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Berryz Koubou autographs collection complete with Music Video Bluray File 2011Back when I first joined the world of blogging and eventually inherited this blogosphere~space one of my then current and most beloved idol-♥-groups was Berryz Koubou, hence the latter portion of the name of this blog =D and while I somewhat have drifted from BK for some time now they’ll always remain as one of my most loved and followed idol groups all time as this love affair had lasted quite a stretch of time dating back to mid-2004 when I first was shared with Berryz Koubou’s then 3rd single release “Piririto Yukou!” I can still recall just how taken I was with the melody and its genki energy, a very similar moment and reaction I had to first seeing/hearing Ayaya’s “Momoiro kataomoi” which was her release which initially had me fall in total love too very much the same way. Atop this post is one of two complete Berryz Koubou autograph event cards (Maiha still present in the group) which I was lucky to attain over the years with perhaps ironically the other being for their “Piririto yukou!” event release, that one being no longer with me as I had donated it to an auction for the recovery of Japan a few years ago. In hindsight getting into BK from their then just third single release allowed me to experience first hand their growth entailing pretty much everything from the girls’ vocal/ dance lessons to their chemistry and how their music was ever revolving in styles as well as complexity and creativity as Tsunku continued to grow their musical vocabulary throughout their early years so much. Vocally BK has always been most stout since their debut with perhaps the only early criticisms coming from fans aimed at Sugaya Risako (Rii-chan) in particular although through time and patience Riichan really honed in her vocals and who can forget those early dance lessons (remember that really strict/mean dance choreographer/ teacher?, yep the same sensei which can be seen in early AKB48 dance rehearsal/lesson clips) which were totally televised to the public through Hello! Project’s weekly show back then and how Momo was pushed to the limits of fatigue as she was sent aside as a spectator while the lessons continued without her….her then tears eventually leading to her power of self confidence and perseverance. Emotional and powerful stuff, I’m sure you cried to. And getting back to BK’s song writing and musical growth through the years if one were to go in chronological order listening/watching each of BK’s single releases it’s in leaps and bounds in which Tsunku offered up the ever growing intricate qualities of his vocal arrangements and harmonies all the while the very choreography of each song would entail an equally impressive complexity in growth from composition to composition. From cutesy-adorable to sensual and edge~y with lots of offbeat and eye opening humor poignantly present along the way, as Berryz Koubou’s girls would grow up, so would their very aura through music. Okya well, with this being a perhaps lengthy writeup here just getting started to rev up, enough with the introductions right! =).

And throughout this nostalgic journey I may will be sidetracked a few many times as I recall just a few of my personal affections and memorable moments ~* through the early years of all things Berryz Koubou~♥. Ready?? Let’s go!~!

And now a message from Riichan♥...~Firstly, a very very cute

Berryz工房 -VTR…

~Berryz Koubou “Arigatou! Otomodachi” VTR concert clip~

Here a mini prelude as just the cutely choreographed lyric signage which were personally drawn up by the girls themselves makes me smile every time I watch this VTR as it remains one of my most favorite concert VTRs produced by BK =D.

~Secondly, a nostalgic BK Member Ranking~

Mind you, this was done waaaay back in the day,

but still fun to reminisce it today =D….

Remember the Berryz Koubou “Bunkasai in Yokohama” T-shirt w/ member photo set?..and upon seeing them on eBay I just knew I had to get the blue one!! And just seeing the members of Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute wearing these shirts in their fan club DVD to help raise awareness about global warming made getting them even more important and endearing. The design on the shirts held a poignantly meaningful message and yet somehow they were able to remain ost cute at the same time as they had illustrated the effects of global warming by showing polar bears sweating amidst the melting ice in the region =(. It’ was nice to see H!P’s main 3 groups (in Momusu, BK & C-ute) getting involved in such an important cause back then and you can also watch the fan club DVD for this event for individual member comments on the subject.

Here I’d used the photo sets which then came with the mini albums from this Hello! Project environmental event set.








Sugaya Risako

~My Berryz Koubou collection (the early years)~

Still one of H!P’s more creative album releases as it includes both a beach ball and sandals which were sweetly summer themed for fans back then.

~ A Berryz工房♥ Favorite 23 Songs Countdown (The early years)~

So, which songs would I choose to include on a personal best of Berryz工房 compilation? And why 23?..well I can’t really answer that second one as it just sort of turned out that way ^^.

(note: this early years dream compilation of mine is compiled from songs included from their debut up till early 2009 as those are my most fond years of BK)

So I had spent a couple of days reliving their discography going back to their debut and working my way towards their releases up until the winter of 2009 and in addition to many beloved singles I do seem to favor a lot of BK’s coupling with songs on their singles as well as non single album tracks and when I finished my favorites list I ended up with 23 songs which on any given day could find their way into a much enjoyed mp3 collection for either the road or home via iPod. I really had to urge self control upon myself when choosing the tracks as without doubt I otherwise would have turned up with a far greater number of songs and so here are the 23, and once again noting that they’re far many more songs that could’ve made this list but things could have quickly gotten out of hand if I indulged upon ever BK song that I ♪♪♥. And here with the song countdown to #one I’ve included both a favorite live performance as well as a music video where possible so just to have a studio version for comparison when it comes to their singles included here. And so all of my early BK audio CDs came off of the shelves in my effort to find their songs in which I’m most endeared♥ to and mind you there were numerous tough decisions to make! ^ ^.




Yumede do up (live)

You’ll notice in particular the verse harmonies here which are very reminiscent arrangement-wise of early Morning Musume when you listen to their debut album “First Time”…just a really sweetly-whimsical song and even with BK so young here they do a wonderful performance.



Bye Bye matane (live)

“Bye Bye matane” naturally became a concert closing staple for Berryz Koubou and here in an early rendition from their 2005 tour the girls’ emotions are running high in the moment ~*, and even behind tears it’s a sweet group vocalization.



Seishun Oodoori (live)

A performance of “Seishun Oodoori” from the fall of 2009, I’m always a sucker for melodic ensemble vocal arrangements.



