Breasts, saving men’s lives worldwide…one stare at a time?? =D


Throughout history there have been countless studies which may have you scratching your head wondering….um why? Still even as ridiculous as what you’re about to hear sounds why not play along and at the very least have a good laugh for today! =D Okay so while it’s been said that the vagina is a place where males spend their very first months of life trying to escape from only to subsequently then spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in =P, but what of our breasts? Surely there must be a deeper life changing connection with them dontcha think?

Love Hina

So today I’m at work and a co-worker tells me that he’d just heard on the radio of a study which yielded most intriguing results involving men staring at women’s breasts and how after two groups of men after 5 years of data, one group abstaining from loOking at at women’s breasts while the other much more predictable group spent the same long period of time staring at women’s breasts as much as possible or as the study states: at least 10 minutes a day actually physically benefited from such behavior…(^q^)!

Now this is truly fascinating highly questionable interesting, as perhaps breasts aren’t just for feeding, ogling and the occasional fondling* from guys and girls alike as has been done since the dawn of humankind (・o・)。

Barney Rubble says...Fred-Flintstone-not-happy.jpg

Run Barney! Run!


First though let’s review the study’s findings just in case there are any hidden meanings in it:

~Breasts for men’s health study =D~

So ‘there you have it’ and it’s pretty straight forward….YES our breasts are not only confirmed persuasive for a man’s libido* but they ALSO now prove to have healthy life extending benefits for our hairier counterparts!! (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!Just think, your man will benefit with lower blood pressure and an overall healthier heart as he gazes into your eyes chest! =D Now this is really an odd study to begin with and I do question greatly of other lifestyle factors which isn’t even mentioned here but at the very least it’s greatly amusing that these were their findings.


Huh, and I just realized the downside though as the study didn’t happen to mention anything about men staring at their significant other’s breasts exclusively!!! (・д・`*)!!!So you may catch your man ogling some other girl’s breasts on any given day/night/anytime he’s conscious and his reasoning (based on this study, and this study alone) would be that you so wouldn’t want to do anything that would impede his bettering his health now would you?………….きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!


Yup you tell ‘em Kohachan ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!!!!

Paruru is wondering...

But let’s not get all defensive just yet crying foul (u_u*)。

After all breasts are a wondrous weapon means of sex

appeal and surely we’ve all attempted at some time or

another to make them more noticeable/appealing to

the opposite seX haven’t we (*´艸`)?


Sure some guys will

speak to ‘you’ while looking at


but at the very least we now know and understand the ‘true’ reason for this man behavior which dates back to the stone age (。ーωー。)笑。

Men really just want to live longer and healthier lives all the while appreciating them* ………(゜∀゜)………。

~♡~♡~♡ (*´∀`*) ♪♪!

Okay so now that we’ve embraced/laughed at this ‘truth’ it’s time for:

~Oppai 101~

(in case you’re not sure)

Boob(s). It’s completely synonymous with technical speech and yet have you ever stepped back and taken your eyes off of them long enough or even for just a few seconds during your day to stop and ponder just where did the terminology ‘Boob(s)’ originate from (・c_・;)?And while many a guy likes to make contact with them, study them (aka staring/ogling) or even cuddle with them (when permitted =P) it may be time to learn a bit more about their organic origins in laments terms, or rather think evolution meets the male brain on a trip to your local historical museum….ahhh  ancient wall paintings are so so educational…(^q^)!

Take for instance,

exhibit 1:


There will be a test to see what you’ve learned and retained so don’t just stare @ the images and take in some boob~ology okay!! =P.





