Ivanovic Defeats Serina Down Under…!

Ana Ivanovic

Ana IvanovicIvanovic fought through Australia’s recent scorching heat wave where where many players faltered in week one under the extreme 110+ degree heat, where water bottles melted on court and one player even revealed to having seen “Snoopy” before fainting…only to meet up head to head with the world’s #1 Serina Williams whom she’d never beaten, less even taken a set from. And after losing the opening set, although Ivanovic played well it appeared that once again Serina’s dominance would prove too much for her to overcome. In a true Goliath vs. David match, Ivanovic took the second set and went on to win in three with a final match score of 4-6, 6-3, 6-2!!!

And although Ivanovic had previously won what is perhaps tennis’ most difficult Grand Slam to conquer in Roland Garros back in 2008 which remains as her sole Grand Slam triumph, the former #1’s win over Serina at this year’s Australian Open may actually be her greatest triumph as it was nearly unthinkable to believe that Serina who’d been on a 25 match win streak could be defeated as she was by far and away the clear favorite to win tennis’ first GS event of the season. And with the history between Ivanovic and Williams surely the odds of an Ivanovic win had the odds stacked up way against her.  So now the ladies Australian Open draw is wide open and even with Victoria Azarenka and the likes of Li Na still remaining in the tournament I’m thinking that Ana Ivanovic could take this momentous victory very far with the title too within racquet’s reach! Along with Sharapova I’ve posted about Ana previously as I’ve been avid fans of both over the years going back to their debuts on the pro tour and for me tennis is one of the very few sports in which I actually feel a tinny bit of confidence in playing okay =) as you can be height-challenged as I am and still compete although having more height and reach would be advantageous no doubt. And on a final thought, while I consume Ana Ivanovic Australian Open 2014tennis regularly both on court as well as on t.v. I do wonder what some of my neighbors may be thinking as the woman’s game has heard the grunt become a very normal part of the game going way back to Monica Seles whom in a sense pioneered it into what it has become today. Like when one Sharapova and one Azarenka meet on court my television may give off the impression that girly bodily fluids may be being exchanged for lack of a better way of putting it as I’m looking to keep my current Rated-G NC-17 site rating alive and well =D. And don’t even get me started about mixed doubles where both male and female grunts are being projected through my bedroom walls in rhythmic fashion…(^q^)! So anyway while the female screeches, screams and grunts continue to be heard in regularity ‘down under’, I’ll be watching closely and rooting for Ana Ivanovic whom by the way has the cutest of tiny audible exhales (。ーωー。)♪..!Gooooooooo Ana ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!!!~!

Ana IvanovicAna IvanovicAna IvanovicAna IvanovicAna IvanovicAna IvanovicAna IvanovicAna IvanovicAna IvanovicAna IvanovicAna Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic

Oh, and did I mention just how gorgeous Ana is too!! And she has a most adorable personality too about her and love her Serbian accent! ^^.  And to think she grew up not even having a proper tennis facility back home as she used an emptied swimming pool just to be able to practice all those years ago, already a great career as she’s already one Grand Slam and here’s hoping for another one down under.

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2 Responses to Ivanovic Defeats Serina Down Under…!

  1. philipleslie says:

    It’s amazing that play continued in those crazy conditions. It was considered hot at Wimbledon lady year, and you’ll laugh to hear that the low to mid 80s is ‘hot’ over here! Some years the rain is the big killer at Wimbledon, although the main court has a special roof on it now to allow play to continue. Are you able to follow Wimbledon in Hawaii? I suppose it’s on Sky…As for grunting, Sharapova’s is legendary. And also rather funny.


    • I’m sooooo sad that she lost =(!! Still she had a great tournament and beating Serina is no easy task for anyone….I believe she lost to a Canadian player who’s got quite the fan base following her in Australia where they even sing songs dedicated to her =D. I was shocked when I heard of the temperatures occurring during this Australian Open…just crazy hot =O!!! That’s so awesome that they built a retractable roof above Centre Court! I sooooo love watching Wimbledon!!! I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to play on grass so it always amazes me to watch and with grass you get such odd bounces too at times and it’s really fast!!! We get a delayed telecast here too but also it’s shown live but it comes on at very ‘odd’ hours for Hawaii tennis fans =P….so I usually catch the delayed broadcast and I just make sure I don’t catch the scores anywhere to not spoil anything. It’s like a wailing sound….Azarenka sounds very similar so whenever they play head to head it’s like getting it in stereo =P!


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