Koi wa hipparidako (live)

From Berryz Koubou’s 2005 Switch On! tour “Koi wa hipparidako” appears on their debut album from 2004, here Tsunku has written one of his very best genki-injected melodies.



Koi no jubaku (music video)

Koi no jubaku (live)

Berryz Koubou’s fifth single even at this early stage marked a plateau of maturity for the group with a much more seriously toned choreography as well as lyrics to match, also note the girls’ amazing wardrobe seen both on single’s cover as well as its pv about mid way through…stylish! and how they naturally enhance the intense dance choreography..just perfect!


~Fangirl interrupted 1~

While all of this reminiscing is going on =P….I remember distinctly a time when it had been imagined here on this blog that there would be an upcoming and inevitable age when Hello! Project household items would eventually fill our homes =D!! And what it would be like to someday grab your Sayu mug and get a beverage out of your Risakochan refrigerator! I’m also thinking that I would first power up my Aichan computer while my Kamei stove heats up some Reinachan green tea while my Jun Jun mp3 player fills the room with the latest J-Pop and let’s not forget to place our Nacchi cell phone on its Maimai recharger so that it’s ready for the next day! 🙂

Well while that scenario may have been ‘far fetched and unimaginable’ back then, what was available as a first step towards building your own H!P household back in the day were some very nice sets of drinking glasses! These glasses are quite stylish and very well made and also include a beautifully designed coaster and a member photograph. Available sets included every member of Momusu, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, and also solo members Nacchi, Gocchin, Ayaya, & Mikitty! Even while on hiatus =( Mikitty lovingly still got a set too! :).

H!P member glass & coaster sets

Hello! Project member glass & coaster sets



Koishiteru toki wa itsumo…(mp3)

One of my favorite B-sides!! “Koishiteru toki wa itsumo…” is the coupling with song to Berryz Koubou’s  sixth single “Special Generation”, a mid tempo ballad which complimented its uptempo title track featuring a chorus filled with some of the group’s more ambitious vocals till that point which hits on point with powerfully delivered highs via a falsetto’s touch.



Ohiru no kyuukeijikan (VTR)

I couldn’t resist choosing this great VTR clip ~*! Just as the song’s title and lyrics suggest, the VTR is all about a BK lunch time break which turns to playtime and then back to the classroom and note that the opening free~dialogue is indeed part of the original song as it’s heard here during this live concert VTR. I’ve always found its chorus so enchanting ~* with its jingly keyboards and this endearing VTR with the girls all collaborating free~style..well you just can’t help but smile =D.



Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND (music video)

Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND (live)

I chose a performance where the girls are wearing their beautiful “Waracchaouyo..” red wardrobes and how can one not love the way Tsunku here has masterfully blended the do-wop sensation of the 50’s and sixties to today’s J-pop genre!!~! For the music video you also gotta love the props of classic day mics and the background vocal formations so nostalgic of those days of old…also most notable in the pv are the CG 50’s-60’s world of mom & pops shops and eateries all playing backdrop here so cooly and don’t get me started about those fifties diner waitress dress ups the girls are so adorably donning complete with classy gloves of white and just when you thought this daydream of a song/pv couldn’t get any  more adorable, then enter Riichan’s prop of a ice cream cone~♥ and her ensuing expressions of adore-me-U-must! =D.


~Fangirl interrupted part 2~

From time to time whenever I’ve re-watched the music video for “Ganbacchae!” I’m always so amazed at how little the then future members of Berryz Koubou & C-ute are in this pv and how much they’ll grow in such a short period of time relatively speaking in idol-years. And even going back to when I had re-watched this just a little over 5 years since its release most of the H!P Kids had been easily recognizable although a few of them weren’t so easy to spot such as Airiin, Nakki, and little Maimai who just looked so different back then!



~Morning Musume w/ Hello! Project Kids + Gotou Maki “Ganbacchae!” (music video)~

This pv’s really eternally exceptionally cute!!~!

~Morning Musume “Hey! Mirai” (music video)~

And likewise is its ‘flipside’ music video for “Hey! Mirai”, simply still one of Momusu’s GREAT ONES both musically and visually for its utter improvisational fun throughout!!~!

Even back then I’d always wished that I had acquired some even earlier UFA photos of the future stars of BK & C-ute while they were still part of the H!P Kids family as they’d be a great reference point to have, so when I saw that Ohta was selling a complete set of photos of the then current H!P Eggs back in late 2007, along with a great looking photo holder I thought I’d better leap ~* @ the chance so that I wouldn’t repeat that mistake again.

Ah! and since its release back in late 2007 two members had already graduated from this then ‘current’ set including Korenaga Miki & Yutoku Ayumi =O. And while Korenaga Miki had then moved to being active in Ongaku Gatas, Ayumichan had all but vanished =/.

Which brings me to….

~8 Predictions that were sure to go wrong (*>ω<)~

Back in those days Hello! Project’s culture and path had become a quite bumpy one and with the future so full of possibilities I dared to wonder out loud just what Conan O’Brien may have envision had he darkened his late-night set and held a flashlight under his chin for a few minutes. Oh and of course Conan would have so needed his old sidekick too so that the room would have been filled with eerie operatic insight, you know just as it had always occurred with Conan on Late-Night in those days.


…Conan had some strange visions then it seems and in hindsight after the year 2012 has long since come and gone I guess in hindsight it was indeed a total-fail in trying to predict parts of Hello! Projects’ future…still if you’re familiar with the culture and goings on of Hello! Project back then then these just may make you chuckle along =D,

…and so well let’s just have a look going back to February 26th, 2008 when these predictions were originally made and posted here (aka: what happens whenever my ever so ‘slightly’ odd mind wanders)….