Gotta ~♥~ them,

whether they’re yours or you’re ‘using’ them on men (。ーωー。)。

~~~~~~Pop Quiz~~~~~~

♥‘Simply match each idol♡ to her boobs =).

1)Takahashi Ai


2)Fukada Kyoko


3)Koike Yui


4)Nakamura Shizuka






(Answers will be posted next ‘Hump Day’ =D)


Anyway, just a bit of silly humor for today =D.

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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22 Responses to Breasts, saving men’s lives worldwide…one stare at a time?? =D

  1. Nobody on earth can deny this reality.except the Arabs who force their women to cover themselves from head to feet except their eyes.They are living an illusion.Without beauty life is not worth living .God is beautiful and he loves to create beauty in this earthly existence.jalal


  2. Samar says:

    I do not normally look at these type of images, as such images in my opinion cause sensory dilution, however the comment stems of as quite ignorant. One aspect of cultural integration and subordination, does cause men of any culture to force their opposite counter part to dress either as covered or uncovered according to their percepts. However from a theistic perspective, Jalal, Jews, Christians and Muslims are required to cover their body parts and only show it to their contracted ( marriage – temp or full ) opposite gender. The covering part is not subjected to oppression rather its objective is the spiritual alleviation of the :being, as we know temptation of both sexes is very weak. Big subject, I suggest Jalal, more study, less opinion as you sound like a tv parrot. 🙂

    ps. covering is found in all cultures, from Africa, India, and even traditional Japan.


    • Hi Samar,
      While your comment towards Jalal is articulated very well as you clearly and strongly disagree with what Jalal has said above, my only wish as I have no place in the conversation between you two, is that while one may disagree with someone they can still do so by respectfully disagreeing which is to say that that one need not resort to name calling and that perhaps Jalal may warrant an apology for that and that alone.


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  4. philipleslie says:

    Hi! I’m having browser problems again: and I don’t mean my glasses have steamed up. The only pictures that have loaded are Barney Rubble, Paruru and Ai Takahashi! I will have to ogle the images later! I do like the findings, though, that gazing at cleavage will lower blood pressure. (I wonder if scientists have measured boob size to time required gazing?) And what are women expected to stare at to lower their blood pressure? I’ll return to your post later, and hopefully the pictures will be viewable.


    • philipleslie says:

      Hi there. I’ve downloaded Chrome as you suggested and WP works perfectly again: my own blog photos weren’t showing up. Back back to boobs…a)definitely belong to Nakamura Shizuka.c) may be Koike Yui. b) Takahashi Ai, which leaves a)Fukada Kyoko. Or am I completely wrong…


      • Hello, it’s almost midnight there isn’t it. I’m so happy that the browser switch worked out =D! And yet it’s most puzzling as to why that happened with your currently used browser..was it Firefox? Firefox seems to work the best, I wonder how one could fix it? Okay so now Barney and Fred are together and I do wonder if size matters because that would make a world of difference as in I won’t be saving as many lives (years) of men unless I get them done XD!..and Nakamura Shizuka could be voted humanitarian of the year based on her boobs alone…(^q^)! Mmm…you may need to re-examine the breasts here and include d) too =P…lol Nakamura Shizuka was sort of like the free bingo space here wasn’t she. Also I did a tiny bit of editing to the text post posting because ‘typo’ is my middle name.


        • philipleslie says:

          Hi there! I’ve just mailed you, strangely enough. Yes, almost midnight. My own typo was to write a) when I meant d), but it seems my boob identification is poor! Maybe d) is Takahashi Ai? Shizuka is definitely a), then. There’s a tiny mole on c)’s chest, but I can’t see one on the other photos. This is tricky!
          Chrome is a good choice. Until now I’ve been using Safari, but things haven’t been right since the recent update.


          • Haha the boobs are saying that you must stare longer in order to answer correctly…(^q^)! Mm…very observant of you to notice her mole, oh it was Safari….hmm maybe try Firefox as it seems to load the fastest for any sight I’ve notice although Chrome does work okay too.

            And now I’ve just watched AC/DC played on cello! That was nothing short of amazing and it helps too that both guys are pretty hot and in particular the guy on the left and when he began spinning on the floor and kept playing that took sexy to another level!! I’m mesmerized by that video!! I actually have to admit that I needed to look up “Thunderstruck” first because I didn’t know it and the way they adapted that wild guitar which is wickedly quick onto the cello is genius!! More people should watch that clip…I wonder if I could get it onto WP here….


            • philipleslie says:

              It really is amazing, isn’t it. The playing is extraordinary. Yes, yes, a post would be excellent. It would definitely be a wonderful post if you did it. Because of the costumes, it reminded me a little of the terrific masked ball scene in Marie Antoinette, which used Siouxie and the Banshees’ ‘Hong Kong Gardens’. The first hour of that movie is amazing (I found it ran out of steam towards the end), and I went to see it three times in the cinema. The 80s music is beautifully used.


              • Haha well you’ve already seen how my wacky brain somehow combined gravure and cellists, their playing is breathtaking! I’ve never heard or seen anything like that before and I can’t say thank you enough as they guys are hot too (*´∀`*) ♪!!


                • philipleslie says:

                  Loved your post. You’re right about the guys being hot. They’re a record producer’s dream come true.


                  • I wonder if they’ll be creating any more of these performances or could this have been just a one time production? Surely they’d be successful if they ever recorded an album!!


                    • philipleslie says:

                      There is an album, as a friend said he’d be buying it. My Goth-doll-making friend (who is currently doing some Star Wars merchandise) has also bought some tracks off iTunes. and


                    • Thank you so much for the links!! I see their fairly new but do have a full length album and they even do The Police! A must have for the iPod…I’m getting the album too although I must say that the visuals of the two cellists do add so so much to their performance, I’ll be spoiled and say that I’d wish for music videos for all of their songs =P. Funny too, I’ll be learning AC/DC from them it appears as they do have a thing for that group =D.


                    • philipleslie says:

                      とういたしまして。Hope you enjoy the album. I’ve just been reading your Fukada Kyoko post. There’s so much to enjoy there, I’ll need to go back a few times! Isn’t she wonderful.


                    • Guaranteed I’m going to love it!!! And do watch Fukakyon’s “Swimming” and “How?” pvs when you get the chance too =). She was never one you’d think would get into music but I’m happy that she did but still maybe she hasn’t got the best singing voice but she sounds cute nonetheless =D.


                    • philipleslie says:

                      I’ll spend time with your post tomorrow. But now, sadly, my eyes are tired from writing practise, so I must say おやすみなさい。It must be early afternoon still with you. I forget how many hours apart we’ll be in another few weeks time, when the clocks change. Amazing to think that eventually, when the sun’s shining here well into the evening, it will also be shining on Oahu, 7000 miles away, at the same time. Have a wonderful Friday evening and weekend!X


                    • U~n it’s now 1:40 p.m. and I can’t wait for daylight savings time!!! It’s odd for me to say when you first consider it as in Hawaii we don’t change our clocks at all….however, pushing the continental U.S. ahead one hour means that everything here that’s broadcast live or with no delay with programming is seen one hour earlier which is wonderful I think!! Have a wonderful sleepy time, oyasumi nasai ~* ^^.


  5. philipleslie says:



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