~Idol Games。。。(;゜□゜)!!!

Happy Friday Late Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what happens when you should be asleep?

Idol games. They come in all varieties and shapes. That in which a mischievous mind can conjure up has apparently no limits to said mischievousness. That being said, if you’ve ever dreamed ~* of one day becoming an idol…..be sure to read the fine batsu print first =D.

So with the following collection of idols past, if you’re relatively new here then this is your night for idol extremes and yet if you’re a regular here, then consider this a reiteration/refresher on what you already know so well to be true ^^.


~Idol Beach Dash for the Flag~

So here the adorable Koike Yui proves to not be the fastest and to the not so quick idols apparently come the ‘spoils’ of yes the dreaded batsu punishment: section A paragraph 2: “Thou must run faster.” =P

~Ye idol punishment for not running fast enough =o~

AKA: ye reward for being too adorable but not so quick =/.

Bugs Bunny gif

So it’s a typical work day and you’ve left your belongings in the designated lunch area so everything’s fine right? Well, when it comes to variety t.v. and idols♥  nothing is deemed safe or normal and you just never know what will occur “spontaneously” such as suddenly having your belongings and your purse being looked through…..omg! and then the panic sets in as you hope um…..that you didn’t bring anything “odd” or embarrassing with you to work that day (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ...!!!、and so as your purse and belongings are openly being gone through by one such mischievous host, however I wonder if you could imagine a guess as to what he finds in the very first idol purse he goes through in this particular instance???

Oh the possibilities…..

a) He finds some feminine hygiene items :O

b) He finds wads of used tissues :O

c) He finds a big sausage :O

d) He finds a “vibration” device :O


e) He finds an “excessive” amount of bra~pads :O

Thou must guess/know first before viewing the reveal! Otherwise, where’s the fun? =D

~Idol personal belongings invasion =O~

However the awkward situations don’t end there as you’ll notice that there are indeed other idols in the room, let the pie fly….’cream pie’ and apparently it’s a batsu punishment too~who~knew =O.

Bugs Bunny gif


Huh, if you guessed big sausage correctly then um I don’t know what to make of that at the moment =D. Seriously though…a big sausage? I wonder if I should start carrying one around too just in case? Lip gloss, check. Make-up, check. Tissue, check. Feminine hygiene, check.  BIG SAUSAGE, CHECK! (。ーωー。)笑!

~Idol Beach Sumo~!

Idol Beach Sumo

Idol Beach Sumo (Bali basho) Checklist~

  • Creepy Ariyoshi~lookalike imposter as host & referee =O
  • Cute bikini attire
  • Exotic locale
  • Sumo ring
  • Constant bantering
  • Funny wrestler nicknames

Idol Beach Sumo

I’m not even sure what’s more amusing….the fact that the ‘imposter’ host/ referee is dressed like Ariyoshi and has an extreme and un~bashful way of expressing his extreme interest in girl’s breasts or the fact that the girls were even talked into participating in such an ‘event?’

Well for the latter there truly wasn’t any choice as one must surely believe that winning your way into Nitellegenic status must also be accompanied by a binding idol contract to do whatever no matter how funny or odd it may be =P. You know I’m wondering if even Mr. Miyagi could have learned a thing or two from the Ariyoshi~imposter when it comes to the whole wax on wax off thing, of course here this guy’s technique is solely for the yearning of attempting to change the channel with the use of both of your breasts…..yep analog style you know before the whole remote control thing was ever invented =D.

Idol Beach Sumo

Idol Beach Sumo

~Nitellegenic no ana Beach Sumo~

Idol Beach Sumo (2)Idol Beach Sumo (7)Idol Beach Sumo (10)Idol Beach Sumo (11)Idol Beach Sumo (13)Idol Beach Sumo (12)

Idol Beach Sumo

Yeah just don’t attempt to shake this guy’s hand no matter how innocent the gesture may appear =O.

Bugs Bunny gif

~The Early Morning Idol Room Invasion Syndrome~

It’s to idols♥ what baseball is to America, a truly an idol pastime. Remember those early mornings of Momusu bedroom invasion glory all those years ago? If not, those clips are here somewhere ^^, however since Koike Yui’s already been buried in the sand why not see just what happens to her as night falls into what one would have thought would have been a good night’s sleep Zzzzzzzz…?

~Yui~chan♥ & the early morning room invasion syndrome~

Beauty needs its sleep, and Yui~chan♥ sleeps like a rock!!!!!!!

That is why she’s so irresistibly adorable.

Amazing how long it took to wake her up =O.