1. “In the year 2012, the little hearts in Akari’s autograph are alleged to share too much of a resemblance to Kominecchi’s little hearts , subsequently Akari is charged with plagiarism but after a press conference is held where Akari clearly points out that there’s a subtle difference in the in the curve at the top of her hearts..all charges are dropped….meanwhile Tsunku re-unites with “7 House” and on opening night of their tour while performing Ayaya’s hit “Momoiro kataomoi” things go terribly wrong when Tsunku nearly falls after being launched from the floor by a springboard and the “magical” flame that is supposed to ignite at the finish takes too long to appear in his open palm creating much laughter amongst the audience and much sweat from Tsunku’s forehead……wait…he’s already done that one with Sharan Q many years ago.”

2. “In the year 2012, Yuukarin is said to be dating a super hero actor but as Friday magazine attempts to capture a photo of her rumored super hero “boyfriend”….photos surface showing Yuukarin having lunch with a giant Pikachuu instead….meanwhile Mikitty releases her first instructional book titled “The Idol’s Guide To Going On Dates Without Being Caught.” Meanwhile Tsunku stars in “Run Tsunku!!”…a remake of “Pinch Runner” with Tsunku himself starring as every character in the movie through special makeup & effects!…but this time there’s no school, no classmates…just Tsunku running from a bunch of angry fans led by Eddie Murphy! :O

3. “In the year 2012, Tsunku’s fond memories of treasured group names such as “Gomattou” and “Nochiuranatsumi” inspires him to create his best group name ever!!!!……”Asudawamanairosekitty” which is comprised of Okai Asuna, Wada Ayaka, Arai Manami, Maeda Irori, Sekine Azusa, & Ogawa Saki……

……Fukuda Kanon was also chosen for the new unit but after some careful consideration Tsunku deemed that the groups’ name would be “way too long” if he included her but with some quick thinking and in an attempt to try and save face Tsunku revives “Minomoni” & “Coconut’s Musume” by creating “Mini Coconut” which is said to include Kanon, Sawachan, Konacchan, & Ayaka.”

4. “In the year 2012, Enna is rumored to be getting married creating shock waves throughout the H!P community but after the situation is sorted it turns out that all that happened was Yukosan’s….umm…I mean Keisan’s wedding invitations got mixed up with Enna’s birthday party invitations due to a clerical error at Tsunku’s farm.” Whew that was a close one!!! 😛 Meanwhile Tsunku holds the “Love Audition 12″ but after reviewing all of the entries and holding out for weeks he decides that it’s time for him to live his lifelong dream to join Momusu and he becomes the sole 12th Generation member.” :O Every thing seems to go “smoothly” until one day when Jun Jun sees Tsunku eating her banana….Tsunku isn’t seen for a few weeks. :O

5. “In the year 2012, Friday reveals an alleged “love triangle” involving “Yuukarin” & Anchan when Anchan is seen in a restaurant accompanied by a giant Pikachuu…however after facing reporters alongside Tsunku the public soon learns that Anchan’s Pikachuu friend is just some other person that enjoys dressing up as Pikachuu whenever they leave the house.” Just a few days later Tsunku joins Berryz Koubou becoming their new 8th member, however Momo isn’t too pleased as Tsunku declares his stage color to be pink! :O

6. “In the year 2012, an unnamed source claiming to be a childhood “friend” sells his story to a gossip magazine revealing that he once held Mucchi’s hand while standing in line in their school’s cafeteria. Fans are outraged but then puzzled as to why a magazine would pay for such a ridiculous story………….

…Rii “the cleaner” Sugaya is sent in to “clean” things up. Let’s just say he won’t be playing “Puyo Puyo” for a long long time. :O

7. “In the year 2012, Morisaki’s graduation from H!P is announced after her neighbor’s cousin’s mechanic from down the street has a repeat run in with the law…fans are outraged and somewhere…Gocchin is shaking her head.”….

…meanwhile Tsunku creates a new unit “Tetsudaiku” (手伝い大工) with members Saaya, Mia, & Keisan as work on his second mansion begins and in the process they record the 30th version of “Furusato” while on lunch breaks. :O

8. “In the year 2012, the mini unit is taken to all new heights when UFA announces the super unit “Momoni” consisting of members Nocchi, Manoeri, and Sengoku! ^-^…Tsunku graduates from Berryz Koubou after trouble erupts when he suffers the worse “Puyo Puyo” beatdown of all time and then proceeded to unplug Rii’s Gamecube while she was on her way to a new high score…he hasn’t been seen since =O and Conan has officially just left the building! 😛

And on a side-note, back then and even in the years following I was so sure that Nocchi (Noto Arisa) would one day conquer the earth…idol-wise, yes I waas so sure of it then!



Natsu wakame (live)

Okay this one’s shamelessly playful!!..both in melody and live performance and so appropriately so with its subtle touch of ragtime tiptoeing piano steps and that oh so cutely whimsical ‘woo’s…’ which lead into each of its chorus’ opening lines and if for nothing else its gleeful rhythm throughout which is like a song-haters kryptonite….well U know if you happen to be an alternate universe caped wonder in red & blue whom hates all things happy~♥ =D.



BE (mp3)

Such a standout track. A 100% choral production rich in harmonies and orchestration and in a sense its timing of arrival for Berryz Koubou was yet unexpected back then and just surveying their body of work up till then it still sends a sense of happy vibes to my heart as it then acted as closer to their special best-of-volume-one. A tour de force of an anthem and yet it was so un-idol-like (sure AKB48 has shattered that ‘wall’ time and time again since)..still Berryz Koubou preceded it all in one inspired swoop ~* via the wings of Tsunku.



Fighting pose wa datejanai! (music video)

Fighting pose wa datejanai! (live)

Sure in the pv it’s Berryz Koubou’s poolside adora~exploits with all of its playful-fueled-grab-@-your-heart adorableness which is sure to catch you!, and yet lets recognize the song’s very retro-video game inspired opening musical note chimes as it soon consumes the entirety of the pv into a blissful and sugary idol~ly high as the girls act out accordingly!!! Add in those cute gamer chic-wardrobes and further girly exploits and you’re simply powerless against it all…..I say GAME OVER….and just think this was Berryz Koubou’s just second single title track….way to write BK into idol greatness Tsunku \(^O^)/!!!~!


~Fangirl interrupted part 3~

Recalling the BK/C-ute Family Feud =O!

