2014’s AKB48 Calendar Order…

~2014 Wall Calendars~



Indeed so many to choose from for 2014! 90 to be exact and while it was tough trying to narrow down my choices from so many that caught my eye, I needed to hurry as cdjapan is now offering 8% in shopper award points which is up from their standard 3% for all calendar orders placed by September the 30th.

So my final choices ended up being a total of 7…and who really needs 7 calendars to know what day it is =P? And yet I’ve always viewed idol calendars as collectibles rather than functioning calendars in the sense that one would probably never scribble daily notes upon them or allow them nearby to any possible harm, as most other calendars may be subjected to during the calendar year.

This year’s choices for 2014 are:

Takajo Aki (desktop calendar)

Watanabe Mayu (wall calendar)

Kawaei Rina (wall calendar)

Kawaei Rina (desktop calendar)

Kitahara Rie (desktop calendar)

Oshima Yuko (wall calendar)

Oshima Yuko (desktop calendar)

Their tentative release date is set for December the 6th (as calendar release dates often change) an upon their arrival I’ll be sure to provide complete previews of each of the AKB48 versions I’ve ordered =). I also anticipate AKB48 also having a collective box set which they have released in the past years till now but haven’t seen a listing as of yet, also the other 48 family of groups tend to release ‘school calendars’ which coincide with Japan’s school year rather than a January to December format so we’ll be most likely seeing those pre~orders in the early part of next year~. (note: images are stock photos and not actual representations of the 2014 calendars)

~2014 Desktop Calendars~


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to 2014’s AKB48 Calendar Order…

  1. Ivan says:

    so nice u get 2 kawaei :3~~ this ones i want see here in ur posts :3


  2. Ivan says:

    and nice choices :3


    • I’ll be able to scan the desktop versions while I’ll be taking photos of the wall calendar versions, still about a couple of months away until release day =). It was quite difficult narrowing down this year’s choices, lol I’d want so many more but really I wouldn’t even have space to have them xD.


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