~Rockin’ the vote♥ 2014 ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (4)AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (3)

AKB48 Labrador Retriever singles types A, K, B & 4 with member photos

Amazing how the year flashed by so quickly!..and we’ve yet again arrived at one of idol’s most momentous occasions with AKB’s annual General Election right upon us!

So with the simple purchase(es) of their latest single offering “Labrador Retriever” you’ll receive one uniquely serial coded ticket per purchase therewith you can visit their official voting site and cast to your heart’s content, or at least as much as your wallet/purse will allow you to :D. The official voting opened last month on the 20th and actually concludes today (6/6 Japan time) so if you haven’t yet made your heartfelt choice(es) time is of much urgency.

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (1)

As is my now annual routine as you can see above I did opt for one copy of each single edition of their latest single release, therefore receiving four votes as well as their much much detailed and stat filled wonder which is their (“Sousenkyo”) official General Election Guide Book which also includes in addition to write-ups for each and every girl participating, a look at every member’s personal election poster which is created anew at this time. Now while these aren’t of the political side of things they’re always very creative and eye catching!!

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (34)

Here Sakipon’s poster utilizes the universally effective

theme of LOVE~♥…..

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (32)

..while Akicha’s features an idol’s best-furry-friend♥!

And yet each year you just never know

who’ll be channeling….

Dr. Evil...

…Yep, one Dr. Evil =P!

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (33)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (5)

So anyway, this year’s format aside from the number of girls vying for your votes stands very much the same as each tier collectively equals sixteen. However that pyramid to the top of the Senbatsu now has grown an additional level of prestige as what used to the THE 64 top vote getters will now be your TOP 80 as 65 through 80 will join the celebration as the “Up Coming Girls.” Wohh that is going to be one giant mizugi surprise celebratory mook as I’m assuming the Top 80 will now be featured with all appearing in this year’s annual pictorial treat still to come =O!!

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (6)

This year’s General Election Guide also fittingly includes a final interview tribute to Oshima♥Yuko which I’ve scanned just below:

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (24)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (25)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (26)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (27)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (28)





~Rockin’ the vote♥ 2014 ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!~

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (12)

Now had I an arsenal of plentiful vote tickets this feat of choosing wouldn’t be anywhere near as difficult, albeit there are many many girls on my favorites♥ list! And one could just as easily place every vote of theirs upon their Oshi exclusively for sure. And yet I felt the wanting of spreading albeit just four votes of mine just a tad bit around so to speak this year.

But first for a moment let’s consider the displacement factor very much present in this year’s election…..


…okay so it’s not water displacement (although the word displacement somehow always manages to make me think of WD-40 instantly :P!) but rather the Yuko♥ vote displacement factor or YVDF-48 :D!

Surely while there’ll no doubt be Yuko fans whom may not come out in force voting for another favorite member, just as well there’s sure to be a ton of displaced votes going to other girls and as Yuko’s vote total was only second to Sasshi’s awesome total let’s just say that that is a whole lotta displaced votes searching for other girls to support!

Now getting back to that whole arsenal of votes thought I was speaking of earlier, Mmm…here’s just the short list of girls I’d vote for if I had such a plentiful vote total to send out:

(all scans are from this year’s Election Guide Book)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (19)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (21)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (23)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (16)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (14)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (15)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (17)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (18)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (20)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (13)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (22)

Have a nice day

However now back to reality

Bummer face

and so with my four votes,

just yesterday

my votes



AKB48 37th single General Election voting code sheets

down arrow

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (31)

One vote for Yuria :D!

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (11)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (30)

One vote for Ricchan!

And I am so heartbroken by something so unspeakably horrible which occurred last month at a handshaking event in Iwate where both Iriyama Anna and Kawaei Rina as well as a staff member were all horrifyingly injured by some lunatic whom somehow brought a saw of some sort into the event and apparently lost his mind =(. Coincidentally the French Open is being played now and this so brings back frightening moments which occurred right on court all those years ago where then top ranked Monica Seles was savagely attacked by an idiotic fan whom during between games during a rest period reached over the fan wall and stabbed her in the back with a knife. It was mind boggling then as it is now how such a thing could possibly occur at such a high profile event with staff, security and fans everywhere. Likewise it places a great concern on how security and screening measures are handled at AKB or any idol or otherwise events in Japan.

