C is for cookie, V is for vagina.


So I’m having yet another long week with work (sorry for my lack of bloggy time stil =(…) and the such with even a scheduled dentist cleaning needing to be rescheduled to give an idea of how far my  hours are being stretched recently….and yet today’s hump day isn’t it??

~Men speak on behalf of the vagina that they ‘know’ and ‘understand’ :D~

Okay firstly I know this is in no way a consensus of men on the vagina however let’s just have a bit of fun cracking up (0r not….U know just in case U didn’t REALLY know =O) as we watch this short clip…(^q^)!  But really didn’t we learn this in sex-ed?? And it’s really a double edged thingy here as on one side it’s really eye opening as some may not actually know the anatomy and yet on the other side it’s well….a bit alarming but at the same time also amusing! Okay truth be told I literally used a mirror ONCE a LONG LONG TIME TIME AGO IN A GALAXY GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY in a well thought out and secure location (starts with an s) to just you know verify the FACTS but that was waaaaaay back during my adolescence. Mm so curiosity can get the best of you and even if I’m bendy it’s still  somewhat difficult to see* (・_・)。

Okay so you’ve watched the video right?

So guys…no, pee doesn’t come out of our vagina or anus =O but rather our urethra….you could look it up or the next time you’re with your girlfriend just take a bit more notice of what’s going on down there* and in case you’re not sure of its location the urethra is located just south of our clitoris (I’m hoping you know where that is! =D) but above our vagina opening :D. Okay typing that just now wasn’t awkward (。ーωー。)笑!

And don’t even get me started on eggs, menstruation and how to properly stimulate us (okay the whole spraying water insight ‘may’ be true :D) , albeit all girls have varying wants and ‘needs*’….. huh? is it shower time already?? ‘Kidding!!!!’ 笑!

Happy ‘HUMP’ Day to you all…

..and remember knowledge is power :D.

Cookie Monster says...

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to C is for cookie, V is for vagina.

  1. philipleslie says:

    I apologise for the ignorance of my fellow sex. Was the guy joking when he said that pee came out of… (…the two other places where pee doesn’t actually come out of)!? I laughed at the ‘A- side and B- side, and they’re both pretty awesome’ remark. As for the ‘running water over it…’ I wonder how he came by this nugget of information in the first place.
    Aside from that, I hope you are okay and not too work-stressed. Have just watched the two episodes in Modern Family when they holiday in Hawaii.


    • My current favorite sitcom :D! Episode after episode the writing for Modern Family never ceases to be so witty and hilarious!!! I thought that was really cool that they did a Hawaii episode, did you get their Blurays or DVD?…so worth it although I imagine it may be in syndication there?

      Haha no need to apologize for men as girls are rather complex =P…and I had no idea we had A and B sides lol! That model thing they were holding was a bit bizarre looking by design so maybe that made it more difficult to figure out? What an amusing and eye opening clip though with the whole pee misunderstanding and it cracked me up when that guy pointed to the um wrong source omg I wonder what percentage of men think either of those are true??? =O!!! May be a reason why some guys won’t do you know down there*? Hmm interesting he knew about the shower head….how did he know that I wonder too.


  2. Why couldn’t sex education be this much fun when I was in school?! I’m sure I would have paid more attention and learnt a lot more 😉


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