~Berryz Koubou vs. C-ute bowling~

Surely you’ve seen this one…Hello! Project DVD productions of the day personified here \(^o^)/ YES! And throughout so much of modern idol-history there’s just been something about idols & food, food & idols and especially when producers dream up some sort of batsu premise =O.


It all started off as a friendly competition between BK and C-ute w/ the battlefield, a bowling alley =D.


Team Berryz Koubou!! (^o^)/ versus…


…Team C-ute!! (^o^)/

But within the true meaning of any such event in the land of H!P back then there was always….


…the shockingly less than satisfactory “reward” for the losing team (sometimes nothing at all or even worse a batsu drink/penalty! Example: YUCK! noni juice! or aojiru and I can’t believe that my parents and brother would willingly drink these and actually then buy them regularly!) =O.

Note that the staff at UFA has gone to the extreme here, um giving Team C-ute water =O…


…while the winning team enjoys the spoils of a job well done and they get juice!! ^-^!!…


Here we see the calm before the storm, aka: the niku feast has just begun!…


…and just when everything seemed ‘safe’ pandemonium inevitably breaks out!!! =O I mean what’d you expect?!? Or should I say ‘hope’ for you ingeniously naughty Hello! Project producers!

As Chisa and Maimai stage something quite unprecedented in these events:

The legendary

and memorable

winner’s table food raid!!!


And while their fellow team mates are quite shocked too, I can only imagine that both Kannachan and Nakki only wish they had come up with such a genius of a plan themselves to spring on an unsuspecting Team BK! xD


And with food like that on Team C-ute’s table its not long before all attention is turned towards the two would be food raiders…….


…as BK’s Miya quickly points out to them that they’re at the wrong table looking for handouts! =D just in case Chisa and Maimai weren’t aware that this table’s contents belong to the winner’s menu!?


And like a hungry wolf with plate, chopsticks, and napkin in place you really have to love Maimai’s persistence though! (well actually I’ve never seen a wolf adorning such objects before but just saying is all)….^-^ and she really wants Team BK’s food instead of what C-ute’s been served and I can’t blame her even though I’m not much of a meat eater myself as you know it’s beef and as they saaaay it’s WHATS FOR DINNER @ MOST IDOL BATSU EVENTS I suppose?


The faltered siege continues and if you get a chance to watch this clip you’re going to love how both Chisa and Maimai repeatedly poke their chopsticks in there trying to get something to savor for themselves!! and Chisa’s initial attempts actually work as she did acquire some of Team BK’s feast!!

It’s all about timing as they say and the surprise factor idols say.


However like being sent back to her room without supper, Chisa is in a state of bad H!P food dismay….shame on the UFA staff? xD


Note the look of disgust on Chisa’s face! =O and I don’t even know what they’re cooking over there but Nakki and Kannachan are determined to eat it at all costs =D.


At long last peace is finally restored to the kingdom and all is well again, on the left is UFA’s practical joke disguised as a meal, while on the right the food of champions!




^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ !!

There’s just something about meat in Japan which captivates and excites idols!

Where was Reinachan on this fateful day

when ‘everyone’ needed her?!?


I think she would have tackled both Chisa and Maimai before either of them got to the table earlier! No KIDDING =D.


And you should have seen the “roar” of “excitement” that engulfed Team C-ute’s entire table when the staff brought out a plate of…um..nori for them……..well actually it wasn’t too much of an excited reaction although C-ute’s leader Maimichan manages to help keep spirits up despite being just a few feet away from something much more desirable!

Above, Maimai has finally conceded to the inevitable!…


But wait there’s more:

Treats being served up at Team BK’s feast….


…and I’m not sure what Rii’s looking at but both Kumachan and Momo are fixed upon that bowl of deliciousness which is about to be served!!

The lesson in all of this?…..

Winning has it’s privileges and excessive gutter balls may come back to haunt you!!=(



Maji natsu sugiru (live)

Beach paradise themed ~* and don’t let those oddly tiny hats freak you out xD….as by just 2006 Berryz Koubou was vocally this impressive ~*. Sure it’s the wild west meets an ocean paradise somewhere in the midst of the middle of the Pacific and yet yet how can this melody not cradle you in….♥.



Special Generation (music video)

Special Generation (live)

Okay I’ll begin with the pv.

Honestly “Special Generation” was by far the most played BK-pv for me personally, I could literally watch it over and over with equal delight ~* each time.

Those 70’s inspired Bond backdrops, the cooler than your coolest cucumber dance movements, Momo sounding like she did five years ago/4 years ago/3 years ago/6 years ago/forevermore…./Miya’s heart choreography, Tsunku’s aggressive pop like crack to a shattered window & well YES this SONG♥….an anthem for a J-pop an anthem for’s perfection ~*. When you watch the pv it’s idol-sexy without being overly obvious, it succeeds without trying too hard and for this earlier stage of BK Tsunku and his production team couldn’t have visualized it any better.. and here’s a live version too here from their 2006 summer tour, talk about energy and the joy of true live performance.


~Fangirl interrupted part 4~

One of many BK related fan votes held here throughout the years ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ

Re: Outcute, outlast The Survivor edition: Risako vs. Koharu edition

Riichan & Kohachan....

So going back into the wayback machine or hot tub time machine (whichever is readily available) the one ‘simple’ question posed here on this blog back in the day long ago was:

If Risako & Koharu were the last 2 contestants left on H!P island

which member are you voting off the island?

As for me

hmm…back then and after much (゜Д゜;)!! debate I had to eventually vote Koharu off the island =(!!! Thinking about it now who knows that could be a very different decision if rethought out today.

Well if all of that adorable nostalgia didn’t get you into submission of feeling all knotted between them, at least feel for me ‘having’ to have decided this all on my own waaaaaay back then, true though I did create the hypothetical notion myself….huh so what am I talking about anyway =P??

