I dream of…

Screen Plus Vol.43 (1)

Screen vol.43

..Takenouchi Yutaka~♡!!~!~! Yes when I first laid eyes upon this issue’s pre-order there was no hesitation in clicking on the add-to-cart-button =D!

And here just below is what my main bedroom wall looks like and has for some time now (meaning, since I’ve gotten this Takenouchi Yutaka calendar page now turned into poster)


Takenouchi Yutaka wall poster


I wouldn’t even dare put any pin through it or place any adhesives to its backing so I’ve simply used a couple of pins atop at either end to hold my man in place o(*´∀`)o゛~♥。I’ve also collected a rather rare shashinshuu of Takenouchi Yutaka which is also posted here if you search his name and it was taken during his longer hair days which is a waaaaay sexy period for sure (think “Beach Boys” or “Koori no sekai” both great dramas btw!) but other than that besides the multiple dramas I own in which he stars/ appears in I haven’t been lucky enough to indulge in too much more from my Mr. Dreamy which makes the arrival of this issue in itself, well pretty much an orgasmic* day for me and at that putting it lightly ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!やっほぃ♪~♥。


Screen Plus Vol.43 (3)Screen Plus Vol.43 (2)

And well okay he’s over 10 years older than I am and well in my fantasy/ hypothetical world that doesn’t matter a single tiny bit as I’ve always thought that the age gap between potential couples/ marriages are much more awkward say in our younger years like when one may be in their late teens to early twenties making a possible suitor in their late twenties to early thirties a bit too much in my opinion but as we age that very same gap loses a lot of its gappiness (today’s made up word =D ) as like if you were to consider someone who’s like 50 years old marrying another who’s 60 it doesn’t seem odd at all really and they may even have much more in common then one might think as age and experiences over time breath knowledge and compatibility alike I think for many ^^.

Well silly me dreaming ~* about Mr. Yum♡! Surely though we all have our deep crushes~♡ right! And so you may dream ~* along with his ever lovely images….after all he’s perfect!!!!

~Recommended Takenouchi Yutaka Viewing~

Anything he’s in!!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。~♡!

Seriously though I’d begin with “Beach Boys” and then “Koori no sekai” and then “Long Vacation” and I’ve recently re-watched “Mou ichido kimi ni, propose” which he’s just gorgeous in and oh, yes the drama is quite good too as it also stars Wakui Emi =D!

Screen Plus Vol.43 (3)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (2)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (4)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (5)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (6)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (7)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (8)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (9)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (10)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (11)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (12)

Screen Plus Vol.43 (13)


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5 Responses to I dream of…

  1. philipleslie says:

    He really does look super-cool and sexy here: with or without beard, too. Is his role in Ruri no Shima his trademark performance (taciturn, brooding, smouldering etc)? The wheelchair scene at the docks in Ruri no Shima showed that he could unleash strong emotions successfully. Have you seen Long Vacation? I translated the katakana on the poster (‘bacation’ threw me for a while!). That sounds interesting: he’s a concert pianist in that one, it seems. (That also has Hirosue Ryoko in it: she’s in Summer Snow with Ikewaki Chizuru, which I have yet to watch.) And I agree with you about age differences: why should that matter if two people are in love!


    • Mmm..loving the stubble-look too! I couldn’t dream up a more gorgeous guy and his personality is equally wonderful o(*´∀`)o゛~♡!!No cooler actor and I’m probably annoyingly overgushing here but he’s my love ………(゜∀゜)………。!~!YES all of your adjectives are perfect descriptions and that was a most dramatic scene where he’s filled with so much conflict and guilt and for his friend that was devastating what occurred. Remember when he was cutting her hair?….ohhh! His voice alone is sexy, okay I’ll stop now =D.

      U~n “Long Vacation” is actually…….


      ..my #1 favorite drama of all-time \(^o^)/! (albeit that drama list of mine is quite old and in much need of updating)

      U~n Hirosure Ryoko’s break out role was in this series and a friend and I had affectionately named her the ‘piano-brat’ in “Long Vacation =P and she’s wonderful in “Summer Snow” (which ranked 19th on my drama list)…I think I may have recommended that drama earlier? It’s a really great drama with my favorite of the two Kinki Kids + a very young Oguri Shun♥! in it and at first its theme song may not seem to fit just right and particularly the instant the very first episode ends may not match at all but it’ll grow into the drama over time it really does and the King of summer is such a catchy song! In the link above there’s the shortest synopsis you’ll ever see for a drama there speaking of “Summer Snow” XD.

      I’m glad we agree as age really becomes just a number then and yes love knows no number =D.

      I’m planning to watch “Oishii Man” tonight….Ikewaki chizuru luv will be in full swing!


      • philipleslie says:

        I remember your post now. As for Hirosure Ryoko, I do have her first album, Arigatou, which I really enjoyed. I have yet to find the second. I will definitely search out Long Vacation. Summer Snow too. I do hope you love Oishii Man, but I’m worried that something dreadful will happen to Chizuru-chan!
        The hair cutting scene under the tree in Ruri no Shima was incredible. The fact they they had such a deep understanding of one another was so well shown, as it could easily have descended into an unwholesome implied passion, but the acting and the careful close-ups and editing ensured that it didn’t. And yes, the scene on the beach when they’re watching the baby turtles emerging was so touchingly done. Now I want to watch the entire series again!


        • A~h it’s such a catchy album isn’t it!! Still one of my most favorite songs has to be “Kaze no prism” it’s just the best! Oh you must find her second one too…that album has “Jeans”, “Summer Sunset” and “Ashita e” along with many more to love. I do hope you can find “Long Vacation” and “Summer Snow”…both must see dramas! Ahhh you are so right as Ruri no shima has definite replay value and just to be able to fall in love with all of the memorable characters again.


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