~Finding a new Oshi~monogamy.

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (3)

(all scans are from AKB48’s “Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 – Hawaii wa Hawaii” Hawaiian photo memoir which was released on March 29th with the exception of the Oshi card images….it’s an amazing book! You too should really get one as it’s totally worth it.)

Truth be told I knew that none of this was going to be easy or prepared for and while even having a decent head start on it all, your Oshi is your one and only and even though that readily and ever daunting approach of an idol’s graduation is ever ticking as the days pass, that day’s arrival somehow never quite seems a reality~.

So while Yuko’s♡ official graduation has already come and gone she still has a final upcoming stage performance in early June as well as what I can only imagine will be a beautiful tribute song/MV which will be released with AKB48’s (36th) upcoming single which is set to hit shelves on May 21st included as the single’s coupling-with song (“今日までのメロディー” (大島優子卒業楽曲) ). And yet with Yuko officially graduated I’ve been postponing in choosing an Oshi-successor and consider it part reluctance on my  part with a side order of indecision but in any case today’s the day I’ve decided.

Now with so many 48 girls to choose from (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ、the choice looks to be rather an estrogen powered avalanche of a single most important decision (;゜□゜)!!!

comfortable bikinicomfortable underwear

down arrow

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (1)AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (2)


I’ve long been keeping a somewhat updated favorites list for the 48 family so what it really comes down to is my top three or four from which my Oshi-successor will arise..... Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!

First though,

..for the one and only Oshi I’ve ever had in AKB I’ve scanned a few pages from her appearances in AKB’s “Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 – Hawaii wa Hawaii” photo book journal from their New Year’s visit here.

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii book

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (5)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (6)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (7)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (8)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (9)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (10)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (11)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (12)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (13)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (14)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (15)

If feels fitting too with these images as Yuko♡ at the time was just a few miles away from me (sigh….) =).

Oshima Yuko iiwake maybe

So in the end it really came down to an internal battle between Sasshi♡ and Mayuyu♡ whom are/were my favorites three and two respectfully and after much inner debate, today I’ve finally chosen my Oshi-successor to Yuko♡. At first you may find it perhaps odd that she’s not very much like Yuko♡ in personality, humor, style or even vocal type (・c_・;)?And that they’re rather sort of polar opposites as far as idols♡ go. Yuko♡ being much more of an unguarded free soul who stood quite outside of the idol formulaic box while my Oshi-successor could be considered that of the prototypical idol by her very personality, style and maybe even her vocal type. However if you know me well through the history of this blog you’ll readily know that I originally grew-up adoring and loving the idols and music of the classic generation. Groups such as CoCo, Ribbon, Qlair and Sakurakko Club to name just a few off the top of my head now which instantly come to mind are my idol roots so to speak. A powerful reason as to how falling in love with AKB was readily easy for me exists in AkiP’s strong ties to the golden J-pop era of idols & music and how this genre in both appearance and sound makes up for so much of what AKB is in both style and musical essence throughout the 48 family, therefore theirs is a brand of idols in which I readily identified with and in hearing those songs in particular where AkiP sought to rekindle and raise to the forefront that said golden era of J-pop, it was truly seeing how the past can become anew altogether again if only in the right hands of production whose heart is equally yearning for its resurgence thereby giving today’s generation of fans a true taste of J-pop’s deep roots…..a sound which many fans may have not otherwise become fond towards. So it really made perfect sense in choosing my Oshi-successor today as she personifies really that of the perfect ~* idol in every way. You see a lot of what instantly attracted me towards Yuko♡ was how she helped me embrace and see outside of the original idol sentiment, and so without further delay….




Watanabe Mayu Oshi card (back)

(card back)

Watanabe Mayu Oshi card (front)

(card front)

…is Mayuyu♡ ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!
Okay so for me it’s nothing cosmo shattering or eye-
opening and yet I really wanted to share my thought/emotional process in choosing her as
my Oshi-successor to Yuko♡.
Oshima♥Yuko (Oshimen)2
Note though that I won’t be attempting to remove the Oshi sticker seal from Yuko’s♡
official Oshi-card to be able to place it upon Mayuyu’s ↑↑. Although I do wish I did have
another one to use =/.