Bugs Bunny gif

~Idol CSI~


 Most certainly idol games can be quite extreme and extremely strange for that matter in abundance and in case you’re a bit curious as to what was going on there Yui~chan♥ was being challenged in a “crime~scene” sort of idol game where the girls must try to keep from moving any part of their body out of the chalk~mark like the one’s you see on CSI all the while being……um what’s the word or thought I’m looking for???…..being…….Mmm idol~tortured I guess for lack of a better term….I for one would have totally lost it when they reached my belly~button or toes or back or stomach or shoulders or my arms or legs or…well……thankfully not down there* (*´∀`)♥!!!!!、.. I’m much too ticklish~!!! (。ーωー。)笑。So sad I can never get a massage ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!!!


i’m okay…really. (´-ω-`)♪

And do turn up the volume for this adoooooorable~♥ sigh* as you just wouldn’t want to underplay it it’s that cute~♥ and funny I promise 😛 ↓↓↓...

~Yui~chan performs one of the cutest of sighs* all time in a “crime scene” batsu game~

And then there’s “bad~sexy” Yui~chan♥…well the host didn’t think her air~shower sexy but it was still so so cute ne~ =)! This is fun though as idols are asked to perform a sexy* act impromptu….talk about being put on the spot*↓↓↓ (・д・`*) !!

~Yui~chan “bad~sexy” xD~

Yup even the air around our favorite idols♥ is sexy!!! I’m sending in an appeal upon Yui~chan’s♥ behalf!!!!!!!!


Bugs Bunny gif

~Idol Wrestling~

Idol Wrestling

Now we all “know” that wrestling is totally fake…okay just kidding it’s real! it’s real xD~!

However in any case it’s the theater of the opposition’s banter and the low jabs which ensue leading all the way up to the fight which are most entertaining~ dontcha think =D. So tonight lets take in just a tinny taste of idol♥ jabbing as our bouts include: Koizumi Maya vs. Morinaga Maaya and Koike♥Yui vs. Yonemura Misaki~….and they’re very reminiscent of those old Mike Tyson bouts where they were over before you knew it =O.

Now the Koizumi Maya bout presents something that I haven’t quite seen in this way or I guess in any way at all =P…as the banter involves one’s “cups” and OmG!(・д・`*)!!….let’s get ready to get Peeeeeeeerrrrrrrrssssssssooooooooonaaaaaaaaaaal …(^q^)!

Oh, and what’s~up with that per~vy ref??

~Koizumi Maya vs. Morinaga Maaya~

~Koike♥Yui vs. Yonemura Misaki~

Idol Wrestling

Bugs Bunny gif

~Idols vs. Curry Ice (*>ω<)!!!~

Sure most everyone loves…

curry powder




how about….

curry powder




make that

shaved ice (;゜□゜)!!!!

shaved ice

Yech (*>ω<)!!!!!、

the things idols will do

for the love of their craft, so that’s not a typo (although I excel at those too =P) as this is not curry rice but rather curry ice 笑 !

So tonight it’ll be  a showdown!

Koizumi Maya vs. Aoki Mio

Or rather I should say,

Koizumi Maya & Aoki Mio vs. the Curry Ice






~Koizumi Maya vs. Aoki Mio w/ Curry Ice~

Sends shivers down my spine and it’s not at all because of the shaved ice (love shaved ice especially during our hot summers!) but rather because I love curry rice but in this context it’s pretty gross (*>ω<) !!!!You gotta love both girl’s reactions here and while Koizumi Maya’s was no doubt to be expected, Mio’s reaction is priceless!!!!

Curry Ice


Bugs Bunny gif



Now what if your life depended on finding your “brother” really quickly?? And just what in the world does that stick Yui~chan’s holding say? No she didn’t just pee on it to test for pregnancy. Although now that I think about it that expression could go either way like maybe she was hoping for a girl and it’s a boy or the other way around :P. Well in just a second I’m sure it’ll all come to you clearly too.

And that look ↑↑↑ says it all, and it’s not until the mischievous host repeats the batsu she’s reading on that tiny popsicle stick thingy that it sinks into Yui~chan’s imagination or rather into her fear (・o・).

But first the game they were playing was called “Doki doki kakurenbo Oniichan wo sagase!!” and at first it sounds innocent enough…you know search for your “brother” within a two~story home before the time limit runs out!! However not finding your “brother” before the time runs out as we learn here has most dire consequences!! For about as long as there’s been idols♥ it seems like there’s also been the dreaded batsu~game and subsequent batsu~penalties which go with it and in this case that creepy guy isn’t their brother, he hides in some of the oddest places in the home making it tough on the girls oh, and did I mention that he was creepy lol (。ーωー。)笑!

And getting back to the mischievous host there’s a definite feeling here that he so wants each and every girl to fail in this challenge….um you can hear it when he’s worried if one of the girls gets too close to “brothers” hiding spot or when some of them actually locate him in time there’s a certain air of disappointment about him xD. Actually that parts hilarious, the game itself?….well you can be the judge of that! =)

The clip was a bit long so I ended up editing in 5 of the girl’s clips (3 together). However if you’d like to see more clips just let me know and I’ll upload more….as actually some of the funnier ones would be yet to come =).