And while I’m certain the steps will be taken in order to be sure that nothing horrible and mindless like this ever takes place again, more concerning is the state of these girl’s minds after such a horrific ordeal. I mean simply these are emotional scars which will never truly heal and I just hope that they receive all of the care for their wellbeing going far beyond the physical side of recovery. Monica Seles left tennis for years after her attack and even when she did finally return to the tour she was never the same. My heartfelt prayers for both Anna and Ricchan and their brave staff member whom came to their rescue in such a terrible moment of one’s senseless awful act. I hope one day they both can feel a sense of freedom and security without fear as both continue to blossom as beautiful and sweet idols~.

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (9)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (10)

And without doubt,

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (29)

..two votes for Mayuyu as after all she is

my Oshi♡!!

Have a nice day

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (7)

AKB48 Sosenkyo Official Guide Book 2014 (8)


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12 Responses to ~Rockin’ the vote♥ 2014 ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!

  1. philipleslie says:

    Good voting choices! It will be really interesting to see how Ricchan does this time. I suspect (and hope) that Sasshi will triumph, with Mayuyu in 2nd or 3rd place.


    • I struggled a bit before finally deciding and it was a good thing that I had at least four votes as I so wanted to vote for Ricchan along with Mayuyu for sure….awesome that she made Senbatsu right in 16th this year \(^o^)/!!~!!

      Did you get to vote too? Curious whom you’d picked.


      • philipleslie says:

        Sadly, not eligible to vote, but had I been able to, I’d have supported Sasshi, Mayuyu and Akarin. If I’d had to choose just one of those, Akarin, because the support for Sasshi and Mayuyu was guaranteed to be awesome. I was so happy for Ricchan making the senbatsu. I was watching the videos on Labrador Retriever type A last night and wondered if Ricchan or Annin could ever be so happy and carefree again.


        • Hmm…you’re Labrador Retriever single(s) should have included a vote ticket each, they have unique serial numbers on them which you use when you visit their official voting site. Very logical thinking in a solo choice, the mental scars from anything so traumatic can last for years or for some it may never truly go away sadly =(. As far as celebrities go I’ll never forget when Monica Seles (actually an athlete but still a celebrity in a sports sense =) ) was attacked and stabbed in the back during a match at Roland Garros all those years ago and despite taking a few years away from the game to recover both physically and mentally she sadly never regained her #1 form and was never the same afterward, such an awful thing to have happened =(. Hopefully both Ricchan and Annin have had made available to them all of the support needed emotionally and I too hope they both can once again feel free again in any public outing.


          • philipleslie says:

            I ended up having to buy the regular edition. Unfortunately, the instructions for voting (from the UK, is that allowable?) would be pretty hard for me to translate. Is it a simple matter of emailing a serial number?
            I vaguely remember the Monica Seles incident. That really did bring her career down, didn’t it. I assume she coaches these days. (Wimbledon is just a couple of weeks away! I’d rather watch that than World Cup, I have to say. Not a big footie fan, and footie fever is certainly in the air at the moment.)


            • philipleslie says:

              It’s first thing in the morning and I’m not wearing my glasses. I just reread you previous reply and out of the blur I saw the voting instructions! I always thought it was more complicated than that. I could have voted last year, then…


              • I usually will opt for the regular edition as the LE’s extra is a handshake event which I won’t be able to attend xD and also the Regular Editions come with member photos which is really the big extra incentive =).

