~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays presents “The Complete Morning Musume LOVEマシーン” (Volume 66)~


Happy Aloha~♥ Friday!!!

~The Summer of ’99 remains fresh in my mind for it was the ascent of Momusu♥ to the pinnacle of idol♥fandom~*…the numbers speak for themselves…over 1.6 million sold! It was their 7th single “Love Machine” and with the already sudden and most unexpected addition of what was later known as “2nd Gen.”, then at the time it was a jolt of just wow~! as groups don’t typically grow in size so significantly without notice~*! Just my recollections and remember that back then the internet wasn’t so, not like today as news didn’t travel as quickly, so was the introduction of what would be later known as the 3rd generation…..the introduction of Gomaki. Somehow her name itself has always made me think of sushi♥, don’t ask why..I’m strange that way (。ーωー。) ♪♪~。

Suffice to say when Momusu released what was to be  their definitive pv♥ collection, all inclusive (it’s posted here =) ) and yet I was so surprised/disappointed to not see the complete pv♥ version of “Love Machine” (・д・`*) included and not even in the bonuses/extras even (´⌒`。)!!!”Love Machine” after all is their “Abbey Road” their “Sgt. Peppers” their “White Album” maybe?? in the sense of popularity~* and yet it’s totally absent in its original form, but why???

To this day the full pv♥ version of “Love Machine” remains only available on VHS…lol yep VHS~ (人∀`*)。。。

..no it’s not even on the Bluray release =O,

Morning Musume Complete Music Video Collection (Bluray File 2011)…and you may be wondering why oh why do I have two copies of “Love Machine” on such a unreliable source?? Thinking back I just had such an overwhelming love of Momusu♥, they being one of a very short list of groups/artists which I had discovered on my own back then =) ) and with VHS being so vulnerable to degradation over time (Ugh! if you own any VHS you’ll feel compassion o(*´∀`)o゛)。。I had felt the need to purchase a second copy of “The Video Love Machine” on VHS :P….for fear of wearing out my first copy with too many viewings and then later crying over it when it went out of print (;´□`)↓!!!

Funny…..my second copy remains unopened till this day as you can see above….untouched by a VCR lol what was I thinking??? (人∀`*)!!

So after a file transfer from VHS to digital, as macrovision continues to haunt me with so many releases which have never made the leap from VHS to DVD ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。And I sort went back on YouTube actually for some time now..something which I pledged not to do as in the past it’s meant losing countless clips over the years while I was back at Vox blogging =/ but in any case I’ll be using this account sparingly (most likely not at at all) as at any moment YouTube may once again eat all of my videos there despite them being there for promotions~* sake ( ┰_┰)。

So please enjoy~* the complete 10 minute version of Momusu’s♥ “Love Machine” and at just under 10 minutes there’s lots of extra visuals and taking into account the amazing arrival of Gomaki♥ in kinpatsu arguably the most impact~ful and influential member of Momusu♥ over the years~ (so wish she’d kept the look much longer even after her legendary appearance on Utaban back then and even P~chan loved her looks so~!! =)). The opening montage is of their “Second Morning” billboard, then just a bit over a month old at the time being taken down via billboard workers, as it gives way to the ascension of all the awesomeness which is “Love Machine!!!!!” 3rd Gen. Gomaki pure o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥!!!。。the song♪, a legendary part of idol J~Pop history and even though staged, the reactions on the street sugoi!!! Plus imagine yourself so deeply immersed in a song♪ o(*´∀`)o゛。。that is until,

….a very special member of the group actually appears nearby!!!!!..watching you adoringly in the record store~!

His final expression is priceless~* here at the end of the music video (*´∀`*)♥

So here’s the complete ”Loveマシーン” in all of its 10 minute glory~*, a golden era in J~Pop♥..a moment in time as Momusu helped to elevate the genre of idols to an entirely new level, perhaps an impressive length of clip and achievement which will never be seen again。。。。。those being my thoughts back then as the ascension of AKB48 have all but ended such a drought of the extended 10 minute plus idol music video =)!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to ~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays presents “The Complete Morning Musume LOVEマシーン” (Volume 66)~

  1. philipleslie says:

    Fabulous! What a great pv that is. And don’t you just want one of those billboard-sized Second Morning covers? Did you ever manage to save any shop displays from your time in the record store? What a brilliant era of Momusu that was. The creativity and energy are extraordinary.