Still there was indeed a fan vote being held here all of those moons ago through the now sadly =( defunct Vizu Polls site but it was truly mano~a~mano~idol~style♥ and likewise you may vote now if your heart so desires:



Sabori (mp3)

One may wonder why I’ve ranked this Berryz Koubou song so highly? Honestly it’s just one of the more openly candid of lyrics by Tsunku (+ the festive wintery aura of the music’s jingles ~*~~*) all from its premise of playing hooky and all of the inevitable pitfalls and emotional anxieties such an adventure entails from dodging parents to your suspicious trail of takoyaki filling the air all the while why this one moment ~* in juvenile love endears so much. Each lyrical line so giddy and youthful (+ the festive wintery aura of the music’s jingles ~*~~*) Yes…and while the festive wintery aura of the music’s jingles ~*~~* play on.



VERY BEAUTY (music video)

VERY BEAUTY (live 2007 Welcome Berry Kyuden)

 VERY BEAUTY (live 2007 Sakura Mankai tour)

For 2007’s “VERY BEAUTY” could have easily been #1 here just to give an idea of just how closely knit/beloved these BK songs truly are here forth.+ I while considering their earlier concert renditions I couldn’t decide between their released performances between their “Welcome Berryz Kyuden” or “Sakurai Mankai” tours both of 2007…so I’ve included them both here as they’re both absolutely awesome =D. Both have a commanding aura of confidence and both are vocally supreme as you can clearly hear/see the maturity of Berryz Koubou sitting firmly upon that next plateau of idol-excellence. The “Sakurai Mankai” performance features one of my all-time favorite Berryz Koubou wardrobes in their mondrian-inspired one piece CUTE of awesomeness, an equal memory matching even the togas of Momusu’s “The Man Power!!! for me personally!!” Melodically and paced so beautifully….again “VERY BEAUTY” could have easily have been number 1 here.

Relish in the bouncy pop~* of the piano riffs as they open the song, you know those types of piano which are deeply reminiscent of those of Sir Paul’s….



Anshinkan (live 2005 Shoka Hatsu Tandoku- Marugoto tour)

Anshinkan (live 2005 Switch ON! tour)

From Berryz Koubou’s debut album, “Anshinkan” possesses one of those deliberately guided melodies, those which make you feel an emotional movement and through its rock sculpted composition here Tsunku is at his catchiest-best…I’ve just loved this song eternally it seems like a familiar melody and vocal I’ve always been moved. Also note the “Shoka Hatsu Tandoku-Marugoto” performance here features their radiantly blue “Nachuu koi wo yatteruu YOU KNOW?” inspired wardrobe which are simply gorgeous!!


~Fangirl interrupted part 5~

And now a message from Riichan♥...And so many moons ago I had spent about a half hour working on this one day/night in those awkwardly wonderful days/nights of blogging back then…haha as you can see my cyber pencil and eraser were giving me a hard time then! Plus I’m no good at art if you can call this “art”…and I guess that’s one of many reasons that I’m so endeared to Kamechan! ^-^ I was really trying to make it look like something that Rii would draw but…well she’s probably much better at art than I am! =P I think everyone is! Anyway the idea was way too funny to not try out and with Photobucket’s added photo editing features (which were cooler too back then) even someone as artistically challenged as me can still have fun! 🙂

In case this seems way out of left field here’s how this all began with that great episode of Music Figher which aired on December 15th, 2006:

Superman logo“The one where BK is revealed to have super powers ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!”


“The one where Risako-chan is the MVP!”

Yeah! I’m truly going retro-‘blogging’ now as back then I’d no idea of what a screen cap was or did it even exist back then…? In any case, well even if it did exist then I totally took these ‘caps’ with my camera literally taking shots at a mini sized LCD t.v. screen of mine while I played the video clip all those years ago’s totally okay to laugh and mock as these blurry images simply demand it lol xD.


Ever wanted to know what kind of special talents the members of Berryz Koubou are capable of? Of course! So you must check out the December 15, 2006 episode of Music Fighter (previously posted here)…as even in hindsight it’s awesome!!!!

Music Fighter’s hosts Aoki Sayaka, Nishino Akihiro, and Kajiwara Yuuta form the perfect team to host wackiness and engaging conversations with their guests. The theme of this episode is a showdown between Berryz Koubou and the team of Aoki & Kajiwara in a battle of bragging rights involving personal talents. “Munasawagi Scarlet” was the current single release at the time so all the girls are dressed in their red & pink outfits.

Nishino who’s hosting the battle repeatedly asks who’s got a talent to boast about and everyone’s hands go up each time as he randomly picks the next challenger. Chinami gets things started with her special talent, eyeball relay. At first I was thinking what in the world is that! But then it all made sense as she demonstrated her talent of having one eye meet the other in the middle (see blurry image(s) above) and then have the other eye travel to the far side and back. It’ll make more sense when you see it. lol. It’s funny how Aoki and Kajiwara huddle together each time to decide who’ll take on the Berryz Koubou member’s challenge. Kajiwara is up to the challenge and completes it with amazing ease. Chinami is now a bit worried as she thought it would be harder to replicate.

Kajiwara shows off his juggling skills something which I’m always impressed with seeing as I can’t juggle at all. As we wait for a Berryz member to stand up to the challenge Chinami suddenly raises her hand and says that she’ll do it. What’s funny about this is that she tells everyone that she’s never juggled anything ever before! Eh?! Nishino asks why she raised her hand while everyone is baffled and cracking up. As you can imagine the balls are flying in different directions as soon as she starts! lol (see blurry image(s) above).

Saki is chosen next and it’s apparently well known that she plays the alto recorder well. After Saki performs “Shounen Jidai” perfectly Aoki makes it known that she’ll be playing by ear. Saki and the others begin cracking up as Aoki is in a way too low octave and somewhat off in her performance (see blurry image(s) above). Aoki asks for another chance and that her first attempt be edited out! lol =P!