                Oh yes! you can vote from anywhere in the world….I’m so sorry I feel awful that I couldn’t have spoken to you about the voting sooner =(. For next year as I’m thinking they’ll keep the system the same, first you’d go to the address for example this year it was “http://akb48-sousenkyo2014.jp” and there you’ll see two options one allows you to search for the member of your choice by group/team while the other lists names I think alphabetically (Japanese alphabet order though). I find it easier to choose the top option and go by group/ team as it’s quicker for me so you’d then click ~* on that top link and then you’d be redirected their name listings by Team in this instance. Scroll to find your favorite member you’ll be voting for and click ~* on her name. Then the next page will have two blank sections for you to type your unique serial number (found on your voting ticket) into, the top section for the first half and the bottom section for the second half of your serial number. Then click~* on the vote button just below where you’ve just entered in your serial number code. The page will then redirect you to a vote accepted confirmation page, the dialogue there just simply states thank you for your vote and please take our survey. The survey is completely optional but if you do choose to take it it’s basically all drop down menu-multiple choice options for each question and there are just a few of them including gender, range of age, prefecture (hoka “other” works okay here =) ), how many events you’ve attended in person and lastly how long you’ve been a fan of AKB48. And wallah that’s it! It’s really quick and easy and much simpler than my babbling above would have one believe =P. Also on the bottom of your voting ticket you’ll see a start and end date and time for when the voting opens and closes just to be sure you get your vote(s) all in in time =D.

                Haha I had this image of all men in Europe somehow loving Football (soccer here) =P!!

                I love Wimbledon♥!!!! Will be watching soon and how about Rafa!!!!!! Could he be regarded as the greatest ever when he calls it a career? I think it’s a very real possibility!


                • philipleslie says:

                  Thank you for that: I’ll cut and paste your instructions and keep them for next year! Cogs did start to move in my slow brain when you wrote about who you’d voted for, because up till then I’d assumed you had to live in Japan to be eligible. As you say, the handshake tickets are only of use if you intend to use them, if that makes sense, although those events are still on hold, aren’t they.
                  Love the ‘making of’ documentaries on Labrador Retriever. In one review of the single I read, the reviewer wrote ‘Eewwwww’ when Matsui Rena licks her ice cream after the dog has been licking it, but in the making-of, Riichan also feeds her ice cream to the dog, and I’m sure both members would be hygene-conscious, so I think that Rena’s Eewwww moment was a result of editing the sequence out of time, rather than in chronological order.
                  Football, football, football… Is there a big following in Hawaii? Some people have painted the fronts of their houses with England colours. Flags have already started to be hung out of bedroom windows. Dads are buying packets of stickers from newsagents and completing their collections via Twitter. Pubs will be doing a roaring trade and TV sales will have gone up.
                  I’ve never attended Wimbledon, but my dad used to get free tickets and regularly attended in his last few years. Nadal seems to have a bit of trouble with his knee, doesn’t he? He’s a fantastic player, but Federer was the coolest dude on court for me. Hardly broke into a sweat.
                  You may like to know it’s actually warm in the UK at the moment: mid 20s and humid, although it drops to the mid teens overnight. Rather pleasant.


                  • I was just reading that they’re going to begin the events again soon which is wonderful for both the idols and fans and they’ve already begun having a police presence even at their concert events at their theater so there’s no more of throwing caution to the wind so to speak as those days are truly over now. Haha I wonder?? You never know as some love animals/ their pets enough to do such things =P. On a wacky note of animal relationships with humans, I was listening to a radio program last week and somehow the topic of people trying their pets foods came up and then there was an instant poll being done where a whopping two thirds or something like 66% of those responding to the poll indeed said that they at one time or another had tried some of their pet’s food…..you know just to see what all the fuss was about lol =P! Of course the consensus was that dog food didn’t taste that great and was sort of ‘bland’ but in any case milkbone anyone?? =D I personally wouldn’t ever think doing such a thing as cat food looks rather unpleasing to me and it’s not fragrantly enticing either lol XD! Anyway I’m too thinking that that was most likely editing with the girls or on second thought hmmm…? =D

                    Not in particular although whenever the World Cup rolls around every four years there is a local buzz, still though with youth leagues and such soccer is pretty popular here in that way but as far as professional matches there isn’t too much interest here in general. Sounds like England is really into it!!!! Woah house painting??! I’ve heard of face painting for sports but to actually paint one’s home for an event, that’s a dedicated fan going far and beyond the call of sports fanatics ~*!!

