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~The Most 「Beautiful Girl」 in the World

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And as a true indication of just how popular this shashinshuu truly is, it’s already completely sold out at most major online stores!! As of this posting an order for “(un) touch” can still be placed at Amazon Japan as … Continue reading

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Oshima Yuko, a week in the life…

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~大島優子~ March 20th, 2014 Sorry I’ve been somewhat preoccupied lately keeping me from my bloggy-time (-∀-`) but I wanted to catch up a bit on Yuko’s going’s-on through her blog as Yuko’s graduation is right upon us as AKB48’s concerts at … Continue reading

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~タッキー&翼 、to the cosmos and beyond…

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It’s been quite a long wait putting it lightly, and at long last we have a new single from Tackey & Tsubasa aka: the sexiest Johnny’s duo ever!!!! Just released on March 19th, T&T has rewarded fans with quite the … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals….

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..are all about the joys of bundling or rather the necessity of it in order to help curb high shipping costs~. So where to begin? Well I’m already deep into Tackey & Tsubasa’s latest double A~sided release and next may … Continue reading

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Okay I just got done scanning the latest issue of UTB and it may be true that no idol booty, has ever boo~tied quite as booty~liciously as Rikacchi’s booty has boo~tied to date =D! And yet, the highlight of the … Continue reading

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Kitty Burrito~♡

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Believe it or not it’s actually been a bit chilly here up until the late mornings recently and our Yuko has discovered a most cozy of ways of battling the chill via the creation of a kitty burrito! She’s actually … Continue reading

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~The Girl with the Golden Dimples

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Mmm I dare you, no I double-dog-dare you to find more adora~licious dimples~♡ on an idol =D! Mm okay okay there’s truly a whole lotta cute idol dimples out there I know. However (しかし)….. ..we’re talking here about the triple-threat-of-all-dimples … Continue reading

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~Weekly Playboy no.12 March 24th, 2014 features covergirl Sasshi~♡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’d normally headline each WP issue with a host of idol cuties with sometimes tiny comments and yet after gazing at this latest issue’s cover, I realized that there was simply nothing more to mention =P. This like one of … Continue reading

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~Young Jump no.14 March 20th, 2014 features ManoGuam-ManoPeach-ManoSexy!, Shirakawa Yuna & a most adorable idol’s confessed restroom mirror expression which is too cute to be missed!

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Okay truth be told that expression I just spoke of isn’t actually in this issue but it has been collaborated into her pictorial just a bit below =). And while Guam continues to be a favorite playground of idols, it’s … Continue reading

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Acchan, you should be in pictures….

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With Acchan’s fourth single released just a few days ago on the 5th! (mines is yet to arrive as it’s bundled with a few other goodies =D)… just knew that many magazines would come calling and here’s just the tip … Continue reading

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