since I’ve been gone…

The Scream

….oh the horror !!! No actually I’ve been deep under the weather and no I’m not referring to our usually beautifully blue sky typical Hawaii weather here which has gone sort of bad as of late (a few weeks now of rain and darkened skies above with even some snow here in Hawaii atop our Mauna Kea summit not too long ago) as I’ve seemed to have gotten something I’ve never gotten before as I’ve somehow managed to pop my very own cold cherry aka: got the flu for the very first time. It was dreadful. I’m used to the once a year or so clogged sinus with painful and ever nagging cough syndrome but I’ve never experienced a cold quite like this before as there was the unpleasant additions of somehow feeling the chills all the while your body expresses the polar  equator opposite with headaches and body aches and nausea and of course the inevitable sore throat which all culminates into a loss of taste which makes food no fun and I have to say I wasn’t very hungry very often but still when there’s no taste one has to wonder where has all of the fun of food gone which I’ve seemed to have taken for granted since birth. But wait there’s more. I’d coughed so much that it led to getting pains upon both sides of my chest around the rib area and I assume that this is what Tanya Harding must have felt like in the ribs area after that time she decided to go all ultimate fighter fail so after just a few days of this unwanted flu I had then and even now still feel as if I’d fractured a rib or something or at the very least I’ve strained a muscle or tissue or ligament or whatever sits there around our ribs area. Needless to say I had to quarantine myself from fear of ‘sharing’ this awful flu with anyone I love nearby, didn’t feel like doing anything with so much discomfort =( and I haven’t even reached the punch-line just yet in my not so funny last couple of weeks or so as towards the end when most of my flu inflicted pain had eased or gone away for the most part, my upper teeth on the right side of my mouth began to feel a lot of discomfort and I was thinking OMG I have a cavity up there now? By the end of week two I made a dentist appointment and upon describing my pain and where it was coming from I got x-rays done and wallah…my dentist tells me….silly rabbit, you don’t have a cavity but rather what appears to be a sinus infection. Mind you I’ve never had a cavity (which explains the ‘silly rabbit’ bit) in my adult teeth as I have no crowns or fillings to speak of anywhere. (knock on wood) (keep brushing and flossing =D) So my doctor prescribes something which only he and fellow pharmacists around the world can read (ever look at the prescription sheet your doctor hands to you after the bad news is delivered and try to read it, you can’t). And within a couple of days of being medicated, one morning in my shower my nose revealed that she had been sleeping around behind my back and had ‘accidentally’ gotten pregnant….as after the birth my nose then delivered what can only be described as being a poorly formed placenta complete with Jello-like gobs of blood and at least a couple of other colors which not even Crayola has heard of. (sorry about that although the blog does warn you atop =D) Good news is that my upper right teeth no longer hurt and my flu has left the building. So how have you been?

p.s. I may need awhile to get caught up here.

Have a nice day

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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21 Responses to since I’ve been gone…

  1. jmsabbagh says:

    Unique post.Hope your are O.K. The weather here in California is changing warm cold lots people are having cold l was one of them.Wishing you Speedy return.jalal


  2. philipleslie says:

    You were greatly missed! So sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly. I’m amazed you’ve never had flu. Let’s hope you never have to endure it again!


    • In hindsight the flu was the worst ailment I’ve felt with since getting the chicken pox when I was still in intermediate school (7th grade for me) and only now can I understand the importance of getting a flu shot annually, something I’ve ignorantly not gotten ever either. The sinus thing didn’t help much either and it was embarrassing going to the dentist for help when it didn’t even involve my teeth xD hopefully I never get either ever again although I know that may be wishful thinking at best =(. I’m sorry about the blog and our conversations but I really couldn’t bring myself to get online….I found myself at one point mostly watching animated shorts as I lay in my own perspiration (sorry about that visual xD) only to have one very brave friend visiting from a distance inform me that I in a way resemble a chipmunk lol….ehhhh really?? Anyway. Thank you for your healthy thoughts~*!


    • Oh I forgot to mention that for some reason the link you sent won’t open for me which is most strange as I have an account there so I’m puzzled as to why? The thought is most important so thank you so much! Happy to hear that you’ve been getting your CoCo on and so awesome that Otokichi has their singles readily available!! That reminds me that I’m ashamed to say that I’ve still to complete that rather large post I was speaking of a few weeks ago sorry (*≧▽≦)!Did you complete CoCo’s single collection? I hope ~* so =D!! Their covers are so perfect!! Sorry to hear about the awful weather there and I’m thinking you’re safe?? Haha and about the alien abduction….although it was the flu and not aliens one could argue that I’ve had contact with the distant kind….maybe I could be an alien chipmunk? =D


      • philipleslie says:

