~Today’s arrivals…

AKB48 Heart Ereki single types A, K, B & 4 with first press Neowing external photo extras

..AKB48’s new single “Heart Ereki” arrived a bit earlier today and Cdjapan seems to have shipped it out timing it perfectly ~* as their singles arrived right on release date (Japan time) as it’s only the 29th here but it’s already the 30th in Japan just past noon time. At the last moment I added in the type 4 version as its promise of even more DVD exclusives got the better of me =P so here are single types A, K, B & four…post upcoming ^^.

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  2. philipleslie says:

    I’m so happy for you! They arrived super-fast. I’m hoping mine will be here in a couple of weeks. My own arrivals today (from CD Japan) were those wonderful B and C first presses of ‘Pera Pera Perao’ (the bonuses are huge fun, especially the events footage) and ‘Rappa renshuuchuu’ type A. You were right about how good the trumpet lesson extra is! I watched it twice. Mayuyu is a delight throughout.


    • U~n the event footage where you you can see all of the interaction taking you there! A~h Mayuyu’s trumpet lesson!….you were able to wait to cherish it when it arrived =D…I know it’s often times easier said than done but I was thinking you hadn’t watched it just yet with your comments then when I posted it as I was thinking you’re very much like me in that regard that you’d try to resist until your copy arrives which makes it that much more exciting (you know with all of the previews which go on making everything readily viewable instantly)..I totally get that and I know that you know that too as I was happily surprised that you had read this awhile back when I was having a sort of wacky rant….


      …it’s still the thrill of getting the release physically in hand and then experiencing it for the first time~♥. The trumpet lesson was so fun!!!…and with even Mayuyu’s little admittance there in the clip, she excelled amazingly ~* ^^. One of the only impromptu single features to rival may be perhaps Mayuyu learning to cook on the spot with that gentle elder gentleman =D.


      • philipleslie says:

        Yes, I really like to wait and experience the new releases etc when they arrive. I try not to look at preview clips as they appear on Tumblr. I’m never disappointed this way, for even if the A-side isn’t brilliant, there’s definitely something else to make the purchase worthwhile. Sasshi’s first single is an enjoyable song in its own right, but then you also get lots and lots and lots of Sasshi in the extras. (Just need to keep my Japanese studies going in order to properly understand what she’s saying!)
        Which reminds me, I was watching the 22nd single senbatsu footage on YouTube last night. Sasshi’s speech is one of the most endearing ever. You’ll probably know this anyway. Watch from 1:03:36 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg6YgzzcBzY
        Yokoyama Yui’s tearful speech (37:52 onwards) is actually quite hilarious (Yuko is grinning throughout!)


        • Sasshi has such a naturally humble aura about her and her sincerity cannot be stressed enough, she gave the perfect endearing speech as only she can =D. Yuichan did the same exact thing earlier this year at the Election results show =D!! You just want to hug her…she holds nothing back and you just can rehearse her heartfelt reaction in any possible way!! I had the same live reaction to Yuichan watching on that night as I tried to keep a live mini dialogue of sorts here:



          • philipleslie says:

            Types A and B of Heart Ereki have now arrived. I really love the A-side and the video. I’m biased I know, but I thought Mayayu’s look was best of all, with the hat and twin tails. But please, could you summarise the story of the video for me. I assume G Fingers are miming this time, although Yuki’s drumming looks spot on. Maybe there’s a clue in the kanji of the CD notes… But as much as I enjoy the A-side, I have to say that so far it’s the coupling song Tiny T-Shirt that has really caught my ear and gone straight onto the iPod. It’s so catchy. And the pv had me chuckling with delight. It’s so funny and charming at the same time. I’ve watching it several times already, so the song definitely qualifies as today’s brain worm! Can’t wait for Type C and 4 to arrive, but I don’t think Tiny T-Shirt can be bettered, Another fabulous release.


