SMAP Share-Otsu, Hello LE singles types A & B with first press post cards

Just released on December 8th, SMAP helps celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary with their now 51st single release which features a double A-side! (albeit there is no B-side to speak of =P) Single type A features the cover art work for “Share-Otsu” while type B features a most cute cover art work for “Hello” and additionally each single also exclusively includes a DVD containing their featured ‘title’ track song’s music video, making getting both versions a must have for SMAP fans =). And as aesthetically opposite each cover’s art work are to one another, so are the two tracks here which couldn’t be much further apart on the musical spectrum, both in sense of musical styles and visual attitudes making SMAP’s 51st a most diverse indulgence ^^.

SMAP’s “Share-Otsu”/ “Hello” single releases can be ordered @ Cdjapan

SMAP’s “Share-Otsu”/ “Hello” single releases can be ordered @ HMV Japan

SMAP SMAP in Share-Otsu (2)SMAP in Share-Otsu (3)SMAP in Share-Otsu (4)SMAP in Share-Otsu (5)

~SMAP “Share-Otsu” (pv)~

A most mesmerizingly and heavenly stylishly shot music visual compliments perfectly the equally vogue “Share-Otsu” track as it recreates from dressing rooms to the runway a really maxed out production which comes complete with all of the pizzazz one would expect from today’s fashion world. The track itself is arguably one of SMAP’s very best in recent years as it’s a most sleek number filled with a flair and even a undeniable aura of sassiness which has the guys flaunting their very best embodiments of both the stylish and chic….very very cool!

SMAP in Share-Otsu (6)SMAP in Share-Otsu (7)SMAP in Share-Otsu (10)SMAP in Share-Otsu (9)SMAP in Share-Otsu (8)SMAP in Share-Otsu (11)SMAP in Share-Otsu (13)SMAP in Share-Otsu (12)SMAP in Share-Otsu (14)SMAP in Share-Otsu (15)SMAP in Share-Otsu (16)SMAP in Share-Otsu (17)SMAP in Share-Otsu (18)SMAP in Share-Otsu (22)SMAP in Share-Otsu (19)SMAP in Share-Otsu (20)SMAP in Share-Otsu (21)SMAP in Share-Otsu (23)SMAP in Share-Otsu (25)SMAP in Share-Otsu (26)SMAP in Share-Otsu (27)SMAP HELLO

SMAP in Hello (1)SMAP in Hello (3)SMAP in Hello (4)SMAP in Hello (2)

~SMAP “Hello” (pv)~

Okay let’s first start off with  those oh sooooo adorable Hello Kitty suits the guys are wearing here…..yup complete with the kitty bow! Add in a wonderfully simplistic animation set against a pure angelic white background, mix with a dreamy ballad with a sweet ensemble chorus and wallah! Happy 40th Birthday Hello Kitty \(^o^)/ ☆!!!You know I never imagined SMAP performing such a collaboration but it soooo works =)! Gosh those suits are just the cutest, they make me giddy ♡!!!

SMAP in Hello (5)SMAP in Hello (6)SMAP in Hello (8)SMAP in Hello (9)SMAP in Hello (7)SMAP in Hello (10)SMAP in Hello (11)SMAP in Hello (17)SMAP in Hello (13)SMAP in Hello (12)SMAP in Hello (14)SMAP in Hello (16)SMAP in Hello (15)



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6 Responses to HELLO ♡ SMAP!

  1. philipleslie says:

    Two great songs. ‘Share-otsu’ is so catchy, while ‘Hello’ is simply delightful. Any idea how SMAP managed to get the anniversary song? There must have been lots of artists keen to be involved!


    • Soo happy you liked them \(^o^)/!! For many Smap can be sort of an acquired like as to their music at times although I must emphasize that Smap has some of the catchiest and well written songs all time and their catalog is simply gigantic!! You’re already most familiar with Nakai-kun (from Utaban and Bistro as host) and he’s not the greatest vocalist lol and yet it works =D. Kimutaku is the VOICE of SMAP no doubt and they each have such distinct voices which I’ve always loved about them and when they sing as an ensemble it’s always awesome. I’m not sure of how they got this promotion collaboration with Hello Kitty and it was unexpected when I first read about this and yet u~n the song’s perfect and love both videos too ^^.


      • philipleslie says:

        My friend (the doll-making one who’s doing the story blogsite set in a curiosity shop, for which I’ve promised to contribute) is a graphic designer licensed to work on Hello Kitty goodies in the UK. It turns out she has done a few things for the anniversary year, but I’m not sure exactly what: quite often it’ll be a shampoo bottle, or a bathroom set or something like that. I linked her to Smap!


  2. Beautifu article,and pictures.I consider you the artistic Ambassador for Japan for introducing all the charming and amazing artists.Every smile worth all the money in evry bank.jalal


    • You’re much too kind Jalal =D! I just try to share interests and passions about the culture with hopefully something cute, catchy or funny which can grow smiles in my tiny web~o~sphere ^^.


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