa no youna ai datta and it’s all done with the backing of a very pretty big band score plus there’s a ton of cute little interludes throughout these recordings with my favorite one being the SENBEI one 😀 . Oh and yes I did say fourteen new songs and on this bonus disc is where that 14th one appears as it’s track number 2~.

aiko awa no youna ai datta clear file (2)

aiko awa no youna ai datta first press release scans (14)

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4 Responses to aiko 「泡のような愛だった」

  1. Ivan says:

    ohhhhhhhhh aiko :3~~ the girl who never get old hahaha, she looks like a child for me yet kkkkkkkk
    love her songs and her voice :3


  2. Ivan says:

    but never see a concert from her :\


  3. philipleslie says:

    Fantastic post! Aiko has of the most pleasing singing voices around, and gives us such wonderful, bright and breezy, stress-relieving songs. Her output is remarkably consistent, isn’t it. I’ve read a couple of reviewers who grumble that she never really surprises with anything new. 1)that’s not true, as each album does have a distinctive flavour, and 2)that’s really what Aiko fanatics want: more and more Aiko! Quite often an artist will veer off in a direction you wish they didn’t, or end up at a dead end, when they’d have been better off sticking to what they did best. While it’s fine to be adventurous, being adventurous for the sake of it isn’t always a good idea. I’d hate if Aiko went all electropop on us, or tried a different kind of voice. I’d like 11 more albums just like the ones she’s made already.
    Anyway, you did well in getting the first press. It looks a lovely package. I’ve been dreadfully tardy in ordering this. It’s on my ‘to get’ list, along with those Tanimura Yumi concerts and PASSPO…Need to win a lottery, I think!
    Thank you for posting.


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