            • Hi Philip, sorry I’ve been blog delinquent lately…so happy your copies of the single have arrived =D!!! Truth be told I’ve been holding off from posting this single due to our discussions about wanting to wait for our releases to arrive and trying to resist the urge to listen/watch them before their arrival. I didn’t want to ruin anything in case you were to see a posting beforehand and in particular with AKB~♡ ^^. Unlike my earier days of blogging like if you were to look back in previous years where I would be posting and chatting nearly every day and especially on weekends….lately I’m finding less time to get online and blog =(. Hopefully I’ll have more time to blog soon, again sorry I’ve been so absent here recently…makes me wish ~* I had met you sooner during my blogging peak years. I have so many messages to respond to…will respond soon =).


              • philipleslie says:

                That’s so sweet of you. Thank you. Really looking forward to your Heart Ereki review! Don’t feel bad about not finding time to blog: hopefully one day you will. Fortunately you’ve already supplied listeners with a substantial encyclopaedia of Jpop: probably the best in the English language there is! so we can read that in the meantime… I too wish I’d known you earlier on… As for Heart Ereki, I’m just about to watch it again, and especially Tiny T-Shirt. As I said before, this is such a wonderful release, and as much I’ve enjoyed the previous releases, this is probably my favourite of 2013; although I still have a huge affection for So Long!


                • Hi Philip,
                  Sorry I’ve fallen behind so much on the blog and I was thinking that I’d respond in one place for some of the messages, I hope this is okay as I thought it’d be easier.

                  I hadn’t backtracked to include the shuffle releases of Salt 5, 7Air & 11Water here but you’re so right!!! about “Be all right!” being by far the stand out song of this project! I hadn’t listened to that song in ages but back then it was a heavily rotated song for my mp3 discs that I’d make mostly for car trips, so so catchy!!! I was wondering though what you’re question may have been about that release? Oh and so awesome you got the first press edition with the hard cover book which is YES such a gorgeous production much like the “ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL” release which is top 7 all-time H!P for me, and now remembering these songs you’ve reminded me of years ago when I attempted to do a proper favorite songs list for all of Hello! Project up till that point and here it is if you’re curious:


                  I’ve been listening to your Untitled song 3 and I think it’s your best composition!! The flute’s melody over those bouncy piano notes create such a happy atmosphere and I love all of the transitions from like a verse to a pre-chorus to its chorus and you even have a wonderful bridge in there too, it’s a perfect ~* song. I honestly think you could sell this piece I honestly do it’s really immediately catchy and the song’s melody is way way memorable~♥. It’s a beautiful song which makes you feel emotions from its notes I absolutely love it!!

                  As for AKB48’s new upcoming single I had missed the first pressing @ Cdjapan so I ended up pre-ordering from HMV Japan instead along with I think it’s Kojiharu’s photo book which is in that order too.

                  Kanji flash cards are most useful and they keep the learning fun, a great idea to incorporate them into your lessons =). So cool you got a new turntable too and with your vinyl collection so massive and ever growing it’s a must have for you, and so sweet of your friend to present to you an amplifier \(^O^)/.


                  • philipleslie says:

                    Hi there! Great to hear from you. Thank you for listening to the song and liking it so much. A friend in Taiwan has found someone keen to add Chinese lyrics to it. I can’t wait to hear what the subject will be. I’ll keep you posted!
                    I love you list of H!P favourites. How you were able to work out such a list is amazing, as every time I hear a song I think ‘That’s my favourite’, but my top ten would have to include Morning Coffee, Memory seishun no hikari, Furusato, Joshi kashimashi monogatari, Motto, Otome pasta ni kandou and Last Kiss (Tanpopo), Robokiss (W), The Last Night, Ne-e?, Love namidairo (Ayaya), Sukiyaki (Ai no dai 6 kan), Aruiteru, Fantasy ga hajimeru, Sakura mankai…and I’ve already gone beyond 10 choices without putting them in order or included the highly catchy 2nd single from Juice=Juice which I’m hoping will be in the post soon (with bonus coaster)… I noticed the latest AKB48 single (excuse me for not writing the title!) sold very quickly on CD Japan. Kojiharu’s photobook will be awesome, I’m sure, and I look forward to your review, if you’ll be doing one.


  3. philipleslie says:

    I meant to type Type K!


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