                    So lucky your father could attend and free no less, that’s awesome. Had you never attended a match with him? Nadal has had his injuries of late and he was out for quite some time but smartly he kept away until he was fully healed and didn’t rush back too quickly which I imagine must have been tempting to do. I really did believe that Federer had become the greatest of all time and actually wrote a little rambling of thoughts on that here:


                    And only recently I’ve been wondering if Nadal may be able to surpass him in time and also when you think of how Nadal usually got the better of Federer it becomes even more of an intriguing question. Well for now nothing’s settled just yet as both are still playing and most capable of more Grand Slams and history for their belts. Just fun to ponder sometimes =). And to your point Federer did make it look so easy, always so cool and smooth on the court!

                    Haha I’m trying to imagine weather in the 20’s and I think I would become a popsicle quite instantly xD!! For me perfect temperatures would be somewhere in the mid 60’s and there’s no chance of that here right now as we’re seeing daytime temperatures of nearly into the 90’s with mornings only dropping to the mid to low 70’s so it’s quite warm =(.


                    • philipleslie says:

                      I neglected to specify that it’s mid 20s Centigrade, which is heading towards 80F, so probably to your liking. Ages back you wrote about when you visited California and thought that 30 degrees was chilly. I assumed you were only at home living inside an active volcano! 30F is indeed chilly, especially if you’re used to more than double that. London is expected to hit 80F today. But it’s short-lived, and a chill wind will be blowing down from Scandanavia this weekend. A couple of weekends back it was around 24C here and humid too. I rather liked it and chose to paint the garden fence (all 50ft of it) with wood stain. I felt pleasantly ill when I’d finished.
                      No, I never thought to get myself invited to Wimbledon too. The view on TV is just fine. Not sure what will happen this year as Wimbledon coverage will clash with World Cup.
                      Andy Murray has worked amazingly hard and looks like our best British player. Always enjoy the moment straight after the match when a presenter thrusts a microphone at him and interrogates him when he can barely breathe. Fatigue combined with a strong and monotone Scottish accent means it’s hard to understand a word he says. Federer, on the other hand, always looks as if he’s ready to play another 4 hours’ worth of hard tennis.
                      The BBC coverage is fun as most of the commentators are past champs, and Boris Becker and John McCenroe (to name but two) are usually on air for the two weeks. Do you watch on Sky? Who are the presenters there?
                      That’s great the handshake events will be starting again. Wasn’t it Rena, in her speech, who was apologising for not being able to interact with the fandom at the moment? I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming Nogizaka46 single. I’ve seen a clip and it looks and sounds pretty good, as well as being an advert for Nokia Coloud headphones.
                      By the way, you would have seen this at the time, as I did, but I didn’t have the subs to guide me through Suda Akari’s wonderful speech: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1yz9aw_akb48-6th-senbatsu-election-suda-akari-s-speech_music?start=2 I love the way the dial suddenly goes from ecstatic to a flood of tears. I’m definitely voting Akarin next time around.


                    • LOL that’s so funny!!! I always forget about centigrade with fahrenheit being stuck in my mind as the only measurement =P. You must’ve thought I was mad saying how freezing!!!! I was then xD! That is quite the ambitious painting work and a really long fence for sure. That is such a dilemma I’d imagine for some with the World Cup coinciding with Wimbledon this year and yet I hear how passionate soccer fans are so that may possibly win out? You can’t help but root for Murray and just how hard he’s playing out there plus he has some of the most epic on court discussions with himself throughout any given match =D! U~n his accent is really thick and nothing like having to speak immediately after running around for a few hours on court with so much pressure =O. It’s been NBC on the weekends and ESPN for all of the weekday tennis coverage here as of late and for Wimbledon it’s been McEnroe, Chris Evert with a lot of the calls and both McEnroe brothers even have commentated on the same match at times which is pretty cool 😀 . Mmm….I don’t quite remember but it did come up and could’ve well been Rena to speak to fans on behalf of the group and just how regrettable it all is. Ahhh your Oshi did great and emotions were definitely running high on that special night!!


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