And just in case you’re wondering what’s going on ↑↑↑ there,

no she’s not being tickled to death. I mean that would be just plain mean (*>ω<)!!!、..

so that’s the end result of “ashi yon no jikatame” and really for a split moment before “it” began I hadn’t quite figured out what “brother” was going to do to her as her batsu~penalty for not locating him in time (・_・)....I guess management there loves their wrestling?! That’s one thing I just don’t get…wrestling never could watch any of it xD.

Needless to say the rest is quite self explanatory and that’s putting it lightly xD. So the next time you’re dreaming~* of what it would be like to be an idol♥ please remember this game and even more importantly, the frightening things* that can go with the career (;゜□゜)!!

Of course it’s all in fun…….I think lol 😛

~Koike Yui in “Doki doki kakurenbo Oniichan wo sagase!!” (clip)~

You may already realize the producer’s “reasoning” for having a two~story home (stairs!!) for the set here and subsequently the “reasoning” for having the girls wear seifuku with I must say extra~short skirts…..and that camera guy seems to be awfully low to the ground a lot of the time (*´艸`)!I think I would rip the house apart trying to find “him” I mean otherwise that’s just not good!!!

Aoki Mio

~Aoki Mio, Furusaki Hitomi & Noda Ayaka in “Doki doki kakurenbo Oniichan wo sagase!!” (clip)~

Furusaki Hitomi Furusaki Hitomi

Furusaki Hitomi


Noda♥Ayaka ↑↑↑ happens to have one of the shining~* moments as she locates “brother” in time, now if only her underwear weren’t so visible (._.;)…..still she is most funny while searching for “him” and there’s even a bit of sweet~sass to her demeanor which is cute♥. In some ways looks~wise Noda Ayaka reminds me of Aichan quite a lot like they have similar eyes~* and facial shape I think =).

Koizumi Maya

Koizumi Maya ↑↑↑ seems to hold a very special place in the host guy’s heart as you can readily hear just how much he’s rooting for “brother” to “succeed” that is if any of this can actually be considered succeeding :P!! But she’s no pushover and this is the best clip by far as she gives “brother” a slight beat~down…..or was that a kick~down……….in any case she wins \(^o^)/♥!!!

~Koizumi Maya in “Doki doki kakurenbo Oniichan wo sagase!!” (clip)~

Koizumi Maya

Koizumi Maya

The moral to all of this?

If you’re an idol♥ who’s going to work always always wear pretty~pretty underwear at all times because you just never know…(^q^)!

Well I’m thinking you already know where to find much more of Koike♥Yui here (literally yes here! as she’s one of my long time favorites~♥!!!!!) along with much of the idol beauty adoration which occurs here regularly and so…. I’ve just included online photo collections from Bejean and Sabra of Aoki Mio, Noda Ayaka and Koizumi Maya….sorry I actually don’t have any of Furusaki Hitomi at the moment but well there’s a lot of additional heart healthy regiments here to speak of…. ^^.


Extremely sexy*~cute photos to follow!!!

~Aoki Mio~

Aoki Mio

Volume 1





















Volume 2

Aoki Mio





















~Noda Ayaka~

U~n she definitely reminds me of Aichan♥ and wait till you get to her nurse photos….love the cosplay always and now if only Aichan♥ were a bit more seductive* this way lol no I’m kidding!!! Adore Aichan♥ as Aichan, Ayaka♥ as Ayaka♥ ^ ^。

