One in a Million…

AKB48 2014 Official Calendarr

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (1)

..and I honestly know that those weren’t anywhere near the odds (although one’s heart may have argued), and yet each and every year AKB time and time again presents~* us with a most unique presentation with their annual year beginning calendar♥ extravaganza!! So sure, in years past we’ve gotten AKB idol ‘pants’ (see last year’s calendar post here) as well as an abundance of clear files and additional surprises along the way and still, 48 has yet again raised that awesome bar of idol calendar goodness to heights or rather this time lengths as it’s simply unprecedented!! But then again, it is AKB so giving fans what they want simply comes naturally…..♥!

Okay now getting back to that ‘one in a million’ notion, it’s a ridiculous stretch of odds however this year’s calendar box promises of a single member photo which is randomly inserted into each 2014 collection and……(drum roll)…..


AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (13)

(*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!

My random photo is my oshi~Yuko!~!!!~! Whom is graduating making this photo one of the latter to be released with Yuko as an AKB48 girl~.

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar Box (4)

You can’t imagine my joy ~*~~* when there was Yuko’s photo inside!! And it’s the cutest and sexiest of photos isn’t it!! And it’s themed in full pink, it’s Yuko..what’s not to love!

Okay so now that I’ve drooled enough over my lucky photo,

let’s open up this year’s AKB48 Official Calendar Box:

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar Box (1)

Firstly if you’re one of the elite of the luckiest ~* you may be receiving an autographed photo.

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (1)

down arrow

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (2)

Upon opening the box you’ll see that it’s an identical design to last year’s box set with a cleverly constructed box allowing for the much larger wall calendar to be inside without creasing it one bit.

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (3)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (4)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (5)

The just mentioned hanging wall calendar is once again constructed of extra thick grade glossy paper giving each page a pretty shine and atop each page is perforated for easy removal as the upcoming year progresses. Following are photos of each calendar page. (note: calendar is bi-monthly))

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (6)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (7)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (8)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (9)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (10)

gingerbread man

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (11)

For many (me included of course) I imagine that the on the night before Christmas holiday season does include images of reindeer, presents, Santa hats and Yuko’s & Kojiharu’s pretty bras dancing along in one’s head ( ̄▽ ̄)!~!

I take it that at the time of this photo shoot all of the good complete Santa costumes were already rented out, thank goodness for that or maybe this is just like our Christmas get togethers where after the presents are opened everyone just kind of strips down (。ーωー。)笑。

candy cane

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (12)

Also included is an A4 sized clear file.

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar Box (2)


AKB48 2014 Official Calendar Box (3)


And note Sasshi acting as a tiny adorable Bumble Bee amongst all of the flowers above as Bumble Bee Sasshi also appears in a bit of a hidden spot just inside one of the box’s inner walls.

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (19)

And as the finale, each year AKB48 manages to produce a lovely surprise for their calendar boxes as they attempt to outdo themselves from the years prior, 2014’s amazing item is….

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar Box wall scroll

…The 2014 Calendar wall scroll!!!~

I’ve snapped overlapping photos just below of this amazing calendar scroll and while these photos surely don’t do this wall scroll justice as it measures an astounding nearly 6 feet in length!!! (about 71 or so inches long) The scroll is also constructed of heavy duty paper giving it a most endurable edge to endure the elements all year long as it adorns your favorite wall~.

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (14)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (15)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (16)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (17)

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar (18)

And here I’ve attempted to scan the scroll section by section all nearly six feet of it as best I could although it was difficult to perfectly line up each of the sections at the edge of each scan and while I did attempt to crop a bit here and there to get them as close as I could to making it into a seamless image there are surely noticeable flaws here and there. Still I think it turned out pretty well especially considering just how long this wall scroll is =D. This scroll it’s just really really such a cool and an unprecedented design idea even for the ever creative minds of the 48 family who’ve seemed to have done it all in the idol world, and once again well done for this year’s Official Calendar Box! Hope you got your copy too along with hopefully an autograph and your Oshi’s photo too ^^.

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (9)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (8)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (7)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (6)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (5)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (4)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (3)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (2)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (1)

(officially the longest thing I’ve ever scanned!!!)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to One in a Million…

  1. philipleslie says:

    Really enjoyed sharing your excitement of unpacking this.What an amazing scroll. Excellent scanning work! Will you find a place for it on a wall, or will you be keeping it safely rolled? Assuming you fix it with the lower edge touching the floor, which idol would be directly in front of your gaze? I guess I’d be staring at ‘AKB48’!


