Today’s arrivals…

cdjapan order

…a few future postings for the New Year =).

cdjapan order2

cdjapan order3

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to Today’s arrivals…

  1. SagSousuke says:

    Hello MB,

    Happy New Year! I hope Yuko didn’t completely ruin it for you.

    Sashihara Rino 1st PB? I didn’t even know… And is that Kojiharu in the other cover above her? Oh, maybe it’s time for me to read the news again…


    • Hi~hi! I’ve missed you!
      A joyous and very Happy New Year~*~~* to you too! Mm…currently drowning my Yuko graduation sorrows in merlot now =P…I’m still in disbelief and it’s going to be a bit surreal watching the broadcast tomorrow night when the Kouhaku airs here as we always get it on a one day delay. I’m happy that they chose “Heavy Rotation” as her finale on the Red & white…no other song would have done.

      U~n it’s Sasshi’s 1st PB =D! So awesome and way overdue!! And yes it is Kojiharu’s PB there too….so how have you been? I hope business is doing well, I think it’s already January 1st there? I’m terrible with time zones though but it must be late there too?


      • SagSousuke says:

        I had to stop and think a bit to make sure when I read “fasuto shashinshuu” in the photo there, it’s amazing to think she never had one… she did so many photoshoots it’s confusing. Oh, that’s true for most AKB members though… I guess I got into H!P way too late and only saw the PBs. But I feel most H!P photos I remember are from PBs, while in AKB they’re most often random gravure photoshoots. Kojiharu (and Yukirin…) shows up in so many places, a new PB seems almost redundant… Her previous PB (I think it was… The Goddess of Girls?) had a few interesting pages with photos taken by other members (or at least, signed by then…) that was pretty interesting, I wonder if they’d repeat that. Probably not.

        It’s January 1st already. 2am. I still have to list every game I’ll ever play in my life for my Big List of 2013 before I go to sleep and officially recognize the turn of the day, so I’ll be awake just a bit longer. Business is good, things have settled down now. Worst thing that happens these days is I get called by Indians and have to guess half of their words by context, since our views of the English language quite often don’t agree. Not that I blame them. But that’s funny, not really a problem.


        • It can be confusing when it comes to AKB, they do have a liberal means of deeming a PB a first as Sasshi did already release this ‘pb’ awhile back which a pretty well inclusive collective of her both in photos and dialogue so perhaps it not being a total ‘photo’ book is their distinction…still it can be a bit wacky I think….

          Kojiharu’s PB here is exactly like Sasshi’s linked above and Acchan released a wonderful PB of this format awhile back too….it’s funny as they’re I guess not counted as being PBs although they sure appear to be just that albeit all of the included text within them with interviews, media commentary as well as family commentary which is always the most enlightening =).

          Wow you’re up late!!! Sorry to keep you up longer xD…ah you’ve got a project going. That’s a fascinating language barrier I have no idea of, but if there’s anyone I know whom can work his way skillfully through it, It’d be so you ^^. Please don’t bother with me now…please finish your project at hand, we can always talk later and again I so miss you!

          Lots of ♥ and my bestess (today’s made up word =P) wishes~* for a wonderful, fun and successful 2014 and beyond!!!


          • SagSousuke says:

            I’m watching an AKB show right now (Sashihara no Ran, Sasshi’s current show) and Kojiharu was a guest… Even she got confused with her PB. When she said she was leaving the show in the middle to go to another recording, the hosts asked her to present the PB and gave it to her. She took one look at it, then turned to the camera and started “This is my first shashinshuu… Huh?”, then she looked again in the cover, back to the camera, “This is my first photobook…” XD It looks like “shashinshuu” is different from “photobook” written in katakana, in the mind of some mad Japanese PB producer.


            • Ahh that’s so funny!! Very cool that her PB got some promo~time =D. It’s a sort of madness I agree as shashinshuu as we know literally means the same as the English text photo book…very amusing! And speaking of Sasshi’s ‘1st shashinshuu’ I finally finished scanning and I’m just sending it to the blog now.


  2. Ivan says:

    happy new year again MB 😛

    and give me wasamin card hhahahah

    u get lot of things for new year looks all good choices 🙂


  3. philipleslie says:

    You’ve had some some wonderful goodies to bring you much-needed cheer! If you’ve not listened to/watched it yet, Mosh and Dive is a terrific song (and might possibly have been a great A-side). Can’t wait to hear all about Abe Natsumi’s concert DVD.


  4. Misterchef says:

    a Mr. Children album?Yay! I’ve been a fan of them since Youthful Days and Shirushi. AKB’s Party’s Over is a fave of mine;the melody separates from their pop-ish vibe like jazz,r&b,jazz-fusion kinda.


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