Oshima Yuko, a week in the life…



March 20th, 2014

Sorry I’ve been somewhat preoccupied lately keeping me from my bloggy-time (-∀-`) but I wanted to catch up a bit on Yuko’s going’s-on through her blog as Yuko’s graduation is right upon us as AKB48’s concerts at Tokyo National Olympic Stadium are scheduled for this Friday (today in Japan!) and Saturday. And yet, Yuko announced via her blog that her final theater performance will prolong the finality of her departure as it’s now scheduled for June 2nd making that quite a long ways to go yet :D. And I can’t even fathom how hot those tickets will be and how difficult to come by they’ll prove and in particular with that announcement just coming earlier this week!!! Yuko was also quite reflective on this day as her message to fans asked how they approved of her tenure of being Team K captain, if her love had been properly felt by her fans and what fans may have experienced/ learned through these past years from herself and how much she’s learned from fans mutually in their time together with AKB48.

March 22nd, 2014 01:20:17



As has been a tradition of countless artists over the years, their final performance on the iconic Music Station stage always proves to be one of the most momentous and on this day Yuko took to the MS stage bidding it farewell as her graduation draws ever nearer. As Yuko notes, of course her signature song “Heavy Rotation” was this night’s number of choice it being one of three songs on the mini set-list. Yuko reflects on her time on the show and in particular her meetings with all of the staff there whom she thanks plus the legendary and also always shaded host Tamori-san whom presented her with a bouquet of flowers on this night! Yuko also notes the groups’ new outfits made especially for her final Music Station appearance with AKB48.

March 22nd, 2014 19:45:51


And here Yuko shows an AKB48 newspaper article featuring her graduation from the group as she notes how so much of her eight year history with the group is filled with memories and stories which are known only to the staff as much of that is shared here.

March 22nd, 2014 23:36:59


Yuko’s feeling the springtime as she sports a Burberry coat with a most cute bottom! And with the following day comes Yuko’s “Oshima Yuko kansha-sai” event as she bids her fans to attend.

March 23rd, 2014



And on this day Yuko’s Thanksgiving occurred (you gotta love her concept in giving back to fans all of the love they’ve bestowed upon her over the years with this event!) where she performed a mini set of four songs which she performed solo with the company of a live band. Yuko says how she sang openly giving it her all for fans and notes the sweet coziness felt during this event which was most mutually felt by both fans and herself. In the final pic Yuko shares how her museum has expanded  as it now includes in surplus of a 100 of her personal belongings and costumes from her time with AKB48.

March 24th, 2014



On this Monday Yuko shares a few off-shots from her latest magazine photo shoot which will appear in Friday which was set to release the very next day…and I do believe that she is also the issue’s covergirl too! And she also notes a bit of playfulness noting her wedding dress theme here leaving quite an open ended thought :D.

March 27th, 2014



And with just two days until her graduation concert(s) Yuko notes how her rehearsals for her concert finale has sort of snuck up on her with a feeling of realization of what’s about to occur as you can clearly feel those emotions in her text here! And before bidding good-night she shares a few more off-shots from her just published Friday issue!


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9 Responses to Oshima Yuko, a week in the life…

  1. philipleslie says:

    Some lovely pics here. Can’t believe it’s really happening. I did see that the Heavy Rotation plays has reached 101 million, so that was achieved in time for the graduation. Early AKB48 videos are like historical documents now. Last night, in spite of having flu, I managed to watch the DVD of Sakura no ki ni narou after the Fukakyon drama episode: so many of the performers have graduated now, especially noticeable in the catwalk bonus. I can’t see Takamina going anywhere, though. Hers not a role you’d want to give up. Presumably she’s still not officially allowed to date because she performs as well as manages? Which reminds me: there hasn’t been an official AKB wedding yet, has there? Quite of lot of Momusu got married soon after graduation, I think, didn’t they?


    • That’s awesome reaching over 100 million and in a relatively short time too :D! Interesting that although she officially graduates from AKB48 as of tonight I believe….Yuko will still have one final theater performance at Akihabara in June as that’s such a long time from now =O. As Yuko also had her final Music Station appearance this past week, coincidentally I was going through channels early this morning and then there was Tamori-san on the Japanese news :D. Oh dear I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well =( …I’m sending you my get well soon wishes ~*~~* o(*´∀`)o゛!!U~n the idol life is quite short and recently more and more of the first gen members have been graduating so closely in succession =(. U~n she’s most likely under the same idol guidelines and can you imagine when she does eventually graduate as that’s going to be so surreal in a sense like Takamina should always be there. Mmm….I’m not aware of any ex-AKB girls tying the knot just yet and as you say many ex- Momusu surely have with Mikitty and Nono’s being highly publicized….in fact Mikitty was married right here in Hawaii =).


      • philipleslie says:

        Thank you. Feeling much better today, although I’m left with an annoying cough. I know there are always new performers rising up to take the place of the graduating ones, but the replacements are never the same as your first loves.


    • On an unrelated note here, as we were just talking about James Van Der Beek elsewhere I just saw that he’s in a new show which is replacing “How I Met Your Mother” which is ending this coming Monday….it’s called “Friends with better lives” and looks to be funny by its teaser clips =).


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  3. Derek says:

    ah, our oshi looks amazing. I would absolutely trade five years of my life to have a ticket to her final stage performance in Akiba!!! I really wish I could go! BTW, nice to see some posts from you. I was having MB withdrawal!


  4. Misterchef says:

    If you happen to be a big great fan of AKB48 probably you’ve seen Ashita no Watashi no Tsukurikata,some of its members had cameo roles long before AKB48 was formed.


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