Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (complete preview)

AKB48 2014 calendar order

AKB48 2014 Calendar Order

Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (1)

AKB48’s 2014 wall calendars sport the theme of ‘amusement park’ which are comprised of festive backgrounds to match each girl’s beautiful wardrobes from month to month. These wall calendars are of the ‘standard’ poster size each measuring 51.5 x 72.8cm making them perfect to adorn any fan’s walls. As has been for the past few years, the metal clasp bar atop is now replaced by a thick cardboard bar which is conveniently perforated atop making for an easy removal of each of the seven calendar’s pages as the year passes by. Per usual Japanese wall calendars typically are of the bimonthly format as the seventh page counted here is including the front cover page.

Mayuyu’s choice of wardrobes here are indeed as adorable as she herself is infinitely, my favorite months?….January & February as no one does the darling-pose quite as defense breaking as Mayuyu~♥.

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Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (2)

Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (3)

Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (4)

Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (5)

Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (6)

Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (7)

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8 Responses to Watanabe Mayu 2014 Wall Calendar (complete preview)

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  2. philipleslie says:

    I bet Mayuyu’s is one of the sold out ones! Great photos.


    • At last check her desktop was already sold out =(…I mean it’s good and yet sad, like I think more fans would want them and yet their selling out speaks volumes to just how beloved she is. And to make a point about the sales this year, it’s a bit unusual for idol calendars to be out of print this early as lots usually end up on mark down sales as January flows into February so this was quite a shock to me that so many are already unavailable =O. And we still have AKB’s official group calendar to look forward ~~> to as its release date is set for just about a little over a week from now =D.


      • philipleslie says:

        I’ve seen Mayuyu’s desk calendar photos on Tumblr: they’re pink and they’re kawaii. Understandable why it sold out! Hopefully there’s no sadness created when one idol’s calendars don’t sell as much as another.


        • I did manage to pre-order Mayuyu’s desktop version before it sold out as it’s coupled with AKB48’s Official Calendar Box which is always creative as they always change things up with the content and themes…should be here any day now. Ah everything’s on Tumblr but I’m still going to scan it myself and post it here anyway as I do live in my aforementioned bubble of a world =). And Tumblr is always placing my images there..I mean there are lots of things I scan which are directly linked and copied there as I always get referred by Tumblr accounts literally every day here when I see my site stats =O.


          • philipleslie says:

            Amazingly when I checked, there were still a few Mayuyu desk calendars left on CDJapan. A couple of calendars were a little bit cheaper than the rest, which must be a bit sad for the artists. On a related note, I did notice that Type C of ‘Hiri hiri no hana’ is now out of print at CD Japan, while many of the Not Yet releases are still available. Either they bought in fewer copies, or else it’s the footage on the DVD that makes this one so popular.


            • Odd…just a few days ago the site indicated that hers was no longer available….u~n they had a large markdown on calendars with bonus shopping points being awarded too not too long ago. I imagine they must end up with lots of unsold calendars each year so you can usually find even further markdowns into January and February although the overall selection may not be as good then but still any discount is most welcome! Mmmm type C oh yes that’s the version with the Not Yet premium fan event where fans can get the most for their money in the sense of the run time and just how all inclusive that clip is. Still I loved all of the part time job clips the girls did, just so fun to see unsuspecting shoppers run into 48 girls in some very unlikely of places.


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