Aoki claims that she can harmonize to any given song and asks if Kajiwara may accompany her. They sing “Happy Birthday” and Aoki harmonizes very well! As the Berryz sit looking a bit awe struck we wait for a challenger but after being told that they can’t pick one of their songs they give up this challenge unfortunately. 😦 I would have loved to have heard 2 of them harmonize! Momo & Risakochan would’ve been great! =D

Miya is next and her special talent is to create static electricity! (see blurry image(s) above)! She begins twirling her hands around in a circular motion just briefly and then stops pointing her 2 index fingers together which produces a spark! I’ve seen this somewhere before and it’s some sort of trick but I’ve no idea how it’s done. Kajiwara is confident that he’ll too be able to create static electricity with his hands and begins very enthusiastically mimicking the motion that Miya was doing. This is really hilarious as he starts going really really fast saying that he can feel it…but…nothing happens when he points his fingers together. lol.

Now for the cutest part of the episode (see blurry image(s) above)!! as Risakochan says that her special talent is drawing. I believe she once did this on an episode of Hello Pro Hour if I remember correctly as this art battle pits her against Nishino as Aoki asks if it’s okay if he subs for them in this challenge as he’s really good at drawing. It’s then revealed that he actually drew the large picture backdrop that’s part of their set! While this impresses everyone Risakochan doesn’t seem to be concerned one bit. 🙂 Aoki will pose as the model and she has an awkwardly serious look on her face that has Risakochan stop her drawing and ask if she really wants to keep that expression for her drawing. lol. It’s really cute when you hear her ask that! Aoki then smiles a bit and in a little while they’re both finished and it’s time to show off their work. Risako shows everyone her drawing first and its…the cutest thing! Really it is!! However Risakochan’s drawing is questioned as to whether it can be called a portrait but she’s very sure of her drawing and isn’t bothered at all. Nishino’s drawing is…well quite disturbing and a bit scary looking! lol. Aoki isn’t pleased and hands the win to Risakochan! One thing, I hope that none of the Berryz Koubou members saw it! :O

Yurinachan’s special talent is her ability to move her ears while keeping the rest of her face still. After a quick game of rock, paper, scissors, Aoki takes on the challenge but is only able to make strained expressions. lol.

At last Momo is up and what does she state her special talent to be? Drawing dots on a chalkboard in a straight line. Eh? Sounds funny be she does do it well! Kajiwara asks why would you want to show that on t.v.? lol! But the jokes on them as neither of them are able to duplicate this “talent.”

Maasa’s talent is her ability to move her calf muscle. Aoki gets down and gives it a try but…nothing moves. :O…

Saki in an attempt to one up Momo in the wacky department says “I have weird fingers. Nishino is now on the ground laughing and Kajiwara asks “how are we supposed to win against your weird fingers?” lol. She begins counting from one to ten folding down each finger as she goes along and when she gets to her ring finger and pinkie on her right hand they move together no matter what. Aoki tries to counter that with her extra thick ring finger but it’s not allowed. lol.

AND NOW for what I thought was the highlight of the show (see blurry image(s) above) as Kajiwara chooses to ‘show off’ his “Puyo Puyo” video game skills and Risakochan quickly says that she’ll challenge him. I have no idea how this video game is played but it was really funny to watch! When Kajiwara asks Risakochan what level of play is okay she replies “hard easy.” This had me cracking up as Kajiwara is asking her what is that?! Risakochan is so adorable all the time! As the game went on Risakochan’s screen was starting to light up and some sort of “fever” affect was going on in the game. I’ve no idea what that means and neither did Kajiwara who was beginning to go into panic mode from fear of losing! lol. And in the end Risakochan kicked his butt good!! So good that Kajiwara was having a fit afterwards as he couldn’t believe that he just lost to her! lol. In the middle of Kajiwara’s fit and his questioning what the “fever” effect on Risakochan’s screen was, she cutely tells him “I beat you.” He replies something like, why are you telling me this I already know! Too funny! I had to rewind this part and watch it several times.

The last challenge of this episode comes from Momo who wants a rematch against Aoki who beat her in the art of blinking really fast the last time they met on the show. Momo wants her revenge but Aoki is a freak of nature when it comes to blinking! This is pretty amazing to watch! I’ve never seen anyone able to blink that quickly!! She looks so funny to doing this! Poor Momo didn’t stand a chance and she has the most cute looking disappointed look on her face! You just have to see her expression when she realizes that she’s lost again to Aoki! The most adorable look of the show!

The episode ends as Kajiwara is asking for a rematch against Risakochan in another game of “Puyo Puyo.” Risakochan doesn’t hesitate and says that she’ll just win again! This gets Kajiwara worked up again! LOL! This is a great episode for anyone to watch even if you’re not a Berryz Koubou fan. On the other hand if you’re a Berryz Koubou fanatic like me then there’s no question that you must see this episode. Guaranteed to make you smile and laugh. And the MVP award goes to…Risakochan of course!



Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba (music video)

Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba (live 2007 Welcome Berryz Kyuden)

“Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba.” It’s difficult to even add up the ways in which this song has endeared to me over the years. It was by far the most commercially written song Tsunku had handed the girls till then and still it had its uniquely ~Tsunku~ twist with an opening which rather than a piano had the plucking tones of a harpsichord creating a uniquely pop/classical feeling which here coupled with its driven buildup of verses, lent to a vastly sweeping pre chorus and then seamlessly to the thoughtful bursts of the chorus itself equaled pop masterpiece. The visuals for “Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba” were a step into the future as well as it marked Berryz Koubou’s debut into a truly storyline streamed music video concept, an approach which has since become very much the norm for countless pvs since.




~Again these are still one of my most favorite♥ BK concert outfits and their mondrian designs just so cool looking っo(*´∀`)o! And the song itself from its musical arrangement which includes the beautiful cascading guitar riff which opens the track that brings the visual of falling cherry blossoms to the slightly uneasiness of the verses sung beautifully with emotion (for example the lyrics “atarashii yume atarashii mirai aa tokimeku yokan ga suru.”) and how it all escalates to the uplifting chorus full of hope for the future~ ^ ^!While the song’s meaning isn’t anything too deep, it includes an anticipation, a frame of mind, and an outlook that I believe anyone can relate to. The title means “Cherry Blosson-> School Entrance Ceremony” but within its lyrics I believe an almost universal analogy can be found which can be related to one’s own personal feelings in a like situation of slight uneasiness, hope, & dreams of a new beginning in life (*´∀`*)~*。

Here’s a little translation I did awhile back of this most memorable and beloved song of mine….I especially love Tsunku’s use of symbolism with the boots which are too small along with the vivid visual of being ‘engulfed’ by sheep wool on a yet sleepless night.


