Ariana Grande

Sorry I’ve not been around for awhile (again XD!) but just wanted to post a bit about my hands-d0wn most favorite “new” artist and actually she’s not new at all but just new to me is all 😀 . And also note that I don’t get nearly enough music-radio into my diet so here I’m very late to the party so to speak….as in….

Ariana’s~♡ been so

awesome for so long now &

yet I’m only falling in love

with her now? =P!

Ariana Grande Problem single jacket

So I had just awoken @ about 6 am or so a couple of Saturdays ago and while my brain hadn’t awoken fully just yet I tend to routinely channel surf for anything mind stimulating before getting out of bed as sort of a weekend routine of mine~.

And there she was….on an actual VIDEO COUNTDOWN , I Mean who knew such a thing still existed lol =P on VH1 and in my weak defense I grew up in my pre-teens as a total music video junkie~♥ with non-stop all day music videos you know how MTV the original would air them and I’d come to believe that it had all become reality shows and the like since so naively I never bothered at all with those stations in recent times. Any-who it’s apparently a weekly MUSIC VIDEO COUNTDOWN!! so of course I was immediately brain-alive and wide awake within just moments and the very first video playing was Ariana Grande’s~♥ single “Problem” which features a very cool rap by Iggy Azalea and I just love how the guy is whispering in the amazing chorus….”I got one less problem without ya…” really works with the whisper adding a most sensual touch~*! + it’s pop/Jazzy cool with that infectious reoccurring brass-riff!

Ariana Grande

But REALLY it’s Ariana’s~♥ voice!!!!!! She’s truly gifted with an amazing range, tone and a natural knack for those sexy nuances! So I went onto itunes and purchased her album and on numerous other tracks Ariana actually channels one Mariah Carey with her vocal range and at times she even sounds very much like her which is amazing~!! And being tiny myself you know I’m all for the little people and Ariana @ 5 feet definitely makes the grade for tiny and yet powerfully talented~*.

~Ariana Grande “Problem” (mv)~

And “Problem” is beyond catchy!!! To put into prospective: It’s awesome like Justin Timberlake singing that duet with Michael Jackson-catchy!…a higher tier of awesomeness!~!

So go get Ariana Grande’s song “Pr0blem” here @ itunes!

Better yet shop for everything Ariana @ itunes!

I also highly recommend her single “Put your hearts up” which is UBER~CATCHY♥!!!!, her album “Yours Truly” along with her mini Christmas album which includes a very cute version of that classic “Last Christmas” which we all LOVE right?! And so if you heard a crazy person listening to Christmas music in their car during the month of June it was probably me =P.

Justin Timberlake doing his THING!Justin Timberlake x Michael Jackson

~Love Never Felt so Good (mv)~

And as Captain Obvious would indulge,

…watching Justin♥ is never a bad thing!!!! YUM!

(Sorry got sidetracked there for a moment~* =P.)

Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana Grande

So digging a bit deeper into her already most accomplished career, Ariana Grande also has starred in a couple of hit sitcom shows on the Nickelodeon channel including her most recent series “Sam and Cat” and while it’s now notably on “hiatus/cancellation?” due to a not so pleasant exchange from her used to be? co-star on that show where some not so nice things were said via Twitter towards Ariana and let’s just say it may have involved something to do with their contracts and unequal pay there or perhaps a leaked photo of said co-star (not buying the latter though….) however I’m not going to get into any more of that here.

But instead,

let’s watch a few fan clips/live clips of this star ~*~~* on thE RISE!

~Ariana Grande “Problem” on The Ellen Show~

And right from the very beginning that brass~riff is jazzy-pop-crazy-catchy! Awesome performance with Ariana bringing the sexy hot overload with the voice of an angel!!

~Ariana Grande “Put your hearts up” (mv)~

This one’s getting the most played ipod treatment right now too! Deliciously~addictive song and like “Problem” it’s one of those songs which is readily lovable from the very first listen…really trust me 😀 . Also did you catch the “4 Non Blondes” vocal riff which is most prominent here?? No? It’s that “…hey yeah yeah yeah” part where the melody is very reminiscent of their classic song “What’s Up.” Really, try playing that part of each song back to back….it’s pretty uncanny.

(Note though something is wrong with the video here as it totally freezes about midway through for some reason =(..if anyone finds a non freezing version please do tell!!)

edit: Okay I found a Dailymotion video which works 😀 !

~4 Non Blondes “What’s Up” (mv)~




~Ariana Grande “The Way” & “Problem” @ the iHeart Radio Music Awards~

Love how they even recreated her mv stage here too…albeit they’re steps =P!


~Ariana Grande funny moments~

You gotta love the whole chicken bit here with late night with Jimmy Kimmel, her I almost pulled a Beyonce on stage, lots of random goodness & what about her Japan appearance where she’s gifted a whole lotta H~Kitty♥ goodies and when she put that thing on her head it was the best 😀 !

~Ariana Grande, her White House Performance~

And when you’re invited to sing for the President and the First Lady, okay very awesome!!! A wonderful tribute to Whitney Houston, gone much too soon =(. And secondly her performance of her song “Tattooed Heart”….can U say Doo Wop 50’s LOVE.

~Ariana Grande “Last Christmas”~

I’ve always loved this song♥! and Ariana definitely does it justice!! Funny it’s one of those songs which makes me feel happy and yet its lyrics are so melancholy =P….of course the original is amazing too!