Anyway remember where these Oshi cards came from as they were included with AKB48’s “Oshi!” book I posted here awhile back? Well it included just a single Oshi sticker and thus that dilemma. But really it’s okay as Yuko♡ will forever be my very first Oshi so it’s only right that there only be a single sticker. And make no question that I’ll be adding Mayuyu’s♡  Oshi card soon to my “sticky” top page here ^^.

AKB48 Oshi! book

~AKB48’s “Oshi” book w/ Oshi-cards~

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (18)

Today’s like the changing of the guard so to speak and above one last photo of Yuko♡ & Mayuyu♡ spent here in Hawaii as members of AKB48♡.

And now a bit more of Mayuyu♡ scans from AKB48’s “Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 – Hawaii wa Hawaii”…isn’t she lover-ly?

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (16)

Yup you too can learn to properly handle a powerful shaft while here in Hawaii \(^o^)/!!

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (17)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (19)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (21)

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (22)

Mayuyu♥ in Hawaii....

~Mayuyu♡ in Hawaii!!~

Now if you’ll excuse me as I make-out connect emotionally with my Oshi-successor….

.. (*´∀`) ー♥♥♥!

AKB48 Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 - Hawaii wa Hawaii (23)


(note: And while a couple of images here ↑↑ may give an impression that AKB48’s “Kaigai Ryoko Nikki 3 – Hawaii wa Hawaii” photo journal could be a girl x girl make-out visual diary, I’m sad to say that it really isn’t =P although…. Hawaii truly may have a natural knack for bringing out the romance in all of us~…(^q^)!)

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12 Responses to ~Finding a new Oshi~monogamy.

  1. Nafn says:

    With this and the Kasai PB taking place in Hawaii, didn’t you have the luck of finding them?


    • Sadly I wasn’t aware of their visits here beforehand =( as it would have been amazing being able to literally just drive into town and Waikiki and bump into them. In the past with Hello! Project/Momusu visiting here so frequently their events and fan club dates were much more publicly known making catching their temp stores or a glimpse of the members much more feasible albeit there’s always security keeping everyone at a distance. Once a friend with the help of a friend whom had access to the Waikiki Shell was able to sneak both of them into a fanclub exclusive concert there making me beyond jealousxD!!


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  3. Derek says:

    Ah, the time has come, hasn’t it? Our oshi is pretty much gone. I am surprised you picked Mayuyu but I’m happy at the same time for you! Does this mean we will see a new background wallpaper collage for your blog anytime soon? I loved Mayuyu in Majisuka Gakuen and all her appearances on AKBINGO made me so happy. I think I’ve chosen my new oshi as well. Shall I share it? Ready? “DRUM ROLLLLLLLL”

    Isn’t it funny that you chose Mayuyu and I chose Yukirin? They are great friends, which must mean that me and you are great friends in our past idol lives. What do you think?
    (Raise our drinks)… HERE’S TO OUR NEW OSHIS!!!


    • U~n still numb though…..watching her graduation concert release (I’m thinking surely one must be on the way!) when that time comes is going to be emotional times a zillion. I really reasoned with myself with a lot of inner turmoil in choosing as Sasshi could have just as easily been my Oshi-successor and yet as I’ve tried to express in this post my reasoning, it then took me back to what attracted me towards idols to begin with like with the classic golden age idol soloist and groups such as CoCo and Ribbon and Qlair and Sakai Noriko…etc…..etc…and Mayuyu is truly the embodiment of what an idol was back then and what the aura of an idol is truly. So while I may have climbed back into the idol box so to speak, It’s really where the roots of my original idol adoration all began with really, therefore making Mayuyu a match made in idol~icious Heaven. Mmm….it may be a bit of a while before I decided to (or not) change my wallpaper here….consider it still my mourning period =/. But you may wake up and see Mayuyu all over here soon….=).

