~Highly Recommended Viewing 「WILD 7」


WILD 7 (33)

WILD 7 limited edition Bluray   DVD   special feature disc set with post card set and booklet

Happy Aloha~♥ Friday


As you know the NBA playoffs are on and (see right side bar~~>) I’m pretty much a basketball fanatic when it comes to the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat (D-Wade♥ my favorite current player!!!!) and with the Heat vying for a third straight title and well with all of the awesome games and even some surprisingly awesome first round matchups ongoing I’ve been glued to the tell~y quite a lot lately and hence into the foreseeable playoff future so just saying that my attention (I’ve already been blog delinquent I know….guilty) ‘may’ be thwarted towards watching men bounce and shoot an orange colored sphere into a tiny net upheld by tall posts on opposing ends upon a hardwood court whenever tell~y time is available to my tell~y~vision that is :D. And yet tonight feels like a movie night….a tinny bit chilly but quiet and why not get that batch of popcorn started with your favorite mochi-crunch and furikake at the helm….

popcornHawaiian Hurricane Popcorn

……as we make this a movie night why don’t we ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!~!

 ~This is  a spoiler-free/GMO free post =D~

If you like your action to be fast, furious and stylistic with a side of sexy to it all then tonight’s focus on the Japanese action thriller film “WILD 7” is right up your alley of genre.

First though let’s take a look at the limited edition’s aesthetics and contents which is most recommended if you can get your hands on a copy as it includes the feature film on both gorgeous Bluray as well as DVD, an additional bonus special features disc, 10 beautiful post card collectibles as well as an all inclusive booklet featuring the storyline as well as a complete cast walk through with extensive notes on everything of interest about the film and it all comes housed in an outer sleeve casing making its packaging most impressive and a natural beauty for your film collection~.

(note: Limited Edition may be available only on auction/ second hand sales sites)

“WILD 7” Regular Edition can be ordered @ cdjapan

“WILD 7” Regular Edition can be ordered @ HMV Japan

WILD 7 (1)WILD 7 (2)WILD 7 (3)WILD 7 (4)

WILD 7 limited edition post card set

WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (1)

WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (2)

WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (3)

WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (4)

WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (5)

WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (6)

WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (7)

WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (8)

Okay you’re now exiting the Limited Edition post card realm scans =P….




WILD 7 limited edition collector's post cards (9)

WILD 7 (5)WILD 7 (6)WILD 7 (7)WILD 7 (8)

Now if you’re a regular visitor here then you’ve most definitely noticed that I’ve been on a Fukakyon♥ high as of late so what better timing for taking a little peek into one of her most notable action roles to hit the big screen. First let me assure you that this little post is spoiler free in that I’ll only be shedding a tiny light into the basic plot without killing any of the film’s surprises so yes it’s most definitely safe to read as I’d think you’ll be most likely be interested in seeing this film shortly after I’ve hit the final keystroke here.

WILD 7 (9)WILD 7 (10)WILD 7 (11)WILD 7 (12)WILD 7 (13)WILD 7 (21)WILD 7 (22)WILD 7 (23)WILD 7 (24)WILD 7 (25)WILD 7 (26)

WILD 7 (14)

WILD 7 (15)

WILD 7 (16)

WILD 7 (17)

WILD 7 (18)

WILD 7 (19)

WILD 7 (20)

“WILD 7” fantasizes into the idealism of a criminal mind being the most potent exterminating force against another criminal mind, although with this experiment being implemented into real society, here it’s in total secrecy hidden deep into a governing body which operates below the radar of the public as well as the general government itself. Accomplished actor Nakai Kiichi plays the stoic and charismatic mind whom runs this experimental underground justice team known only as the “WILD 7” and while their callings to action occur exclusively in extreme cases where the national police force has been pushed beyond the brink of control where public safety has been caught up in literal peril-checkmate, soon the media led by a pair of most concerned journalists portrayed by Kaname Jun and Motokariya Yuika begin spearheading an investigation into this mysterious team of seven whom appear to be operating above the law in all instances. A bit of warning though as much of the violence herein is most graphic and even brutal in some instances but I won’t go as far as labeling any of it as gratuitous in nature as this film’s ever growing grasp upon its audience is one of a stand up and cheer for justice feel and really at nearly any cost as the criminal darkness proves much deserving, for lack of a better expression….and rest assured that for these 109 minutes you’ll need to pause for any bathroom/ food~y breaks as there isn’t a second to be missed anywhere~!

