Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (complete preview)

AKB48 2014 calendar order

AKB48 2014 Calendar Order

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (1)

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (1)This year’s AKB48 desktop calendars have lost a bit of their glamour (but are still awesome) as last year’s format resembled very much a standing photo frame where the calendar cards would slide into for easy display (see: AKB48 2013 desktop calendars, for ex: Oshima Yuko 2013 version ) This year’s desktop version is rather in a CD jewel case size with the clear plastic casing itself serving as the display/holder. In all each desktop version includes eight pages which feature the standard bimonthly format with of course the lovely images of your favorite member being featured atop.

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (2)Full size (400 dpi) scans without watermark available to site subscribers by request.

Click ~* to order AKB48 2014 calendars @ Cdjapan (note: many desktop versions are already out of print =( )

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (2)

Like last year I ended up doubling up on my Oshi’s-♥ calendar getting both Yuko’s wall and desktop versions. In a lot of ways I actually love her desktop version here much more than her wall version as one main reason would be Yuko going all Pocahontas on us here, or rather I daydream ~* about my Oshi♥ in the role of Tekken’s Julia Chang complete with ass kicking skirt, sexy tasseled top and complete hair and wrist accessories ~*!! You know now that I think of it and this literally occurred to me this very instant while typing, why not have an all out AKB48 Fighting Tournament via Tekken style?? Well now that Yuko’s been established as becoming the Julia Chang character aka: ‘Charms-with-dimples’…sure beats Dances-with-wolves doesn’t it =D! And next Mayuyu would surely take on the role of Tekken’s adorable Ling Xiaoyu all dressed in the appropriate China-doll dress all in pink where by unlocking one of the extras you’d also be able to dress Mayuyu in most appropriate seifuku just as Xiaoyu does! I could continue but I do have a couple more calendars to scan and post tonight =D. Imagine it though, AKB48 Tekken Tag Tournament!!!!! It’d be an instant classic, I’m sure of it!

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (3)

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (4)

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (5)

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (6)

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (7)

Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (8)

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8 Responses to Oshima Yuko 2014 Desktop Calendar (complete preview)

  1. philipleslie says:

    It’s going to be difficult having to wait almost a year before the lovely November/December portrait is on display!


    • U~N-♥! I so agree!!! It’s like with January/February everything’s so innocent then with March/April Yuko’s questioning this relationship….May/June you’ve redeemed yourself honestly and thing’s are back on track again..cute pose!….July/August now you know things are getting serious as she’s asking ‘…how she looks?’ answer with thought I say! =P September/October…now Yuko’s just killing you with adorableness-that pose-that look-and I haven’t even mentioned her dimples yet…okay I just did =P…and then we all know what November/December means! Okay I’m weird, sorry about that, Yuko♥ just has a way of willing me to becoming a strawberry slush puppy on a hot day’s afternoon ^^.


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