‘Smells’ like Fozzie Bear…

Disney Princess sound storybook

Every have when you were a child one of those ‘talking/sound making’ storybooks? You know the type where whilst reading through a particular icon would appear then instructing you the reader to press the matching button found just off to the side of book. Some were just sounds while others were actual dialogue bits spoken by the characters in your storybook so whenever you see the icon which looks like…


..this little speaker here just simply click ~* on the play arrow which sits beside it ala those sound storybooks from our youth.

and anyway why this particular childhood toy just sprung to mind @ this very moment ~* has to do with one St. Louis Cardinal starting pitcher who’s actually taking the mound tonight in game 7 of The World Series ~*! I bet that sounds a ‘bit’ bizarre…?? Well I’ve been known to be a ‘bit’ (a lot…) odd at ‘times’ (always =D) so anyway getting back to today’s subject of major league pitcher & children’s sound storybook you see the pitcher who’s pitching tonight on the grandest of stages @ Fenway Park you know the one with the Green Monster….

Fenway's Green Monster says..

..is none other than Michael Wacha.

Michael Wacha

However whenever I’ve heard the broadcasters on FOX say his last name it sounds rather like 

…which brings me to….

Fozzie Bear

…one Fozzie Bear whom actually ‘penned’ the legendary and most ‘useful’ sentiment 

Fozzie Bear

Now tragically whether Boston wins the World Series tonight ending it or if the St. Louis Cardinals behind the pitching of Michael 

…finds a way to send this thing into a game 7 on Halloween Night tomorrow, tonight marks the last time this year that we’ll be able to bask in the full appropriateness of blurting out 

so, tonight as Michael 

…takes to the mound on this momentous occasion in sports history…

…remember to kindly serenade out loud those two words 

…to your television set or if you’re at the actual game to total strangers and friends around you after each strike-out Michael 

…throws, those very same words 

…made immortal and often times spoken by our fuzzy and friendly Fozzie Bear♥.

This has been a public service announcement reminding you that if you 

…do not 

…and drive,


…find a designated driver to take your butt home.


…think if you 

…and arrive alive =D.

Fozzie Bear


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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