Asu asa hayai
shuppatsu na no ni
konya wa naze ka
nemurenai mitai

Although I’m supposed to depart early tomorrow morning,
why can’t I seem to fall asleep this evening?

Atarashii yume
Atarashii mirai
Aa tokimeku
Yokan ga suru

A new dream
A new future
Ah a premonition of prosperity has come over me

Itsumo shinjitsu
Itsumo akiramenai

For me & u


It’s always the truth
I (always) never give up

For me & u

it begins

Totte oki no mainichi
Totte oki no haru desu
Oroshitate kawa kutsu wa
sukoshi kyuukutsu demo

For each & every day
For every Spring
Even if these wholesale leather boots are a bit too small

Totte oki no deai
Totte oki no daisuki
Isshou ni ichido kiri
kadode no hi
kono shunkan

For every meeting
For every love
We only have one lifetime
The day to depart has arrived at this moment

Mou teppen sugi
Hitsuji darakene
Maa konna yoru mo
tama ni ii kamo

It’s already past midnight
I’ve been counting sheep endlessly haven’t I (I’m covered with sheep aren’t I)
Well, this night is the same (Well, this night too)
Perhaps it may be nice from time to time

Mado wo akete
Sora wo nagamete miru
Aa subarashii
Haru no sora
Shinkokyuu shite
Yume wo hitotsu futatsu
For me & u


I open the window
Watch the view of the sky
Ah, the wonderful Spring sky
I breathe deeply
One dream, two dreams
for me & u

it begins

Totte oki no shinpashii
Totte oki no haamonii
Sakura saku kisetsu desu
atarashii nioi desu

For every sympathy
For every harmony
It’s the season of cherry blossoms (in bloom)
It’s a new fragrance

Totte oki no kansha
Totte oki no tomodachi
Isshou ni mata tonai
egao ga mau
kono shunkan

For every gratitude
For every friend
Once in a lifetime, together
In this moment your smile dances


Totte oki no shinpashi
Totte oki no haamonii
Sakura saku kisetsu desu
atarashii nioi desu

For every sympathy
For every harmony
It’s the season of cherry blossoms (in bloom)
It’s a new fragrance

Totte oki no kansha
Totte oki no tomodachi
Isshou ni mata tonai
egao ga mau
kono shunkan

For every gratitude
For every friend
Once in a lifetime, together
In this moment your smile dances



21ji made no Cinderella (music video)

21ji made no Cinderella (live 2006)

“21ji made no Cinderella” was literally love @ very first sight/listen!! The pv DVD single had arrived and it was in a continuous loop upon my television. If you haven’t experienced this song before…just click play ~* and I promise you’ll immediately fall in love with those retro-keyboards, those funky brass horns, that dance alluring beat full of fun twists and most of all the girls’ uber-adorable vocals~♥!! Add in the 50’s~60’s inspired diner and full props and the girls’ vibrant wardrobes and again, it’ love @ first sight/listen!!


~Fangirl interrupted part 6~

And now let’s do a proper checklist top 15 on the ‘REAL’ “benefits” of Puyo Puyo starring:

“The Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Really Enjoy a Risako-chan Inflicted Puyo Puyo Beat Down (・o・)!~!

15. You can tell all of your friends that you played a video game with a Berryz Koubou member and while she may have humiliated you…you enjoyed it immensely!


14. You got the chance to discover your inner child who frankly needed to be beat down by someone who looks like this.


13. You were able to prolong the beat down by distracting Risakochan by asking what exactly a “Puyo Puyo” is.


12. It gave you a good excuse to be playing video games while you really should be working.


11. You were able to have a photo taken with the entire group after the game and the only draw back is that you won’t be able to sit down for at least a week due to the incredible butt whooping you just suffered.


10. You’re now good friends with Kajiwara Yuuta as he finds comfort in knowing that now he’s not the only one to be embarrassed by Risakochan on national t.v.


9. While you were sleeping off your embarrassing loss Risakochan signed your forehead and drew you a unibrow (yaay!). 🙂


8. You can now watch and re-watch your video gaming pride being reduced to nothing on YouTube anytime as someone has already uploaded it.


7. You will now have become quite famous \(^O^)/ in the video game communities and every time you enter a store people will point and laugh. :O


6. You can now go to Kinko’s and create that custom “Risakochan kicked my butt” t-shirt that you’ve always wanted to wear.


5. Yurinachan & Chinamichan now have some new material about you to use for their comedy routine during concerts and events.


4. The show’s host tells you that it was their funniest episode ever w/ ratings waay up and asks you to come back for a rematch with Risakochan, BeatDownBowlII here we come!


3. You now know first hand if that little nose is as cute as it seems in pictures and videos.


2. Getting your butt kicked has never been this cute!!!


1. And the #1 reason why you should enjoy a Risakochan beat down in a game of “Puyo Puyo”…you now know what a “Puyo Puyo” actually is. \(^O^)/.

And then, there’s the aftermath.

And in the end this is what you’ll be eventually reduced to as you reminisce about the good old days when Puyo Puyo was just a simple game and you thought you were pretty good at it. Or perhaps this is just a picture of what your cat is doing after you’ve left the house. In any case you should probably just give your Nintendo Gaming System to him =D.




At number four is Berryz Koubou’s folk/rock “Semi.” It’s difficult to even begin to say how much this song occupied my car back then!! Just really one of the sweetest of Berryz Koubou melodies in their vast catalog, the transition of solo verses to those strong and yet vulnerably toned ensemble chorus’….the girls here all projecting such powerfully felt vocals…that sweetly melancholy laced melody♥.