    • I had no idea of the scroll and of course it was the very last item in the box which you’d come across…much like last year’s calendar box’s idol pants which are poofy at best lol =P. At first I really wasn’t sure if I’d even attempt to scan the scroll, thus the photos taken beforehand just showing each section in an overlapping fashion and then….I thought huh? MAYBE? The cropping was a challenge though as I’m no where near to being qualified to be even thinking of scanning such a thing this size at all so I just went for it xD…the post cropping of the separate images was clumsy at best as you can clearly see many flaws in my hopes of the separate images being seamless xD but haha I tried =P. Hmmm…with this year’s wall calendars taking up pretty much all of the space in my bedroom as…..I’m really sentimental in keeping up a few particular favorites even if they’ve long expired haha it’s still being held in that preservation mode so to speak…and yet it’s not so much wide as it is tall!!! so….I’m now finding a spot for it =D. Ahhh lol you know I’m short so….yup five or so feet from the ground is where my direct sight will be =P….interestingly quite a lot of my favorite idols are close to my height so if it were life~sized we’d be seeing eye~to~eye =P.


      • philipleslie says:

        In one of your comments on one of your posts I see you mention you’re 5’4′. That’s a very respectable height and not short at all. In a crowd of H!P and AKB performers you’d be head and shoulders above many of them. I’ve lost it now, but there’s a fun moment in Utaban when heights are compared, and you can appreciate the distance between the tops of Yaguchi’s and Johnson’s heads.


        • MMm…I’m taking liberties in rounding up to the ‘4’ and it’s funny that I’m typically regarded as being just over 5 feet by most….about 3 1/2 or so unless I’ve gotten shorter lol….yup I’m usually the shortest one in the group whenever with friends =P. Haha that’d be the perfect height differential for H!P from Mini Moni sized to well….the ‘giant’ of the group back then =D.


          • philipleslie says:

            At 4ft 3 and a half, you would still tower over Yaguchi! …A while back we had a conversation thread about Mayuyu’s haircut. Not sure where that was, so I’ll add a remark about Akarin’s new haircut here. Yes, she has had her hair cut short for the first time in her life and gone for a really attractive bob. I think she looks amazing. But then, I am biased. I’m hoping these links will work:


            • That’s so true =D…Akarin’s so cute with her new look!! Changing hairstyles for girls can be a most gut wrenching and nervous decision and especially for a girl like Akarin as she’s always gone for a longer look but no doubt this suits her perfectly really highlighting her cheekbones I think, Akarin’s eyes have always been dazzling she’s gorgeous!


              • philipleslie says:

                Gorgeous definitely! I have read that some people haven’t been keen on the change, but I can’t see what’s not to like! The huge earrings work perfectly with the bobbed style. I hope she keeps it like this for a while. Of course, the music videos will continue to have her old hair style for a while yet. They’re recorded a long time in advance, aren’t they.


                • I agree I think it suits her very well =D! For some idols I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to a shorter do such as Kamei whom comes to mind immediately oh and Ayaya too for that brief time however Akarin’s new look so works. U~n they tend to shoot quite far in advance of their release dates that’s true….oh I had been watching more Utaban recently (must revive the Idols♥ Unzipped posts at some time) on a friend’s blog and that led to some older discs I have and then seeing Nakai I thought of watching more SmapxSmap Bistro which I can never get enough of and so to make a long story short (too late, failed miserably XD) I thought you’d get a fun kick out of this episode I posted awhile back here and I know I tend to ramble on but to appreciate how brilliant and funny this particular Smap Bistro was with all of its reveals (Yup Smap has their very own brand of a “General Election” going on with hilarious results ala AKB48’s) I tried to break down the dialogue and charts as much as I could:



                  • philipleslie says:

                    Thank you! I’ll enjoy that properly later as not one of the photos has loaded, although the video has! I just encountered this problem with another post. I will blame the jet stream!


              • philipleslie says:

                I don’t know if you’ve heard, but AkiP has decided that the AKB groups need to undergo ‘Re-formation’. This has sent shivers down many a spine, including mine, but we will have to wait until the end of February to find out what’s in store. Meanwhile, here’s a fun reaction someone has created:


                • The word ‘reformation’ gives me the chills too (;゜□゜)!!!Okay I say bring back Sasshi, Akicha and Sae to AKB48 =D!~!~! ‘Reformation complete =P.

                  That tumblr post is soooooooo brilliantly funny!!!!!!!


                  • philipleslie says:

                    My main wish is for Sasshi to be relieved of her duties in the South and returned to AKB Central. There’ll certainly be interesting times ahead! Less than a couple of weeks to go, now…


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  3. Attractive actresses ,every one of them has her unique personality.Hope you will capture more beauty of Japan in 2014. Be safe and blessed.jalal


  4. Hello M.B, this is one of the most spectacular post,complete collection for a dazzling Actresses,and singers.In Japan.Wonderful work.Jalal


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