  2. philipleslie says:

    As for buying a spare copy of the VHS just in case'< I've done the same in the past, buying LPs and the cassettes as well, listening to the cassette in case of accidental stylus droppage! Recently I even invested in an extra copy of 'Sayonara Crawl', when I realised the tricky card slipcases might deteriorate with use.


    • Those are some huge advertisements no doubt!!…Mmm if only I had walls that large =D! I still find it so odd that this complete version is still only on the original VHS release…amazing thinking back that there were actually such things as pv VHS singles back then!! Momusu also released one for their single “Koi no dance site.” I have quite a few posters however none of my mounted ones are still around…after I moved awhile back =/. The only one’s I still have displayed up are my Mr.Children (es film poster), Sakai Noriko (Taiwan release album), Moritaka Chisato “Suteki na tanjoubi” single poster art, Amuro Namie “Stop the music” single art and actually there are more =P. Sadly I didn’t get dibs on any of the 3-D art displays as those were always the most popular.

      U~n back then a 10 minute idol girl group music video was pretty much unheard of…a good analogy of sorts would be how “Hey Jude” was allowed to be played in its entirety on the radio even back then with no editing…always an exception for the exceptional in Momusu and The Beatles likewise ^^.

      That’s very smart!!…records are indeed so delicate too! Ah type A does come in a cardboard slipcase while K and B are in standard (double) slim jewel cases…love that cover with Yuko♥ & Mayuyu♥!


      • philipleslie says:

        I love the covers too. The limited edition is card covers, with the discs in sleeves, but very tightly fitting. Also, without the plastic seal they came in, the photobook can fall out. Hence, I made my own plastic storage case for A, K and B. I’ve posted a pic of it elsewhere. I’ll add the link later, as I’m typing this without my glasses on…The Yuko/Mayuyu cover is so pretty looking.


        • I had totally forgotten that I was a bit confused when they first went up for pre-order @ Cdjapan as they had indicated at the time that the RE’s would include the serial numbered voting card and it wasn’t listed on the LE’s which I thought was most strange…that since has been corrected as both editions indeed did include the voting cards, but since I was pre-ordering then I went with LE type A and RE’s for types K and B as I so wanted to be able to vote. Definitely a bit of a drawback with the cardboard sleeves is their tendency to wear and also that the photo booklet has nothing to hold it in place…I was just checking out your plastic holder it’s perfect ~*!! I’m just now reminded of when the record stores went through the transition of getting rid of those cardboard long boxes which CDs used to be sold in and instead just going with the jewel cases shrunk wrapped instead, we had these amazing all night (after store hours) cardboard long box ripping ‘parties’ as we had all new shelving for just the jewel cases waiting and since the CDs inside of the cardboard longboxes weren’t shrunk wrapped we had cases upon cases of these jewel case plastic sleeves with an adhesive to seal them neatly…..some of us would secretly take them home by the drones and use them for our own personal collections as the seal was resealable making them perfect for protecting our CD collections.

          A~h the Acchan single digipak provides yet another protection issue just as Mayuyu’s did….I absolutely love the digipak format and yet any contents inside outside of the discs are free to fall about with no holding them in, I’m sure you’ll create a perfect sleeve =)!


      • philipleslie says:

        Not a very good post, but it shows my home-made plastic box! I made others for those of my Otsuka Ai live tour DVDs, which came with photobooks. http://thehistoryofphilipleslie.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/rainy-day-project-except-it-hasnt.html


      • philipleslie says:

        And now that Acchan’s single has arrived, I see I will have to make a protective cover for it. What a beautiful package it is.


        • Funny that reply above I thought was going to appear below yours….xD.


          • philipleslie says:

            A cardboard ripping party sounds great fun!… I have quite a few CDs stored in those plastic sleeves you mention. I’ve just ordered some of the ones for double/box albums. One thing that I find hard to buy are proper, industry-standard jewel cases to replace broken ones. The ones sold online are really flimsy. One solution is to buy very, very cheap secondhand CDs and use those cases, if they’re in good condition. (I’m paying the equivalent of 80 cents or less). One CD I bought just for the case was an S Club 7 album. When I played it, I really liked it and decided to keep it!


            • Some of us after a few nights got really good at it too…like ripping through two or three long boxes at once =D. A fond memory of record stores and the transition to CDs and beyond. Oh I didn’t know that they still sold those, that’s great! I know, most jewel case replacements aren’t manufactured up to the standards of the originals and I’ve noticed only those ultra thin cases being sold here now as the standard width cases are all but extinct =/. A~h you got double for your money there!…and a very savvy way to replace broken cases no doubt.


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