~Manoeri’s♡ Friday the 13th (゜Д゜;) Survival Tips.

~It’s Friday the 13th, here’s what you need to know before heading out the door.


Manotip #1

If a regularly boisterous destination is mysteriously void of human life,

don’t go in 😀 .

Manotip #1

Manotip #2

If your surroundings suddenly become eerie or downright spooky,

never never ask if “anyone’s there…” as that’s a surefire way of becoming the next unlucky victim of horror 😀 .

Manotip #2

Captain Kirk says...

Manotip #3

Even if you’re not eaten by the undead just yet,

there are other horrors in this world that are just as spooky 😀 .

Manotip #3

Charles Barkley turrible............


Manotip #4

In the event that an all out zombie-apocalypse occurs,

keep your yummier friends nearby 😀 .

Manotip #4

Manotip #4

Manotip #5

Shiichan proposes...

And under no circumstances,

should you ever EVER wear an outfit which makes you look really sexy,

as everyone who’s seen at least one horror flick knows that either looking overly

sexy/slutty or having actual sex can only mean that you’re next 😀 .



Manotip #5

down arrow

Johnny Mac says....

Ricchan says..... (2)

down arrow


~This post has been brought to you proudly by ManoBeam♥~

(use only as directed)

Have a nice day!


~Have a nice day!~




About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to ~Manoeri’s♡ Friday the 13th (゜Д゜;) Survival Tips.

  1. philipleslie says:

    Haha. Thank you for that. Great fun.
    Do the Japanese have ‘unlucky’ days. Presumably on the 4th or 9th of the month rather than 13th?


  2. Hi ,thank you for visiting my blog,hope you are doing well.You have a blog that spreads beauty.Jalal


  3. philipleslie says:

    Before I lose it, I’ll post this link for you here: http://news.uk.msn.com/uk/wimbledon-murray-second-favourite What do you reckon to these odds?


    • Hmm…..as awesome as Djokovic is I’d think that Nadal should be right up there as tops in odds and Murray’s going to fight hard to defend his crown so the odds seem just about right.


      • philipleslie says:

        I’d love to see a Nadal/Murray final. Not sure about the women’s final as quite often the major players can fall early in the tournament. I’d love Sharapova to reach a Wimbledon final again, but it seems unlikely.


        • I’m right with you!!! That would be the best and with the England audience versus the Nadal fight what could be better….still love the fact that he runs back to his bench and then back onto the court during/after change overs…..its inspiring..this amazing man never gives up ever. Un the women’s draw seems to be much more fragile at times…..so awesome that Sharapova has completed her Grand Slam in championships ~*~~* winning each once so far and she’s been playing amazing as of late so you never know.


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