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Yuko to Chocolat

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Bittersweet issue of Young Jump, sweet because it’s simply Yuko with another gorgeous cover and pictorial and yet bitter as I’m poignantly reminded of her pending and ever nearing graduation ( ┰_┰)、and here even a bit of symbolism with that ever … Continue reading

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「Kojiyuko♡」How to use SExy.

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Yuko & Kojiharu breath smoldering sexy in this issue of Friday!! Both their styling and poses here are pure YUM♡!…and while that study ‘confirmed’ that boobs can lower a man’s blood pressure and improve heart health (Kohiharu doing her public … Continue reading

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筧美和子 生日:1994.03.06 血型:AB型 身高:166 三圍:89.60.80 ~Kakei Miwako in BOMB.tv ♥~ ~Kakei Miwako in BOMB.tv ♥♥~ ~Kakei Miwako in BOMB.tv ♥♥♥~

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