Noda Ayaka 1

Noda Ayaka 2

Noda Ayaka 3

Noda Ayaka 4

Noda Ayaka 5

Noda Ayaka 6

Noda Ayaka 7

Noda Ayaka 8

Noda Ayaka 9

Noda Ayaka 10

Noda Ayaka 11

Noda Ayaka 12

Noda Ayaka 13

Noda Ayaka 14

Noda Ayaka 15

Noda Ayaka 16

Noda Ayaka 17

Noda Ayaka 18

Noda Ayaka 19

Noda Ayaka 20

Noda Ayaka 21

Noda Ayaka 22

Noda Ayaka 23

Noda Ayaka 24

Noda Ayaka 25

Noda Ayaka 26

Noda Ayaka 27

Noda Ayaka 28

Noda Ayaka 29

Noda Ayaka 30

Noda Ayaka 31

Noda Ayaka 32

Noda Ayaka 33

Noda Ayaka 34

Noda Ayaka 35

Noda Ayaka 36

Noda Ayaka 37

Noda Ayaka 38

Noda Ayaka 39

Noda Ayaka 40

Noda Ayaka 41

Noda Ayaka 42

Noda Ayaka 43

Noda Ayaka 44

Noda Ayaka 45

Noda Ayaka 46

Noda Ayaka 47

Noda Ayaka 48

Noda Ayaka 49

Noda Ayaka 50

Noda Ayaka 51

Noda Ayaka 52

Noda Ayaka 53

Noda Ayaka 54

Noda Ayaka 55

Noda Ayaka 56

Noda Ayaka 57

Noda Ayaka 58

Noda Ayaka 59

Noda Ayaka 60

Noda Ayaka 61

Noda Ayaka 62

Noda Ayaka 63

Noda Ayaka 64

Noda Ayaka 65

Noda Ayaka 66

Noda Ayaka 67

Noda Ayaka 68

Noda Ayaka 69

Noda Ayaka 70

Noda Ayaka 71

Noda Ayaka 72

Noda Ayaka 73

Noda Ayaka 74

Noda Ayaka 75

Noda Ayaka 76

Noda Ayaka 77

Noda Ayaka 78

Noda Ayaka 79

Noda Ayaka 80

Noda Ayaka 81

Noda Ayaka 82

Noda Ayaka 83

Noda Ayaka 84

Noda Ayaka 85

Noda Ayaka 86

Noda Ayaka 87

Noda Ayaka 88

Noda Ayaka 89

Noda Ayaka 90

Noda Ayaka 91

Noda Ayaka 92

Noda Ayaka 93

Noda Ayaka 94

Noda Ayaka 95

Noda Ayaka 96

Noda Ayaka 97

Noda Ayaka 98

Noda Ayaka 99

~Koizumi Maya~

Koizumi Maya 001

Koizumi Maya 002

Koizumi Maya 003

Koizumi Maya 004

Koizumi Maya 005

Koizumi Maya 006

Koizumi Maya 007

Koizumi Maya 008

Koizumi Maya 009

Koizumi Maya 010

Koizumi Maya 011

Koizumi Maya 012

Koizumi Maya 013

Koizumi Maya 014

Koizumi Maya 015

Koizumi Maya 016

Koizumi Maya 017

Koizumi Maya 018

Koizumi Maya 019

Koizumi Maya 020

Koizumi Maya 021

Koizumi Maya 022

Koizumi Maya 023

Koizumi Maya 024

Koizumi Maya 025

Koizumi Maya 026

Koizumi Maya 027

Koizumi Maya 028

Koizumi Maya 029

Koizumi Maya 030

Koizumi Maya 031

Koizumi Maya 032

Koizumi Maya 033

Koizumi Maya 034

Koizumi Maya 035

Koizumi Maya 036

Koizumi Maya 037

Koizumi Maya 038

Koizumi Maya 039

Koizumi Maya 040

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12 Responses to ~Idol Games。。。(;゜□゜)!!!

  1. philipleslie says:

    Great fun. Loved the idol version of sumo wrestling (hmm…I wonder why?). I’ve seen some of those Momusu invasions and treasure hunts, although they don’t always have subtitles. There are also some AKB48 invasions, too. It’s fun to see the startled idol rein in her response from horror to hahaha in a blink. By the way, what’s the red book which is taken from her bag? Koike Yui very yummy, but I find Aoki Mio is very appealing. Do you think there were two camera people in the house sequences: one regular height person and one very short person who has to point the camera upwards? Seifuku and stairs seem to go hand in hand, don’t they…One thing. It’s Saturday noon as I write this. Isn’t it early Saturday morning for you? I was confused when I saw you’d written Saturday night. I think my brain has gone mushy from watching idol sumo.


    • philipleslie says:

      Good use of Bugs, by the way.


      • Ahhh you’ve seen those Hello! Morning sumo game episodes I’m thinking? =D U~n I have those Momusu early morning invasion clips here somewhere and Reina’s reaction was really the funniest wasn’t it!! And then you had Kamei’s most messy room =O. I nearly had a laugh too hard/ pee moment when the big sausage was pulled from her bag and I like he first said that is was too erotic…like I never would have imagined such a thing being so handily carried about by anyone and especially not an idol lol =P!! Mmm…do you mean Misaki’s book? Hers is a datebook/planner although there seems to be a bit of a diary aura to her writings in it. Haha I did wonder about that too, I’m thinking that maybe they had a camera on a track? or maybe just a crew laying down maybe.

        Actually that was me, I had planned to set the publish day for Saturday but then I clicked on post before I had changed the date on the post XD…and it wasn’t until later when it published unexpectedly that I realized.


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  3. Morning Berryz,l commend you for this fantastic entertaining ,full of surprises post,and the time you put to publish the post.Warm wishes ,Jalal


  4. Ivan says:

    hahah idol games always funny 😛

    u know some recent ones to search to watch ??


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