Maji good chance summer (mp3)

It’s still amusing today thinking that this gem of a J-pop song is the coupling with track to the extremely out there and wacky title track “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance.” And YES it’s an awesomely written and performed b-side all the way up @ number 3 \(^O^)/!!! truth be told though about the title Monkey track that I once wrote an entire ‘essay’ just about how it’ll surely grown upon you without doubt =P!..and I even went further back then and purchased (via proxy) the special fan club version which features additional individual solo member music video versions of “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance”…yes it’s quite a wacky song but just like that big nose/booger song by Kohachan & Maimai I totally fell in ♥ w/it! Anyway getting back to the song at hand, just wait till you get to the amazing chorus of “Maji good chance summer” as it’s simply one of the catchiest like EVER!!!! This is such a good~feeling song, one that’ll be sure to brighten your day so if you’ve not heard this song before then surely you must click ~* on the mp3 above ^^.



Aitai kedo…

At the end of 2006, “Aitaikedo…” was my favorite♥ H!P song♪ of the year as posted in my year’s end recap post here o(*´∀`)o゛and I’ve just always loved-loved the Irish/Scottish flavor♪~ provided by the gentle wall of bagpipes and the ensemble choruses so *sweet~* in this song!

And here from BK’s 2007 “Sakura Mankai” concert DVD~ an all too rare live performance of “Aitaikedo…”~♥ ^ ^!I love the choreography which lightly acts out the song’s♪ lyrics, so cute~*  how it’s all choreographed like a little play of sorts っo(*´∀`)o。And watching this live now, I’m so much reminded of how developed and radiant~* Miya’s vocals were in particular even this far back as she really shines and stands out so much in this concert overall too ♥ ^ ^。

And here’s another little translation I did way back when of this most beloved song…



I would like to see (you)/ I miss you, but

Sukoshi gaman da ne

I need to be a little patient


I would like to see (you)/ I miss you, but

Shuumatsu wa mogi shiken

This weekend you have a practice test

Kimi wa itsuno himo

ganbari yasan da ne

Also, at that time you’ll be working hard at the shop won’t you

Dakara ki ni naru no

muri wo shisugi nai de

Therefore it worries me so please don’t overdo it


I would like to see (you)/ I miss you,but

Wagamama wa iwanai

I musn’t speak selfishly

Kyou mo asu mo

suki de imasu

I love you both today and tomorrow

seishun seishun wo muda ni sezu ni

Youth youth, I will not waste it

Yoru mo asa mo

kumori no hi mo

mikata de iru to kakagetai

Nights, mornings and on cloudy days I want to be by your side

Aitai keredo gaman da ne

I miss you but I should be patient


I would like to see (you)/ I miss you, but

Sukoshi gaman da ne

I need to be a little patient


I would like to see (you)/ I miss you, but

Getsumatsu teiki shiken

You’ll have your end of the month examine

Kimi wa kurasu de mo

me datte iru hito de

Even in class you’re the one everyone has their eyes on

Dakara yakimochi ne

Ninki ga arisugite

See that’s why I’m jealous, you’re too popular


I would like to see (you)/ I miss you, but

Sukoshi aitaikedo…

I miss you a little but…

Ima mo kako mo

suki de imasu

Now, and in the past too I’ve loved you

Seishun seishun wo ouka shimasho

Youth youth, let’s serenade to it

Umi mo yama mo

Sora no tori mo

Mikata ni shiteru kimi ga iru

Even the sea, the mountains and the birds in the sky too, I know it’s you by my side

Aitai demo ne aitai na

I would like to see (you)/ I miss you, but if only I could see you

Ima mo kako mo

suki de imasu

Now, and in the past too I’ve loved you

Seishun seishun wo ouka shimasho

Youth youth, let’s serenade to it

Umi mo yama mo

Sora no tori mo

Mikata ni shiteru kimi ga iru

Even the sea, the mountains and the birds in the sky too, I know it’s you by my side

Aitai demo ne aitai na

I would like to see (you)/ I miss you, but if only I could see you

And number….

1 (2)


Piririto yukou! (music video)

Piririto yukou! (live 2005)

The song which attracted me to BK to begin with.

For all of its Okinawan flavor and fun energy which is so ingeniously sewn into such a poppy tune, also love their pv wardrobes which are 100% Okinawan inspired as well with all of those earthly and darker tones which are synonymous with the culture’s beauty. Simply one of the cutest of pvs ever with adorable dance choreography and so when all was said and done…

..”Piririto Yukou!” surely warrants as my #1 ^^!

Hope you enjoyed this nostalgic walk down Berryz Koubou lane with me as I had a blast revisiting their amazing songs and those days of wonderful memories ~* alike.

(*´∀`*) ♪~♡.

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5 Responses to Berryz工房ノスタルジア

  1. philipleslie says:

    Wow! A mega-post! So much here to savour that several visits will be necessary. I’m especially looking forward to hearing the songs I’ve not heard before. What really leaps out, aside from your own passion for BK, is just how extraordinarily creative Tsunku is. It’s mind-boggling how he can be so prolific and yet keep everything fresh and unique-sounding. Okay, you catch a musical phrase now and again you’ve heard before, but it’s never exactly the same. And whether he’s writing a playful Minimoni number, or a ravishing ballad for Ayaya, he gives each song his full attention. One of the greats.


    • You’ve said it perfectly, just how diverse Tsunku has been throughout the years and all that despite being so heavily involved in the the lyrical and music writing as well as producing it all, it’s amazing that he was so much creativity within himself to accomplish so much covering a world of musical genres!!

      I’ve been meaning to put this together for awhile so walla~h after just 26+ hours or so it’s finally complete =D. First I was thinking it’d be best to experience them all in order but then it struck me that you should click ~* on “Maji Good Chance Summer” before anything else!…that song just really whets the appetite for Berryz Koubou I think, and then go through the post in order from the very top as wacky as that probably sounds ^ ^。 Berryz Koubou’s songs from their early years were so so exceptional and most diverse too with Tsunku giving them some of his very best I think, hope you can take it all in.


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