Ariana Grande~♥ your talent rules and you’re most adorable and funny too =D.

Ariana Grande


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to I ♡ ARIANA.

  1. Gorgeous modeling ,blissful face.Great job.Have a wonderful week.Jalal


  2. philipleslie says:

    Well, I think Ariana ought to hire you as her publicist! You’ve done a grand(e) job of showing what a talent she is. I’d not heard of her before, so as always, it’s exciting to be introduced to a new artist. The video for Problem is fun, isn’t it. It reminded me of the end sequence of the movie ‘Get Over It’, when everyone’s singing. I’m tempted to have a go at some of those guy’s contortion’s, but only after I’ve finished typing this, just in case I get stuck… Do you think she was lip-synching in the Ellen performance? I suppose she’d have to, really, as it’s a magazine format show, with lots of guests coming and going, and limited time for soundchecks etc. Interestingly, on a related note, the Twitterverse was buzzing this weekend, apparantly, when people watching Dolly Parton singing live at the Glastonbury Festival decided she was miming. I think there was a slight delay between the broadcast sound and picture. Dolly would never mime. She has no need to. She’s one of the most accomplished singers you can get; plus she loves to sing for people.
    Anyway, thank you for your splendid post!


    • Lol I don’t think I’d survive as a publicist xD! “Problem” really blew me away at first listen/ sight!!…and I agree it was shot in such a fun way and with a lot of sexy energy to boot! Proves you don’t need elaborate stages always…just great choreography and of course a phenomenal voice and song~♥. Get over it…I have seen that one with Kirsten Dunst right?…I actually have the DVD and it was somewhere around that Bring it on! craze which I also got really into! In hindsight I wish I had done cheerleading =/….and then she did that Virgin Suicides…I think that was the title off the top of my head but in any case that was really depressing xD. Oh but how that movie triggered your memory hear you were speaking of….I’d need to watch again as I can’t remember that part. Hmm…on Ellen though I do believe she’s singing 100% live (minus the background vocals) as she does some notable variances in phrasing from the studio recording, albeit she could have recorded an alternate vocal for the show but I wouldn’t think so. Her voice is so powerful and actually I forgot to mention her song “Honeymoon Avenue” where she is totally channeling Mariah which is absolutely amazing upon itself not to mention it’s a most lovely ballad~♥. You’ve got itunes right? You can hear a snippet of “Honeymoon Avenue” there…..it’s really a great song! I think you’d like “Tattooed Heart” also and the song writing in both of these songs is top notch with even a bit of music nostalgia composed right into one of them….I’ll let you figure it out =D. But anyway getting back to her Ellen performance I do believe it’s live as she’s phrasing differently with little nuances being different from her studio recording and I’ve also seen her sing acapella and she’s authentically that broad and dynamic with her vocal range and power. Shame that some would think that Dolly Parton would ever need to lip synch =/ and it rather sounds like an unfortunate technological issue occurring there =/.

      Oh did you check out her cover of Last Christmas? I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing a much more poppy take on such a classic and especially since I do think they’re from England? If they’re not you can kick me =P!

      Much more Ariana~♥ love coming no doubt!!!


      • philipleslie says:

        Get Over It is quite a short film, really, but very funny, and well worth watching again. I’ve two copies, the region 2 release and the region 1, which has the original letterbox ratio. The colours seem brighter on the R2, and the colour palette is gorgeous. Bring it On is such a hoot; I’ve watched it dozens of times. Virgin Suicides is a beautiful dreamy movie, and just about captures the odd atmosphere of the novel. As always with Sophia Coppola, her movies are often a mix of wonderful things and a few things that don’t quite work (although Lost in Translation is amazing). There’s one scene in Virgin Suicides when some guys turn up to fell a tree in the girls’ garden and it’s pretty obvious the director had no idea how a tree is cut down, so the scene looks pretty bogus. A shame, as otherwise the movie’s pretty watchable. My fave Kirsten Dunst movie from this period is probably ‘Crazy Beautiful’, in which she plays the out of control daughter of a politician and her friendship with a guy who wants to make something of his life. You’re bound to have seen it. My fave of all, in which she has a main role, is ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. Saw it three times in the cinema and many times since on DVD. I enjoyed ‘Marie Antoinette’ (we’ve had this conversation before), but always find the last half hour or so a little flat. The first hour is great.
        ‘Wham’ (Last Christmas) definitely British. I’m not what’s become of George Michael: he’s had a few problems over the years, hasn’t he. I enjoyed Arianna’s ‘Last Christmas’: it’s on YouTube, having enjoyed 3.3 million hits! Honeymoon Avenue and Tattooed Heart are on there too. The latter has a classic 1950s chord sequence, doesn’t it. It really does remind me of a classic song: Under the Moon of Love, maybe?


    • BTW..watching the U.S vs. Belgium live right now (・д・`*)!!it’s nerve wracking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tied 0-0 at the moment and yet there’s been so many scoring opportunities for both sides.

      ps. I wonder if Belgium Waffles are just ‘waffles’ in Belgium? =P


      • philipleslie says:

        And similarly, Chinese Food in China is no doubt simply ‘food’! Sounds as though you’ve got Soccer Fever! Wimbledon has been exciting. No more Williams sisters (at first I thought she was trying out a new tactic: to play strangely and confuse the opposition), no more Nadal and Sharapova… Hope you’re enjoying. Might be a damp weekend, although Thursday is likely to hit around 80 degrees (F). The courts will be like concrete.


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