WILD 7 (27)WILD 7 (28)WILD 7 (31)WILD 7 (32)WILD 7 (29)WILD 7 (30)WILD 7 (33)WILD 7 (34)WILD 7 (35)WILD 7 (36)WILD 7 (37)WILD 7 (38)

As aforementioned the cast brings a true sexiness to screen while the action sequences are nothing short of spectacular throughout with quite the barrage of jaw dropping sequences while still keeping the audience engaged with well paced and thoughtful dialogue with yes even an adequate amount of character development (for action films that is…) although admittedly the majority of background and personality revelations are kept to the main two leads in “Hiba” played by Eita along with Fukada Kyoko’s character “Yuki” whom holds the keys to a most darkened past which inevitably links the 7 to her in a most stunning of ways. And even with all of the high octane explosive visuals and sleek production sequences abound throughout the film, there’s still the allotment of both a human element in emotional rescues and bonded friendships to behold as well as even timely humorous moments to chuckle at, so yes you will be entertained!! =)…as the preliminary and closing bookends of an analogy built about the existence of the fighting fish are revealed through a fruition of what will be, a cinematic action filled ride for your complete movie loving senses, this one’s not to be missed!!!

WILD 7 (39)WILD 7 (40)WILD 7 (41) WILD 7 (42)

So, will this team of 7 outlaws plucked from the darkness of prison cells and death row realms prove their worth to society in a means of extreme justice and perhaps redemption?….or will the fates of an experimental underground justice team prove otherwise as the stakes escalate to an extreme all time high as the walls of government and criminals alike close all around~…and the “7”, well it’s  both symbolic and a healing stature here as all is revealed~.

WILD 7 (48)WILD 7 (49)WILD 7 (50)WILD 7 (51)WILD 7 (46)WILD 7 (47)

And lastly, do ‘stay’ (watch the complete credits till their conclusion!!) till the end as there’s an abundance of cast humor abound featuring that movie clicker thingy…you know that thing you snap the arm down with the notion of action 😀 and well……Japan’s very own iconic rock band in L’arc~en~ciel is performing the ending theme song with “CHASE”, so that is YES reason enough!!~!~! Plus-Plus those action thing clicker moments in the ending credits do add a much welcomed light heartedness in seeing the entirety of the cast all so cute and giddy (bad-doers included :D!) doing so with that ‘action thingy**’…whatever is it called =P~.


(Please read first before viewing!!!!)

So here I’m including three preview clips to further entice♥, however please note that the first two ‘teasers’ are very brief and have no real spoilers…….however the third ‘Long Preview’ clip below is about 2 minutes and does indeed include a fair share of spoilers =O so please refrain from viewing  the third clip unless you’re okay with that =).

~WILD 7 (teaser 1)~

~WILD 7 (teaser 2)~

~WILD 7 (Long Preview)~

Samuel Jackson asks....

WILD 7 (43)WILD 7 (44)

WILD 7 (45)


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3 Responses to ~Highly Recommended Viewing 「WILD 7」

  1. philipleslie says:

    Aha, I see why you asked about my taste for action movies elsewhere! (I must get my new post alerts email sorted out, as I miss your posts when they’re hot off the press.) You’ll be pleased to hear that your post has succeeded in selling Wild 7 to me. And it has Fukakyon, too. Looks rather exciting. (In trailer 2, at 11 secs, the word ‘kokka’ ,’nation/state’, appears in kanji. but the voiceover guy says, I think, ‘kokkanatta’? What does this mean, please!) Sadly it’s not yet available here, but it should be eventually as it’s a Warners’ movie. Any references in ‘Wild 7’ to ‘Seven Samurai’, by the way?


  2. philipleslie says:

    P.S. Does ‘kokkanatta’ somehow mean ‘nationwide’?


  3. The subtitled reissue of the movie on subtitled Blu-ray and region 2 DVD is very reasonably priced.
    The Blu-ray is 1714 yen

    The region 2 DVD is 1143 yen


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