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Sorry I’ve not been around for awhile (again XD!) but just wanted to post a bit about my hands-d0wn most favorite “new” artist and actually she’s not new at all but just new to me is all 😀 . And … Continue reading

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J.J. checks Michigan off of his to do list! \(^o^)/!!!!

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Firstly Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there!!!~! And congratulations ~*~~* to Jimmie Johnson ❤ on his win at MIS!!!!!!!! This being his very first win at Michigan in the Sprint Cup Series! Remember just a few … Continue reading

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~Manoeri’s♡ Friday the 13th (゜Д゜;) Survival Tips.

~It’s Friday the 13th, here’s what you need to know before heading out the door. Manotip #1 If a regularly boisterous destination is mysteriously void of human life, don’t go in 😀 . Manotip #2 If your surroundings suddenly become … Continue reading

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~Catching up w/ ARASHI♡ + some EaRth ShAkING BREAKING NEWS!!!!!

嵐 大野 智 櫻井 翔 相葉 雅紀 二宮 和也 松本 潤 During my blogging-hiatus I did manage to miss posting ARASHI’s most recent two singles so before getting to that earth~shaking news promised let us partake in some delayed smoldering … Continue reading

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ふくちゃん~♡+沖縄 =最新写真集!!~!

Set for a June 25th release date!!…Fukuchan♡’s 2nd solo shashinshuu which was shot in beautiful Okinawa is sure to be a must have for fans!! Titled “Utakata”, and being a Wani Books release means we’ll be also treated to an … Continue reading

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Nikkei Entertainment!「Next major Idol Special: Nogizaka 46」

This mook was released a couple or so months ago and it pretty much serves as a perfect ~* way to either get acquainted with some of the upper tier of Nogizaka46’s members (17 featured here) or just to further … Continue reading

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大島♥優子 写真集リリース!!~!!(*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!

Life’s extra yummy~♥ today as I’ve just heard about Yuko releasing YES!!! a new shashinshuu!!!!!! It’s scheduled for a September 10th release date and in addition promises of a making of DVD extra to be included ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!ー♥♥♥! You can pre-order … Continue reading

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Good-Night ( 」´0`)」Zzzzz……

So I’m about to literally crash from being up for nearly 27 hours straight, …high off of Mayuyu♥’s Senbatsu.. so all I have for U at this moment ~* is this: =P.

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Tonight’s the night (6/7/14).

                                <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> We’ve arrived yet again at what promises to be a most emotional, intriguing and suspenseful evening as AKB48’s 2014 Sousenkyo will begin shortly!! … Continue reading

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鈴木愛理 VS. 矢島舞美写真集バットル!

~2014 Hot Summer Reads~ Welcome to the second annual idol shashinshuu face-off! As it’s always fun to compare idol shashinshuu and here we have the latest offerings from two very much heavy weights when it comes to the world of … Continue reading

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