      A~h!!!! so cool!!!! Awesome you’re sharing this revelation with me at this moment!!!! Yukirin is awesome!!! She too I think is much more of a classic idol type and her vocals are awesome too and really everything about her!! She’s gorgeous!!! U~n I believe in the stars aligning and in each of us having infinite pasts for sure! In another time and place I’m sure!

      Kanpai!!!! \(^o^)/!!!~! Derek~san (*´∀`*) ♪~♪!

      But please remember to idol responsibly ^^.


      • Derek says:

        I was, to be honest, a bit surprised you didn’t pick Sasshi. It must have been a VERY hard choice for you, as I know Sasshi has a special place in your heart alongside Yuko and Mayuyu. But Mayuyu won out in the end it seems. Now the question is… can she finally win a senbatsu election too? lol.
        Also, Sakai Noriko… I was so in love with her back in the day. Even when the drug scandal hit, I still cared about her because I felt she had just got caught up with those around her probably influencing her to do those things for acceptance. She did have that aura of what an idol is all about though, didn’t she? I would argue perhaps even more now, being that she went thru what’s becoming more and more a rite of passage for idols, i.e., the always looming just around the corner scandal of some kind. And she somewhat survived it. I think Sasshi is the queen of surviving scandals when you consider the fact that she took first place in the senbatsu last year and after such a public destruction of her image thanks to those leaked photos, etc. Anyways, I am so happy Mayuyu is now your oshi. I hope her and Yukirin will continue to be close friends. Yukirin has the sexiest body ever for an idol, next to perhaps Kuramochi Asuka (something about her oppais just do it for me lol). I love that Yukirin’s body is sooooo long! I could go on, but I want to idol responsibly, so I’ll leave it at that :).
        Congrats again on picking your new oshi!


        • For a long time it’s been somewhat of a toss-up between Mayuyu and Sasshi for 2nd so it truly was a difficult decision to make xD. Hmmm….it’s going to be a most daunting challenge to top Sasshi in this year’s election I imagine!! I mean there was that one fan from China I believe whom voted for Sasshi several thousand times =O…and yet I’m just hoping that Mayuyu can remain near the top if not on top :). That is so cool you like Sakai Noriko too!!!!! She’s by far my most favorite female solo J-Pop artist all time as I have every album, single, and video she’s released with the exception of this one cassette release which proved to be much too difficult to find back when I was collecting all of her discography. I even found her 45 record singles =P. U~n her husband was trouble back then and things got really ugly for awhile, still I’m so happy that she returned to music and not too long ago she even released a mini album which I’ve been meaning to post up here. So true that Sakai Noriko really was the very embodiment of what an idol is I couldn’t agree more! U~n and Sasshi too has persevered and with quite the bang while that guy who leaked those photos is not such a good person in my opinion =/. Mm Mocchi’s got quite the sexy body too…..ah yes we must all try to idol responsibly lol =P….it’s just that whenever I see an idol with some sort of alcohol or alcohol display behind them I can’t help myself but create one of those slogan ‘posters’ ^^. Thank you Derek, and for sharing so much too!


  4. philipleslie says:

    Perfect choice! You’re already a fan of her WH7 involvement, and her singles. You could still have the wondrous Sasshi as your HKT48 oshi, of course (as I do)…


    • I really had to dig deep and decide and in the end I returned to my classic idol adoration roots with Mayuyu~♥ :). I do hope that she can remain at at least number two this year as Sasshi’s votes I’m thinking will remain insurmountable ^^. U~n that’s always a possibility too.


  5. Ivan says:

    oh, i really thinked u go get richan ;\ sad hehehe
    u know i dont like much mayuyu hahah


    • U know I was like numb from your comment here for some time lol….but despite everything you’ve expressed about not in particularly liking her I think in a hypothetical alternate alien universe~ =P, if you’d ever met her in person all of that negativity would simply melt away just like YODA licking on a sundae in mid summer during a heatwave~~*…just saying 😀 ….and just imagine if he’d taken U back to his cave in the swamps and if he had like AKB member signed photos in his secret chest to share ~*… =D.


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