        Hi there! I went to 4shared to check my account and found it had been frozen for containing copyrighted music! It wasn’t a public account, so presumably they must check somehow. I’ve unfrozen it, but just have my own ‘Mayuyu’s Trumpet’ remaining. Sorry you couldn’t get to hear the Takai Mamiko. There’s no video of it online. As for CoCo, my singles collection is complete, yes (as soon as the remaining ones arrive, that is). I’m also slowly adding to my Tanimura Yumi singles as well, and thanks to Otokichi am filling in the gaps in my Hayashibara Megumi collection. Which reminds me to preorder AKB48 and Nogizaka46 singles…
        The UK weather just gets worse. It’s not so bad round here, but elsewhere the floods are worsening. Today more rain and 100mph winds are set to lash the western side of the country. The army has been set to work filling sandbanks and protecting abandoned properties from burglars. All because the jet stream is in the wrong place: usually at this time of year it sits to the north of Scotland, so that the wild weather sweeping across from the Gulf of Mexico remains in the Atlantic, but because it’s lower down, that weather is hitting the mainland. But it seems there’s terrible weather for so many people around the globe at the moment, from extreme heat to cold… Which makes me wonder…how much are properties in Hawaii?! (Ones not too close to volcanic activity, that is…or in the path of typhoons…or liable to be swamped by Godzilla-sized waves…)


        • Oh it’s okay it’s the thought which counts =D and that’s so cool that you’d already completed your CoCo singles collection \(^o^)/!! It took me years and years to find them all and likewise with me I found out about Otokichi after a lot of my hunting had been done ^^. He’s amazing, you can literally find just about any release no matter how rare that they are at one of his store’s or he’ll sincerely help you in finding a copy through your ‘wants list’ and customer consignments.

          That’s so bizarre and frightening that something naturally elsewhere like the jet stream has gone awry =( and so true that in general the weather globally has gotten really bad in countless places for seemingly everyone. I keep thinking that it’s all related to global warming no matter how much some people dismiss that possibility…just with that much more water from all of the melting polar caps it just has to go somewhere and it’s probably messing up the earth’s natural weather patterns. Ironically at this point the beach front properties have been generally the most expensive but with the crazy waves it’s proved to be not such a great place to set up home for so many sadly =(. Only with the Big Island does one have to be concerned about volcanic activity =) but in general real estate here is really really expensive =O. Tiny condo units sell in the millions but smaller town houses outside of Honolulu can be a bit more affordable.


          • philipleslie says:

            Honolulu suburbs it is, then! (Once I’ve saved up enough)…Interestingly, I heard that one reason the Atlantic jet stream has gone awry is because of a knock-on effect from the Pacific jet stream. Everything’s connected. A plastic bucket washed off a UK beach will eventually end up in that place in the Pacific where countless plastic items have accumulated….As for Otokichi: surely my favourite online shop ever! And I thank you again for telling me about him. I like the fact that he photographs the contents of many of his parcels for his FaceBook page, so you see what Jpop his customers in Mexico and Spain etc are buying.


            • philipleslie says:

              By the way, Love your new photo!


            • U~n I saw on the news here a short while back that based on some research Hawaii is said to be the safest place on earth to live =D. I can’t remember whom did the research….(Haha maybe it was the Hawaii Tourist Bureau =P? just to you know get more people to visit like here’s the safest vacation on earth) kidding but I thought that was very reassuring although Mother Nature makes herself known anywhere and doesn’t discriminate. I didn’t even know what the jet stream was until just a few years ago XD and it’s an amazing natural phenomenon which a distinct pattern although hearing that it’s gone awry takes me back to the whole global warming issue and how we must cut those harmful emissions as much as we can. He’s amazing ~*!!! And he gets a lot of his customers visiting him too over the years which you’ve must’ve seen already on his FaceBook page =D. Aw I’m just happy to share and share alike and just knowing that you can find all of your sought after treasures there makes me most ecstatic too \(^o^)/ ☆!!Ah that’s very sweet of you~♥!


  3. Ivan says:

    Hey MB, miss you :~~
    so this explain why you dont come much here this past days
    hope you stay fully recovered now 🙂

    here the weather is really crazy hot hot atsui atsui and getting more hot hahha @.@

    only a cold bath to solve the problem a little hahaha (cold… neither the water stay cold hahaha) but refresh a little


    • Hi~hi Ivan =D! U~n I just haven’t had the energy to think about blogging and thank you ~* for your healthy vibes ~~~ which I need ^^. Ohh I do hope it cools off as that sounds really uncomfortable and really you’re water is warm too?? That’s really bad and so funny how the world has such deeply varying seasons all at once depending on where one lives like how Australia was experiencing a heatwave summer all the while so much of the other countries are in a deep freeze =O. I hope you can find much more comfort there =D.


  4. phr says:

    Hi, it’s great to hear from you again! I hope you’re feeling better now. Take as long as you need to catch up 🙂


    • A~h I saw phr and at first I thought you were an new friend but then I’ve read your previous comment and I instantly had a smile ~* ! Thank you for your well wishes as I’m only still stuck with my rib/chest/muscle around that area pain which is yet to go away completely but really everything else is much better =D. Now if only those stubborn coughs will cease.


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